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March 5th 2010
Published: March 11th 2010
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Woke up on the coach to bright sunshine burning my neck… yey! Finally some sun! Unfortunately by the time we got to Airlie Beach it had clouded over, but we were thrilled it wasn’t raining! We’ve now experienced rain on the East Coast for 9 days since the 24th of February and were in dire need of some sun.
We entered the town of Airlie Beach and I’m pretty sure if I had a tail it would be wagging! There were shops, bars, restaurants - finally a bit of life! Went to Koala’s hostel and they gave us a cheap deal: 2 nights for $30. We weren’t sure if we’d need the second night because we needed to book an overnight sailing trip, but since 1 night was $28 it was worth it just in case.
We were sharing a dorm with two nice Canadian girls. Got our bikini’s on and walked down to Airlie Beach lagoon which is a manmade tropical pool area with a beach and lawns to sunbathe on. Stopped for brunch in a cafe and sat outside enjoying the sunshine. By lunchtime nearly all the clouds had cleared up and it was boiling!
We sunbathed from 11am to 1pm then decided to have a break as the heat was too much. We went to a couple of Travel Shops and looked at sailing trips around The Whitsunday Islands. Airlie Beach has a marina called Abel Point where the boats collect you from. We got a great last minute deal for a 2night boat trip that sets off tomorrow. Then we booked our coach to Cairns for the evening we get back from the boat, and booked our flight back down to Brisbane in a week. Having spent a fortune booking all this travel, we knew we'd be eating cereal for lunch and dinner. El seemed pleased though as she knew she would probably drop a few pounds. Bought mixers for our Vodka (you have to get your priorities right... alcohol or a nice dinner, hmm) then went back to the dorm to get ready for tonight.
I'd spotted a flyer for a Wet Tshirt competition and spent the next hour trying to convince Ellie to enter and win lots of cash. Contemplated going on Facebook to gather some support from people back home but the timing was bad as everyone would be asleep. We had drinks with Ashley and Alley, the two Canadian girls, while we all got ready. They agreed to come over to Morocco's, the big bar nextdoor to our hostel Koala's, to watch the Wet Tshirt competition. El was refusing to enter, but it would be fun to watch it anyway. Morocco's was unsurprisingly full of men, and I was over the moon when, after a few more drinks, Ellie signed herself up. I helped to style her backstage and we cut her top with scissors to make it fit better. I was more nervous than she was!
Ran around for 10 minutes before the competition chatting to lots of hot guys and telling them to vote for my friend Ellie - what a great way to meet people. I'll be signing her up for more things like this! El did so well and came 4th in the competition. She was the only one who didn't actually get her boobs out, and she'd managed to beat loads of girls that did. I was so proud of her and she was on a high when she came off stage.
Cute Guy Number 1 had looked after my bag while I'd been at the front of the stage cheering El on, so I went back to collect it and said goodbye as I needed to take El back to our dorm to get dried off. I was hoping I may bump in to him later in Mama Africa's, but had no luck. A skinny German boy was staggering round irritating everyone so we were pleased when he got refused entry to Mama Africa's. A guy called Brendan joined me, Ellie, Ashley and Alley. He was really sweet and bought us all lots of drinks, but seemed to be hovering around us all night trying to get a kiss. The four of us danced all night. El pulled a tall bloke and I loved his friend but wasn't attracted to him. I got him up dancing with all the girls, he was brilliant! His dance moves reminded me of a friend called Batman back home. I called him Batman for the rest of the night.
Bumped in to Cute Guy Number 2 that I'd chatted to in Morocco's earlier, but he was taking his paraletic friend home. Some sleezy Spanish bloke started grinding behind me to my horror, but Batman soon got rid of him. Danced with Cute Guy Number 3 but by this time I was visually impared and was starting to question just how old this boy was. I'm a sucker for dark hair and a Babyface, so need to be careful, ha ha.
El told me she wanted to get rid of her guy. He saw us talking, pulled her away then stormed over to question why I wouldn't let her leave with him. I just laughed, shaking my head not even justifying that question with an answer. Sleezeball! Danced with a guy with a Goatee, do not ask why, until Batman saved me again. I reminded myself of a pact me and Ellie made the other day: Muscles only from now on! It was time to go home before I made a mistake by kissing a minger on the dancefloor.

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