Day 9 Daly Waters to Gregory National Park

Published: July 2nd 2013
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Well what an interesting day, a day of diversions and some interesting driving. Left DW and the crowds to retrace our tracks for 36kms then taking a right hand turn off the bitumen onto the Buchanan Hwy. First leg is 180kms from Dunmara to Top Springs. Bob had read a bit about this pub but when we arrived decided to keep going and having had enough of the dust took the bitumen north to Victoria Hwy,. We had already pulled off the road earlier in the morning to allow three road trains to pass, leaving us choking in red dust.

However, after about 5kms curiosity got the better of us and we did a U turn back to face another 240kms of “dirt”. Are we mad!

The road would take us in the back way to Gregory National Park and boy was it interesting. Another decision to take the road least travelled happened after doing about 200 kms, we decided to take another detour and enter the park on the 4 wheel drive only Humbert Track. It was not till later that I read a sign advising the “towing of trailers of any kind is not recommended” oops too
Buchanan Hwy Buchanan Hwy Buchanan Hwy

The Start of the red dirt

At one stage we were on the border of Humbert River Station and we lost the track, due to an airstrip being where the track should have been. After a few detours and backtracking we were on the right track. We encountered some very interesting dry river crossings for the next hour or so. We also traversed Victoria Downs Station, this is huge and there were 9 helicopters parked in the yard in front of the homestead (modern day horses). Anyway long story short we are now camped “totally alone” at the Gunbunbu Waterhole adjacent to “Top Humbert Yard”. This is an old stock yard on Bullito Station. We have just witnessed a wonderful sight a large flock of black cockatoos heading home to roost. Magnificent sunset, against the white Ghost Gums. Camp fires going and the lamb chops are cooking. Had my first shower under the stars tonight!

The Southern Land Camper performed very well, taking every crossing perfectly, the angles we got the car and camper on were often quite interesting but not once did anything hang up. Dust sealing was another story with the talcum powder like dust penetrating into every nook and cranny.

Following are some pics of today.

Additional photos below
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Dashwood CrossingDashwood Crossing
Dashwood Crossing

No luck here
Dashwood CrossingDashwood Crossing
Dashwood Crossing

Paper Barks line the rivers edge
Gate OpeningGate Opening
Gate Opening

just one of the many I had to open and close
The dust The dust
The dust

and the dust did get in

3rd July 2013

Looks great
You will be well prepared for the Kimberley - don't bother to clean out the bull dust too much!!! See you soon.

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