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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Tennant Creek September 24th 2018

The mysterious Homestead to Tennant Creek Run ! After a hotel Breakfast, I gassed up and was on my way by 8:00 from Mt. Isa (pronounced Eye za ). The way out for the first 100 Miles was the road kill Kangaroo Highway. For the readers from WI imagine being on a road that every morning would have a doe to a fawn size white tail deer road kill every 2 miles or so for a hundred straight miles. Some are probably a day or so old but the crow cleanup crews are pretty efficient and there aren’t many left overs. My horn was buzzing every couple miles. Once the temp climbed above 80 there were less and less dinner guests joining me on the road - the topography was the open range format most of ... read more
view from the drivers seat
ant hill dress up
My digs at the Blue Stone

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Tennant Creek September 24th 2018

Tennant Springs Supplemental Edition I decided to have dinner at the Blue Stone Motor Inn restaurant "Anna's". Patricia was my waitress she was born in Chile but grew up in B.A. Argentina. Toward the end of my meal I struck up a conversation with two Aussie fellas at the table next to me. They invited me to come over and sit with them. I call them opposite end fellas because Brad (on the left) is from Victoria (Melbourne) and Jim is from Darwin. I think the only other two major cities you can get further apart then these two in Australia might be Perth and Brisbane. They were both consultants working with the indigenous people on employment prospects. We talked about the similarities the Aboriginal tribes and the Aussie's have with the US and American Indian ... read more

Day 19 - Jabiru to Tennant Creek Today we left Jabiru and drove 960km to Tennant Creek. The first 200km was a new road for us but the countryside is similar to what we have been used to in the last week. Lots of short Savanna native trees with some undergrowth. On the way to Tennant Creek we passed the Mataranka Hot Spring Pools and decided we would take the plunge this time. The last time we were here we were running late to get to Katherine and just went to the waters edge for a look. This time we took the plunge. Well have you ever taken a bath where you have gotten the temperature so perfect that you just get in and it is not too hot and not too cold. Well this was ... read more

Day 3 - Erldunda to Tennant creek What a day and we haven’t even arrived at Katherine yet. Today’s trip took us from Erldunda roadhouse to Tennant Creek. A distance of 700km. We started off with breakfast at the Erldunda roadhouse. Well we don’t realise what we have in Melbourne until you don’t get it. We went into the breakfast area and out of the five cereal boxes only two had cereal in them and there was very little else. Let’s just say basic is basic. By 7 am we were off onto Stuart highway. In the first few minutes a road train passed us going in the other direction and I was sprayed by rocks. Windscreen copped it and I now have a cracked screen. Looks like a new windscreen is on the list for ... read more
Aileron Aboriginal woman and child
4 Trailer road train
Barrow Creek Pub

The Treby Trio travelling in our camper van Matilda..... read more
Driver Ginny
A lot of termites
Oliver enjoying the scenery

Geo: -19.6498, 134.19Had a good night at Connors Well and woke about 6.30 to a beautiful blue sky. We had brekky and set off for Devils Marbles. Stopped at Barrow Creek for a pit stop and looked around the pub. Reminds us of William Creek. So many mementos from travellers. Didn't take camera in, sorry. Back in the car to Whycliff Well for fuel as Barrow Creek was out of fuel. Only a quick stop there and then onto Devil's Marbles. Amazing place. Check out the pics. Anyway it was hot and windy and didn't look too inviting to stay so we decided to travel another 100km to Tennant Creek. Got in about 2pm.Just as well we came here as the darn car played up again. Some stupid sensor that Mazda charged us $600 for about ... read more
Barrow Creek
whycliff well
whycliff well2

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Tennant Creek August 13th 2015

We pulled up stumps at Longreach near Elliot after a very pleasant stay knowing that we had other things to do. We drove through the town of Elliot before deciding to return and fill up with diesel - the next fuel stop was 200 kilometres away! We drove down to Three Ways and then decided to continue on to Tennant Creek (about twenty kilometres further south) to do some shopping. We needed some groceries (and a new tap). Our old tap fitting got left behind at Katherine Gorge. After restocking we filled up the bus with diesel at a very reasonable price and headed back up to Three Ways where we turned right on to the Barkly Highway and pointed the bus towards Queensland! After a very full day we arrived at Barkly Homestead - an ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Tennant Creek April 13th 2015

We had camped at Connors Well overnight (just north of Alice Springs) and decided to drive the 400 odd kms to Tennant Creek to visit Georgi's cousin, Fiona. This stretch of the Stuart Highway is ideally set up for fast long driving, with 1000 plus km days but we took our time stopping to look at the cairns, monuments etc that told the story of the early exploration of this part of the world. Of course, there is plenty of information about John McDouall Stuart who made six trips north from Adelaide, seeking the inland sea, minerals and farming land. His last trip, in 1862, was when he reached an area close to Darwin. His exploration of central and northern Australia made possible the construction of the Overland Telegraph Line, a vital communication link back in ... read more
A huge windmill under a blue sky
Stuart cairn
Devils Marbles walk

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Tennant Creek September 19th 2014

We resumed our journey to Tennant Creek today and everything seems to be working OK. We are retracing our steps along the Stuart Highway so we don’t need to spend much time at the various places as we saw them on the way up to Darwin. As we passed through Dunmarra, I looked for the buffalo that was grazing outside the roadhouse last time but it was nowhere to be seen. We’re back in cattle country and there are signs at regular intervals warning about unfenced roads and animals wandering in front of you as well as other signs saying this is a Cattle Tick free area and warning of harsh penalties if the appropriate cleaning of the cattle has not taken place. We did see several dead cows alongside the road which were probably hit ... read more
Elliott Mechanical
Lubra's Lookout, Renner Springs
A Rocky Cap

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Tennant Creek August 21st 2014

After the long drive yesterday, we both needed a bit of a sleep-in. Then I borrowed an iron and finished the laundry. We really need to get one of our own as not every caravan park has them. We went into the town to see what electrical shops were there and if they stocked irons. A couple of general stores did and I got a light one for $30. Barry then spotted a computer store and went in to enquire about what might be wrong with my laptop, which had started to display images with too much red and something seems to be missing making waves and putting black in places it shouldn’t be. We’d had a look in Harvey Norman in Mt Isa but the sales assistant there just kept pushing and pushing me to ... read more
Tennant Creek Night Market
An Ant Dance Floor
Cold Beer - Old Style

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