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September 26th 2015
Published: September 28th 2015
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Leaving Rolleston we initially travelled through grass covered plains, but then finally in the distance we began to see the first hints of the Central Highlands. Before too long we were surrounded by rocky hills and steep gullies.

Our fuel stop in Springsure was overshadowed by high escarpments, very impressive. The Carnarvon Gorge sounded like a place that would be well worth visiting on another trip when we have allowed more time in this area.

Just outside of Emerald we were puzzled by fields of bright green, surely that is not what it looks like. Yes it is grape vines! Here in the Queensland Central Highlands this is not what we expected to see. Considering that the best new wines seem to be coming from cool areas like Tasmania this does not seem like an ideal grape growing area. But you never know, we found some great wines in Trentham Cliffs near Mildura and that is a hot area.

Looking down the road Greg is suddenly braking. There are cattle everywhere! We slow down to a crawl and inch our way between very thin cattle. Seeing the way their ribs were sticking out we understand why they are being fed on the long paddock. There are cows, calves, dogs and cowboys on horseback, accompanied by dust and mooing.

In Capella we stop for coffee, our last brake before Dysart. Greg spots a lone local policeman manning what looks to be a breathalyser stop. Late morning seems a strange choice for timing. Then as we move off we see the logical reason; there must be a hundred motorbikes parked outside the local pub! It appears that the local Rebels chapter has turned out for a run, flouting the Queensland bikie laws by being in full club colours. Suddenly we are feeling sympathetic for that poor single policeman. He must be feeling very alone, standing on the edge of the highway. We wonder if he will have the nerve to pull a hundred bikies over for a breath test, or whether they will find a convenient route around him.

Now we are in coal mine country. We see electric railway lines and coal trains, then the first mines just off the road as we pass. Then we are in Dysart. There, that must be Tristan and Zoe’s apartment. We have arrived.

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28th September 2015

love your blog
great commentary feel like I've been there with you, sounds like a great trip so far looking forward to seeing you next week
28th September 2015

lucky you
Hey - can't help but be a smudge envious - cannot wait for the day we can spontaneously pick up and hit the road. Enjoy the kids - top of our list - hanging with our adult children ( and their babies)
29th September 2015

Visiting the kids,
Every time we visit Tristan and Zoe they are in a different location. Think the will be here a while now. Nice place but very quiet town.
28th September 2015

Grape Vine In Emerald
Trentham Cliffs and Emerald. You never know the Grape Vine can adjust to climate!! Hah Even I had the impression until now that Tasmania was the only ideal place for Grape Vine, but it seems that we need to change our perception.
29th September 2015

Grape vines in Emerald
We thought that the best area for grapes is the Barossa Valley, but then that is our home region, so we are a bit biased.

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