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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock November 18th 2018

So we drove on the bus for 285 miles of mostly desert. We checked in to our hotel. We went for a short swim at the pool. In the evening, we drove over to the viewing area of Ayres Rock and had some Champagne and watched the sun set on Ayres Rock. It was spectacular. After that, we drove to the Earth Sanctuary World Nature Center for a barbeque and talk about the indigenous peoples and the stars. The next morning, we were supposed to get up at 4:00 am and watch the sunrise over Ayres Rock. We knew it was going to be cloudy and we decided to sleep in. So far on this bus trip, we have had to get up around 5:30 am or 6:00 am every morning. Stacy has been a little ... read more
Our bus tour group at sunset
Stacy and I at the sunset viewing
During the sunset

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs November 15th 2018

So, we got up and went to the aquarium. It was very nice. It had a long tunnel that was made of polycarbonate that you could look at the fish thru as you walked thru it. We then hopped on the free tram and headed toward downtown. We found the tour boat dock and got our tickets. We boarded the boat and took a 1 hour tour of Melbourne from the Yarra River. We booked back to our hotel for the 3:00 pm meet and greet with our tour director and the other tour guests. We met them again later for dinner and drinks. The next morning we boarded our bus and headed out for a tour of Melbourne. We stopped and took a 1 hour walk thru some of old Melbourne's side streets and alleys. ... read more
St. Patrick's church
Us in the church garden
Downtown Melbourne

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory September 29th 2018

Gidday again. I reckon it is past time to update my blog. We headed North to Wyndam, then back South to Kunnanurra via Percy's Lagoon. Apart from a few punctures on the gravel we had no problems with the car. We get back on the Bitumen and crack a windshield. (lucky for me its covered in the insurance). My camera had run out of battery. so no photos. We top up all the essentials at Kunnanurra then head to Lake Argyle. Next day we head into N.T. and the Keep River NP. It was very dry. We did a guided tour in the morning. Even dad managed to do the walk, as the guide was stopping every few minutes to talk and educate us all. Next day we found a rest area to camp and stopped ... read more
Gregory Tree near Timber Creek N.T.
Gregory Tree near Timber Creek N.T.
Gregory Tree near Timber Creek N.T.

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru September 28th 2018

THE ROCK! Mostly pic's today folks. During the ride out to Uluru I officially hit the 3,000 mile mark on the Rideabout Oz 2018 trip. The Rock is about 8 miles from the Resort. There are a host of ways to tour the rock: You can drive around it on your own, drive around in a tour bus, do a bicycle ride around it, take a segway ride around it, Certain areas you can walk around it, take a helicopter ride over it, and sometimes you can walk over it, The walking over is the most controversial - you will see some of the signs put up by the aboriginal tribes asking that you respect their spiritual land and not walk up the roped path to the top. The rock itself is pretty Amazing in that ... read more
The Steps
Don't Climb
Sandstone Lines

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock September 27th 2018

The Rock I pulled out of Alice Springs 10 minutes ahead of schedule at 8:50. My Fastener friends who have traveled with me and certainly my family know that when a departure time is set it’s BIH (bags In Hand) at or before the specified departure time😏. A lot of people think The Rock is just outside Alice Springs - in fact, it is 274 miles south and west. The Rock will be my furthest West Point in Australia on the bike trip. I stopped and popped a couple pictures of Connors Mountain which is a pretty good size plateau rock in its own right. It was a hot ride down, 95 degrees was my top temperature recorded but very little wind. I was cruising along at 70 when all of a sudden there were 250-350 ... read more
cattle 2 road
cattle on the road
mount Connor

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs September 26th 2018

Southbound to Telegraph station - Alice Springs Started my first day heading South around 9:00 A.M. (since I left Townsville for my Westward Ho 3 days ago). My first goal for the day was to find a suitable place to dress up an Ant Hill with my Rideabout Oz 2018 official tee shirt. Because the road is so narrow I had to find a spot where I could safely pull over off the road. Another car had pulled over at one spot so I decided to go for it. I pulled up next to an Ant hill with enough girth to display my logo. One of the occupants of the car next to me came over and introduced himself. His name was Marcus, Marcus was from Stuttgart Germany. He saw what I was doing and asked ... read more
Marcus assist
Jim and the Ant hill
Down Under area 51

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs September 26th 2018

HOT !!!!!! A couple of people have asked for the donation sight so "For the avoidance of doubt" . Here is the address to donate to Cureduchenne Muscular Dystrophy Please pass it on so we can get closer to our goal. Thanks Jim... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs September 26th 2018

I visited the Reptile Center here in Alice Springs - it isn't very big but its got the 'Right Stuff'. I saw two different exhibit shows one on their prized Saltwater Crocodile named "Terry" as well as, a lizard and snake show and tell. Before the shows I was able to tour the reptiles on exhibit throughout the place and while not very big the cast was deadly interesting. The deadliest snake in the place rose up to give me an eye to eye stare down (He won)- The mighty Coastal Taipan. I enjoyed the saltwater crocodile show the best because the guy giving the talk was so cocky I found myself rooting for Terry the Salty. However, the guy knew his stuff and probably said 10 times when in Darwin and the north just don't ... read more
The one Aussie you never want to meet in the wild- Mr. Taipan
Terry the Salty patiently waiting
the proud Goanna

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Tennant Creek September 24th 2018

The mysterious Homestead to Tennant Creek Run ! After a hotel Breakfast, I gassed up and was on my way by 8:00 from Mt. Isa (pronounced Eye za ). The way out for the first 100 Miles was the road kill Kangaroo Highway. For the readers from WI imagine being on a road that every morning would have a doe to a fawn size white tail deer road kill every 2 miles or so for a hundred straight miles. Some are probably a day or so old but the crow cleanup crews are pretty efficient and there aren’t many left overs. My horn was buzzing every couple miles. Once the temp climbed above 80 there were less and less dinner guests joining me on the road - the topography was the open range format most of ... read more
view from the drivers seat
ant hill dress up
My digs at the Blue Stone

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Tennant Creek September 24th 2018

Tennant Springs Supplemental Edition I decided to have dinner at the Blue Stone Motor Inn restaurant "Anna's". Patricia was my waitress she was born in Chile but grew up in B.A. Argentina. Toward the end of my meal I struck up a conversation with two Aussie fellas at the table next to me. They invited me to come over and sit with them. I call them opposite end fellas because Brad (on the left) is from Victoria (Melbourne) and Jim is from Darwin. I think the only other two major cities you can get further apart then these two in Australia might be Perth and Brisbane. They were both consultants working with the indigenous people on employment prospects. We talked about the similarities the Aboriginal tribes and the Aussie's have with the US and American Indian ... read more

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