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September 25th 2015
Published: September 25th 2015
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After many days of relatively flat driving we now drove through undulating hills that eventually became significant ranges; we had entered the Central Highlands.

Much of this drive was through native pine forest (the biggest native pines we have ever seen) or through wooded cattle country. Rugged escarpments towered in the distance and the Dawson river cut deep gorges below the bridges we crossed. We must have crossed the Dawson river on at least three occasions.

Despite some steep climbs and descents our fuel consumption was very good. At this stage Greg has worked out how to drive economically, with one eye on the instantaneous consumption readout. Cruise control works OK only on the flat. On undulating terrain a steady throttle that allows the speed to alter gives much better results.

We pulled into the modest caravan park in Rolleston, to be greeted by the horse next door. Obviously it was bored and wanted a little attention. Greg was happy to oblige until it tried to steal his mobile phone out of his back pocket! Suddenly it was distracted by another horse in the distance. It started neighing loudly, wildly ran around its yard and bucked; obviously very excited.

Joan declared it was Friday – where was Friday lunch? There must be a pub in this little town. Yes there was, and little is was, but they did a mean burger. While in the pub Greg received a text from one of his usual Friday lunch mates, asking where lunch was today! In Rolleston QLD, Greg replied, but the guys are at Marpo in Gouger St. What service.

Sitting in the shade of the caravan, checking the state of the stock market, we were mesmerised by a whirl-wind that very slowly crossed the caravan park, clearly visible by its load of leaves and dust. Joan was reminded of the starting sequence of American Beauty. Hmm, yes Greg did get the reference. This one was about 5 metres across and was fascinating in the way it slowly wandered around. We would not want to hit that while driving.

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3rd October 2015

That is a good looking burger
...country pubs rarely disappoint. Xoxo

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