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October 7th 2012
Published: February 4th 2014
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Well, the Blog title refers to the fact that this is more than just a new entry it is my First entry. I considered the title "Waiting" but that didn't have the same punch, agreed?

My wife Liz and I are working and travelling all over this beautiful country and hope to do so for a long time together. We started in March this year but I will just touch briefly on that verbally, I will however do it in a more comprehensive way photographically. I am a little partial to taking the odd snap or three and have managed to snag the occasional nice one, I hope you enjoy them.

We left the Sunshine Coast in QLD for our first work destination. Now all of you who have been in the same position as I and that is towing a caravan for the first time will understand. Every bump in the road and sway from the wind and buffeting you cop as the Road Trains fly past take a little bit of getting used to. I am pleased to say it is a lot more, well maybe a little more relaxing these days.

Back to our first destination, Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. This is a spectacular part of the country and is a must do! The Pound itself is magnificent and is a sight to behold from the air. Other pleasures to be enjoyed are climbing Mt Ohlssen Bagge, cycling along the Mawson Trail and driving through Brachina Gorge, you will not be disappointed, a little tired perhaps but happy nonetheless. We spent 3 months working there then headed up the guts towards Litchfield in the Northern Territory.

This journey fulfilled a lifelong dream for me, and that was to visit Uluru. It was a very special moment, one that had taken a long time to achieve but well worth the wait. We chose not to climb "The Rock" but instead enjoyed the 11.5 km trail around it, it was very different to what I had always imagined. Of course you can't do Central Australia without a trip to The Olgas, remember to look for camels on the drive in and out. Well, to be honest I reckon I was even more impressed, The Valley of the Winds walk is a hugely rewarding trek.

On the way North we had a wander around the Devils Marbles, it is so much more interesting than can ever be portrayed in pictures. And further North a stop over at the Daly Waters Pub was very interesting indeed, Chilli the entertainment was sensational, your jaw will ache from laughter. Despite the hype about the Beef and Barra it was pretty average.

From here it was up to Litchfield Tourist & Van Park just 4 km before Litchfield NP, we worked here also for 3 months. Now in these parts all the talk is about Kakadu NP but let me tell you, Litchfield is every bit as good. The waterfalls flow all year round, refreshing swimming holes (no crocs), the Lost City a natural rock formation and a few historical sites as well. It lacks in the billabong and waterway department so the birdlife does not compare but from start to finish the park is approximately a 100km drive. We did venture to Kakadu and the sunrise boat trip on Yellow Water was magical, for Aboriginal rock art head to Ubirr and Nourlangie Rock and if birds, the feathered variety are your seen then over 280 species live in the area. I would suggest try making it to both parks but allow enough time to see them properly.

For a couple of fantastic holiday accommodation spots check these websites and

My reason for considering "Waiting" as the blog title was because that is just what we are doing at the moment. We are in Katherine and are hoping to secure a job here within the next couple of days, so we are currently chasing and waiting. Should we not have any joy here we will head elsewhere.

You meet loads of fabulous people and some real characters on the road and as far as I can see we have only just scratched the surface on what Australia, The Best Country in the World has to offer.

At this point I s'pose I am just talking to myself as no one else is aware of this blog, though the concept of it being there forever even if only for me to reminisce is motivation enough to continue. So I need to ask a favour of you, whoever you are, if you enjoy my story or photos or even better both, please let all your acquaintances know. If I can inspire even one person to follow their dream and start travelling, wherever it may be I will consider that a worthy return on my investment.

Take care travel safe and remember it's nice to be important but it's important to be nice.

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Old ruinsOld ruins
Old ruins

Many ruins from days gone by can be found in the Flinders Ranges. Kangaroos often enter these ruins to die.

Scenic flightScenic flight
Scenic flight

A scenic flight over Wilpena Pound is truly amazing and highly recommended. The next 6 shots give you a very small idea of the beauty.

Scenic flight simultaneouslyScenic flight simultaneously
Scenic flight simultaneously

We both enjoyed flights at the same time in the middle of this photo you can see Liz's plane coming in to land.
Tree at sunriseTree at sunrise
Tree at sunrise

This was taken at the solar power station at Wilpena Pound.
Mt Ohlssen Bagge walkMt Ohlssen Bagge walk
Mt Ohlssen Bagge walk

We took off to climb Ohlssen Bagge early and a little drizzle was falling which created this rainbow. This is the second highest peak at The Pound - the views are breathtaking.

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