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Monday morning we were on the road again . We had plotted a route through the Marrakai Road which as luck would have it, cut off a big section of sealed mainroad - just to our liking. Marrakai Road was a red dirt road still with quite a few puddle & stream crossings. Even though they are into the start of the dry season there is still a lot of wet patches on the road. Takes a few months for all this to dry up. The first challenging section we encountered was a full road-width puddle allowing little room for manoeuvring. I dropped my front wheel into the mud but luckily had enough momentum to ride out the other side. Keith was not so lucky dropping his bike, fortunately away from the muddy puddle & onto ... read more
Marrakai Rd
River Crossing
Big Rig

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory May 7th 2022

During the Darwin rest day I bought a new Leatherman - NZ customs had confiscated mine on the way through. I considered running amok on the plane with the the cutlery they gave us but decided I shouldn't punish Air NZ s passengers for NZ customs stupidity. On our rest day in Darwin I bought a new one & the 1st time I used it I sliced my finger. This is not the 1st time I have lost an argument with a Leatherman. Fortunately this one was minor, unlike the previous time when I ended up in Hospital with a suspected bone infection. I have just had my DNA sample taken & anticipate that I may have some Gurkha genes. Apparently when a Gurkha soldier draws his knife tradition says they have to draw blood. Anyway ... read more
4m Salty All Day Nap
Cruising Looking for prey

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory May 6th 2022

Darwin We flew from Brisbane to Darwin to spend a couple of days preparing our bikes & picking up Keith’s new bike. This has been good acclimatisation to the heat (so far over 30 each day - plenty of cooling dips in our hotel pool.) Checking all our gear that we had left here with our bikes nearly 3 years ago, has been successful with nothing missing. "The Scooter Shop" where we had stored them had serviced & carried out minor repairs and had a huge storage bill for us. However Darren, the owner gave us a very substantial discount on all of this so all parties were happy or at least only slightly unhappy. We ended up with a couple of boxes of doubled up parts & riding gear being couriered home via Whites Powersports ... read more
Anti Aircraft Gun
Florence Falls
Swimming Holes

Hi again after a long pause - thanks to covid. Just about to start a new adventure riding from Darwin to Melbourne (around 8000kms), leaving Darwin next Saturday 7th May all being well. Brenton Ian & myself travel to Brisbane Tuesday then to Darwin on Wednesday where we meet up with Keith who arrives from Melbourne. 2 Days to check over our bikes which have been in storage for 2 years & set them up (Keith has a new bike from a Darwin dealer so should be almost ready to go). We meet up with Bryan around 14th in Daly Waters after he rides North from Sydney. Blogs, (hopefully) daily. If you don't want to receive them let me know & I'll remove your email from the list. Until next Saturday when we hit the road! ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs October 11th 2021

Remember a time, long, long ago, in far, far away lands when we were allowed to do a thing called "travel"? When state/territory borders were merely a welcome-sign photo opp and quarantine was something we only heard of watching Border Patrol on the TV? To be honest, it's a little creepy to re-read the final words of our last blog in July 2019..... "I know, this blog is a long one, thanks for reading it, and at the very least we hope the pics inspire you to explore your own back yard and beyond - it's a magical country out there." It's like some weird prediction of things to come..... Guess what bloggers - HOLIDAY HERE THIS YEAR IS ON!! (well, unless you live in Vic or NSW, that is). Sending our love to all those ... read more
14 years in the making....
Beautiful boabs
Barlangi Rock summit WA

Waking long before dawn on Thursday morning - my eleventh day on the Larapinta Trail - I'd not even gotten out of my tent when a group of guided hikers strode through the campsite sounding like an army battalion marching into battle. With no vehicle access between Serpentine Gorge and Ormiston Gorge 30km away, they would have to knock off that entire distance in one long day. But for those of us that were fully self-sufficient, the opportunity to split the walk in half by spending the night on the crest of the Heavitree Range at a campsite unofficially known as 'Hermit's Hideout' was simply too good to resist... even if it meant having to carry even more water than if we were tackling it in a single day. With a fellow hiker who had just ... read more
Sacred Thoroughfare
Bent and Buckled Rock
The Route Ahead

Having faced unexpected trials and tribulations during my first three days on the Larapinta Trail, it was with a fair degree of trepidation that I rose to greet the day on Thursday (August 12th), knowing that - according to the map guide at least - I was about to face one of the most difficult days on the trail. Still, it also promised to be one of the most spectacular, with the route climbing up and over the Chewings Range before descending to a campsite near a picturesque waterhole. Despite wasting fifteen minutes trying to buy a lip balm from the kiosk at Standley Chasm (the less said about that the better) I managed to get going by 9am, as planned. The fact that each of the three ladies with whom I had been camped had ... read more
Valley Views
The Mountains' Rugged Spine
Touching the Sky

Look at any map of Australia, and your eye will immediately be drawn to a name in the very centre of the continent: Alice Springs. Although only a fairly small town by most standards (population: 30,000) it appears on every map of the country for the simple reason that it is the largest settlement for a very, very long way in any direction. Historically, at least as far as European settlement is concerned, Alice Springs' greatest claim to fame is a telegraph station just a few kilometres to the north of the current town centre, which served as a relay point on the Overland Telegraph Line between Adelaide in the South and Darwin to the North. It is from this telegraph station that one of the most famous and iconic of Australian hiking trails begins: the ... read more
Narrow Gap
Red Rocks and River Red Gums
The Starting Point

Rising in the vast Arnhem Land Escarpment, the Katherine River (known to the Jawoyn people as Barraya, meaning 'Blossoming Kookaburra') flows through a fault in the sandstone escarpment, forming a vast gorge system framed by spectacular cliffs. In the Wet Season the river rises up to ten metres, flowing unimpeded through the entire gorge system at a speed of up to 40km/h. In the Dry Season however, the river falls significantly and a series of exposed rock bars divide the gorge into different sections separated by small sets of shallow rapids, with the various navigable stretches of river being referred to as the First Gorge, Second Gorge and so on, continuing upstream as far as the Thirteenth Gorge some 16km away. And though freshwater crocodiles are right at home in this sort of ecosystem (there are ... read more
Hole in the Wall
Cleft in the Cliffs
The Rocky Road Ahead

The Jawoyn people, who historically inhabit the Stone Country around Katherine in the Northern Territory, believe that a rainbow serpent named Borong carved a great gorge through the heart of their land. Then from the west came a dragon-like creature named Nabilil, who travelled through the gorge before camping high up on the plateau above. While Nabilil was sleeping, Walarrk the Cave Bat speared him, and in the process his dilly bag full of water was pierced, spilling out over the land and filling the gorge. At the entrance to the gorge Nabilil had heard the call of the cicada ("nit nit nit-nit") and named the place Nitmiluk, meaning 'Cicada Country'. My parents had brought me to Nitmiluk NP and taken me on a boat trip through the lower sections of Katherine Gorge when I was ... read more
Scenic Cruise
Soaring Palms and Striking Cliffs
Paddler's Paradise

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