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October 10th 2012
Published: October 10th 2012
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Well arrived in Magnetic Island after getting the Greyhound bus and a ferry across.

We are staying in a tent for a few nights bit different from the cottage in Port Douglas but great all the same. The tents have a wooden like shack over with a metal roof to stop the coconuts falling off the trees landing straight on the tent - not sure what is best coconut on tin in the middle of the night or direct on to the tent, ha ha

Well the island is small but very beautiful is all I can say and there is one road going around it for all of 10k - so you can see the island in a day and we are here for 3 nights.

So after 2nd night we decided to rent a Barbie mini moke for a change I know what came over me - I do not know but Mike did get into the passenger seat after a bit of coaxing, ha ha. I think his street cred has gone right down the pan.

We have also went to the koala sanctuary today.
Barbie Mini MokeBarbie Mini MokeBarbie Mini Moke

From Porche to Barbie Moke - what next

The sanctuary was great fun as first off we held a crocodile it was only small but all I can say is it weighed a lot.

Then we saw a couple of lizards which was an experience. After this we went to the koala area. They are really lovely and yes I paid extra so I could get my picture taken with a koala - what a tourist I am, ha ha.

After the koalas they took us to the snake area and all I can say is there was no way I was going to hold one of those for all the tea in China - Mike did brave or what.

Sea looks very inviting but put off by notices re the dangers of stingers - jellyfish to you and I - including information about the ones so small you cannot see them but you could stop breathing within 40 mins of an apparently mild sting!! Mind you the time for these little blighters is November through to May - but I think the risk adverse part is coming out in both of here!!!

We are off to the World Famous Toad race tonight - yes you all have heard of this havent you just like us - NOT. Should be fun anyway.

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Mike and a crocMike and a croc
Mike and a croc

Who looks fiercest!

11th October 2012
Me and a koala

aaaaaw how cute is that. The Koala, I mean hahahahah

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