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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs August 17th 2019

We arrived in Alice Springs today. An interesting drive down from the Mount Doreen ruins, which appeared to be an old mining operation. First stop was at Yuandemu (incorrect spelling no doubt) for some fuel. $2.15 a litre. Ooooof. It was a funny setup in this community - prepay in the store and when there were enough people wanting fuel a fella came out (Swiss backpacker) who tried to organise the chaos. There was one set of pumps that only went to one side (locked in a cage) and cars coming in from both directions. Took ages to get to us but gave me a chance to chat to the people in line. The carnival that we found out about yesterday had been held here and it was a massive event. Home team won the footy ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory August 17th 2019

Pack up was quick and relatively efficient. Up the road for fuel and toward the Plenty Highway. A fairly uneventful drive besides some nice changing scenery and me accidentally stepping on the new dog - didn’t he let out a yelp!!! We fuelled up at Jervois Station and met Mary, whom we chatted to for quite a while (nice lady) and then down toward Batton Hill camp where we set up for the night. It was a heavily corrugated 80km in - not fun. And then there was no-one there to check-in with. Never fear. We were not afraid. So we set up for a feast and many hours of talking rubbish. After the first bit of driving the following day it became very scenic and pleasant through sandy curves and dips. No water in the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Tanami Desert August 10th 2019

If yesterday was all about driving then today was…..also all about driving. But it was a more eventual drive than usual. Back to last night. The wind was fair howling after we went to bed. So much so that I got up a few times to add some pegs and remove some somewhat un-required canvas to reduce the damn flapping. Add to that, it was the first night that we separated the two puppies (now five weeks old) for sleeping so when I returned to the tent in the middle of the night, the young fella was keen for a play. I was knackered so he chewed on my ears and beard for a while until we both started dozing. It was still blowing hard in the morning so we did a record quick pack-up and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory July 28th 2019

Darwin to Leliyn (Edith Falls) Lachie had success on his fishing trip with Tom around Darwin, and managed to catch (and release) a 50cm barramundi, as well as pulling up a few pots containing 13 mudcrabs. We ventured south from Darwin into Litchfield National Park, where our camp base was at Wangi falls for 3 nights. Wangi falls were beautiful and deep, with the girls swimming all the way over to the waterfalls several times. Buley rock hole was another magical spot (but more crowded), with more shallow pools we sat in for a couple of hours. Not far from the buley was Florence falls, which had another deep swimming hole and perhaps by now we were getting spoilt with all the beautiful waterfalls to float under with our pool noodles. Isabelle was very excited ... read more
Leliyn (Edith falls)
Getting warm after swimming at Leliyn
Lachie's barramundi

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin July 25th 2019

Somehow you think that 8 or 9 days off the grid is going to mean your phone just explodes with messages when you get back on line. Anticlimax then, as very little had changed in the previous week. Also, most people who would write to us, knew we were off the grid. So it didn't take so long to catch up on life as we eagering tapped at our phones in the car park of a Coles in Kununurra, on still-patchy coverage. It turns out the earthquake was a 6.8 off the coast of Broome, rare, but with no long term consequences.. We still had four nights of jeep camping to go before we needed to return the jeep to Britz in Darwin. Four days and the whole Northern Territory at our disposal. With so many ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory July 19th 2019

Mataranka to Darwin We travelled to Katherine and made it up to Buruwei Lookout in Nitmiluk National Park, which gave beautiful views of Nitmiluk Gorge. After a hot walk back to the car, we decided on staying at Edith River camp for the night and tested the cool waters of Edith River falls which felt freezing compared to the warm springs at Mataranka. Continuing north, we ventured into Kakadu National Park, leaving the caravan at Kambolgie Campground and headed to Gunlom where we did a 1km walk up the mountain to enjoy a beautiful rock pool that overlooked Kakadu. After making it back to the bottom of the mountain, we did a further 200m walk to the bottom of the falls which was an open swimming area. The road from Kambolgie Campground back to Kakadu Highway ... read more
Katherine River
Crocodylus park
Katherine River

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory July 13th 2019

Uluru to Mataranka Although we were sad to leave the beautiful views of Uluru, we continued on to Kings Canyon where we climbed hundreds of steps to give us a great view from the rim of the canyon - the walk was about 6.5km, Isabelle and Lucy walked the whole way which was another great effort, while Juliet hitched her usual ride on Sheree's back in the carrier. The flies have been bad for this time of year, so we have needed to use fly nets over our hats to keep them away. We enjoyed another night of toasting marshmallows on the fire at a free camp near the Red Centre sign on Luritja Rd. The following morning we stopped at Erlunda Roadhouse where we came across an Emu Farm. As the girls fed a ... read more
Kings Canyon
Toasting marshmallows
Kings Canyon

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin July 11th 2019

Upon leaving Stanthorpe, destination Kimberley region, it made sense to head up the guts of QLD, cross the border after Mt Isa, and skip into & over NT into WA.......hmmmm Trevor had other ideas! Trevor, the cyclone that is. With every road in a northerly direction between us and the Kimberley closed, washed away or bogged, our hand was forced into driving south then across then up - like some crazy magic carpet ride we embarked on this journey on March 25th. After finishing up the last bits & pieces on the cottage, and trying to fit our entire lives into the little white box that is Boris Minor, we got away about 4pm and stopped off at one of our favourite 'local' camping spots (the Showgrounds at Tenterfield, about 30 mins south) where we enjoyed ... read more
Railway Siding Curdimurka
Sawpit Gorge WA
The reason for the long drive

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine July 9th 2019

I really haven't been putting a lot of effort into this blog. If you are still reading it - sorry about that. We ended up at Katherine for three nights at the Riverside Tourist Park, 400m from the Katherine hot springs, which are a group of warm pools amongst some nice palm trees that people can sit in and relax at a balmy 28 degrees. Amy spent a fair bit of time in them! Katherine was the first major spot where we changed oils in the trucks, minor repairs, shopping of dry goods and were able to relax doing nothing for a while. The kids and Phil chased some fish (hoping for Barra but more likely to get Mullet) but without success. We managed to meet up with some friends from Tassie - the big Pom ... read more
The border!
'Tis a dog's life
Rocky out crop behind our Kununurra camp site

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory July 6th 2019

I have to admit I'm a little excited to be going on the Ghan this morning. Our Hotel was a transfer location for the Ghan as the train station is 10kms out of town. There was a Great Southern Railway employee waiting in the hotel lobby. She asked for ID and checked our luggage in. We were allocated room 7 in carriage K. The train was 24 carriages long with 2 locomotives, 125 guests with 27 crew to look after us. Weighing 1210.2 tonnes. We had our photo taken at the front of the train then headed towards the rear of the train to board. In our room were a number of goodies along with a journey companion on the small table. We only just fitted into our small cabin bags. Our room had a tiny ... read more

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