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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Beerwah July 8th 2014

We spent part of the morning de-frosting the fridge. It had built up ice on the element but only on the left side. We’re not sure why – is it from not being completely level on a couple of occasions? We’ll have to keep a watch on it and see if it happens again. Barry found a caravan site on Wikicamps at Cooroy, which is within 20 minutes from Eumundi, where we want to go to the market we’ve been told is amazing. The caravan site doesn’t have all the facilities but, with power, it’s only $15 a night. Neither that site nor the Showgrounds we’ve been in has a Dump Point, to empty out our grey and black water tanks, so we had to go back to Beerwah, the closest one marked on the map. ... read more
Lindsay Muir's Brochure (see previous entry)
Marshland, Cooroy, Qld
A Lovely Stand of Trees at Beerwah

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Beerwah June 25th 2013

Today we headed up the Bruce Highway to the Sunshine Coast and one of Australia's top tourist attractions - Australia Zoo. Started in the 1970's the Park really came to prominence when the son of the original owners Steve Irwin hit the big time with his crazy animal conservation antics. Known as the Crocodile Hunter he was tragically killed when 'speared' by the barb of a Stingray. Despite the loss the Zoo has gone from strength to strength and it is an amazing experience! We arrived just as the Park opened, the weather was a bit cooler and the school holiday crowds hadn't yet turned up - perfect combination. We took the Shuttle to the far end of the Zoo and started our experience at the Africa exhibition. This was especially exciting as the Zoos new ... read more
Mixing with the Irwins
Croc Antics
Koala Capers

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Beerwah October 10th 2012

We woke up early today for our trip to the zoo. When we were nearly there, a rock flew up and cracked our windscreen! Luckily the camper hire said we'll be OK to carry on with it as it is. We bought our zoo tickets yesterday so we could queue jump to get in. The first thing we saw were two camels walking around so we patted them and had a photo. We then saw a snake! It was gross but we touched it anyway! We walked through a koala part where we could pet them and take photos. Then we pet kangaroos and fed an elephant! We saw a big show with snakes' various birds, an alligator and a crocodile! The zoo was amazing even for kayley who doesn't like animals! We then drove to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Beerwah September 1st 2012

My day two started early once again. This day I would be heading up to the Australia Zoo, near Beerwah and the Glass House Mountains. The zoo was started by Steve Irwin’s father, who evidently collected crocodiles and snakes that people wanted removed from their land. With a decently large collection he decided maybe he could make a few dollars and educate people. I remember his name being Bob Irwin, so that is what I’ll call him. Bob was part of the show and would work hands on with the crocs, late in life he decided that he was a step too slow and turned the family business over to Steve, who I am certain you are all familiar with. I am here visiting on the month of his death six years ago. The park is ... read more
Kangaroo being bored with me
Me petting a roo

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Beerwah May 20th 2012

We woke with fuzzy heads this morning from a few drinks celebrating Wills birthday the night before. We packed a bag with some snacks for the day and grabbed a rushed free breakfast before catching the shuttle bus to Main Beach where we then caught the Australia Zoo coach to the zoo. We took a walk around the crocs first, spotting all the famous names that we had seen on TV like Aggro and Casper. There were a few brave Herons in the croc enclosures who didn't seem to be worried about swimming and wandering around the crocs - I'm not sure I'd be that brave. We also saw dingoes at the zoo but they looked much better fed than those we had been camping with on Fraser! The weirdest animal that we saw was the ... read more
Brave bird with the young Salties
Croc basking in the sun

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Beerwah December 5th 2010

The following morning, Sunday, it still wasn’t very bright but at least it wasn’t raining. Graham chatted to the German couple again and, oh no, another disaster. The young girl wanted to go to the loo in the night but couldn’t undo the zipper on The Penthouse. It took her over half an hour to get out and, in doing so, she broke the zipper which then let in the rain!!! They seemed very despondent especially as they still had another month in Aus and were heading north where even worse weather was forecast. But after that they were off to Asia for several months and were sure they would have a much better time there. At about 10.30 we set off for ‘The Mad Hatters Tea House’ where the local Landsborough Folk Club meet on ... read more
Plenty of teapots for the Mad Hatters to use
The Mad Hatters 'Hats'
Up first

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Beerwah December 4th 2010

Friday 3rd December and it was finally time to drag ourselves away from Noosa. We had really enjoyed discovering the delights of the area and wouldn’t hesitate to come back given the opportunity. We managed to pack everything up in the dry and were waving goodbye to the CP staff at about 9.15. We were only intending to travel a relatively short distance which was just as well looking at the threatening clouds and we wondered, with poor weather forecast, whether it was wise to leave Tewantin as we had been so comfortable there. The coastal motorway is very good and it didn’t take long to get to the one caravan park near Beerwah we had in mind but it was right on the main road and we knew from experience how noisy that could be. ... read more
A fire to cheer us in the cold and wet!
Just like a December day in England
We could just about make out the Glasshouse Mountains

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Beerwah January 5th 2009

Day 59 We thanked Derek and Karen for putting us up, and they thanked us for doggy sitting Moffy and Charlie. We left their place in Caloundra at around 08.30 am, hooked up with the trailer on route to Australia Zoo, today was NAUGHTY WOMBAT DAY. We checked in through the group bookings aisle as we had been told and then went across to information to book in for the Naughty Wombats, really just to tell them we were there, we saw uncle Alan, who we were out having dinner with last night, and managed to pull his leg a little. We walked around the zoo and with our past knowledge of working there we had a better perspective of the layout and saw some animals we had not seen before, like the komodo dragons, the ... read more
I'm Hungry
Comodo Dragon
Parentie Lizard

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Beerwah December 12th 2008

Hi Bloggers! So after yesterday we returned to the Zoo for day 2 (Thursday). Andy was on natives, Kangaroos, Echidnas and Wallabies. I was on Koala’s, which was what Andy did yesterday. The sequence of work is very much general maintenance of the animals, their living accommodations and their eating routines, cleaning out water bowls, raking up leaves, changing food bowls and general visible maintenance of the park. The Kangaroo and Wallaby enclosures take a lot of maintenance as it is such a large area. There is a lot of sweeping and raking to do, not to mention dragging heavy hoses out. At the end of the day, the water bowls/buckets/troughs need filling to ensure that the animals have plenty of water overnight. Andy had the opportunity to look after the echidna compound (an Echidna is ... read more
Fatty (Echidna)
3 FT

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Beerwah December 10th 2008

Andy got up at 5.30 this morning and dutifully made me a cup of tea for 6.00. I jumped out of bed showered dressed, breakfasted and before long we were on our way to the Zoo. We did not have to be there until 8.30 however we arrived at 7.30 in eager anticipation of the day ahead. At 8.30 a young lady called Breeze came to collect us, give us our shirts and a brief induction, plus numerous documents where we had to sign everything away. We were met by Sarah who kindly took us to our various posts. Andy was given the enviable task today of being on Koalas and me…. Oh dear I was on birds! Still I was not too disappointed it is the experience that counts. We were given maps, so I ... read more
Sleepy Head
Deb Gardner

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