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September 11th 2008
Published: September 11th 2008
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Sep 7-8-9-10

More from Sep 7.
I’ve seen more Apollo campervans than any other.
Father’s Day today. How many fathers do you know that get two fathers days in one year? So, kids, where are the Fathers day cards??
Saw some horses by the side of the road, north of Marla. Might not be interesting to anyone out there, but in an area where there isn’t much, it was worth noting.
For those of you who might have thought that all of Australia was HOT, well think again. Melbourne had a forecast last night of ZERO!!! Darwin, on the other hand, forecast a low of 23 degrees.

Would you believe a RED Greyhound bus?? They are actually Grey at home!

Oh yeh, in Coober Pedy they have a drive in movie theatre that shows movies on Saturday nights. From our underground motel we could see they were playing the latest Batman movie.
Crossed into the Northern Territory today. Speed limit 110 unless posted. Posted at 130. No shoulders.

Sep 9-10
Something like 3600km

Kata Tjuta: What can we say, other than AWESOME. You actually get to walk thru some of the canyons in the Valley of Wind walk. Up and down. Rough pathways, but the area was absolutely stunning. Both of us were pretty well completely exhausted after about a 4 hour trek. Sure glad it was a bit overcast, because some areas were in the shade, but a lot of the walk would have been in direct sunshine.

NOTE: Ayers Rock Resort charges an extra 1% fee for credit card usage. Apparently they are so far from civilization that the credit card companies charge them 2%.
Also: Wireless Internet, only near the kiosks. No wireless in the campground, we had to get close to the kiosk.

Did some short walks around Uluru today. While it is spectacular, we are of the opinion the Kata Tjuta is the better walk. There are some very stunning formations and weathered rock at Uluru and it too is definitely worth the time and effort to walk around it. If only part way.

Have met some very nice folks in the last couple of days. Met them first on our Kata Tjuta walk. Found out they are only a couple of campsites away from us. Met them again, today, at Uluru.
We are both going to Kings Canyon tomorrow and apparently so are some other folks in the campground. Very Nice.

Would you believe we met a tour guide today who actually knows where the Crows nest Pass is?? Small, small world. He actually has family in various parts of Alberta and seems to know the South pretty well.

Uluru pictures next time.

We had a great diner on Wednesday evening. Kangaroo, emu, croc, beef. And all the salad bar you wanted. Everything was really good, except the crocodile. Too tough. And we cooked it ourselves, on the barby.

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Mount ConnorMount Connor
Mount Connor

No its not Uluru. Although a lot of people think it is. But Uluru is over 100km away.
This is UluruThis is Uluru
This is Uluru

Ayers Rock
Kata TjutaKata Tjuta
Kata Tjuta

The Olgas
Kata TjutaKata Tjuta
Kata Tjuta

Valley of the Winds
Kata TjutaKata Tjuta
Kata Tjuta

Rock formation. River rock 'cemented' together. Totally different than Uluru
Valley of the WindsValley of the Winds
Valley of the Winds

Look up, look waaaaaaaaaaaay up.
Valley of the WindsValley of the Winds
Valley of the Winds

The valley, maybe??
Valley of the WindsValley of the Winds
Valley of the Winds

Kata Tjuta Again look waaaaaay up.

16th September 2008

Brings back memories
Hey Gary - Your Coober Pedy and Ayers rock pictures bring back memories from when I was there in 89. I bought Opal but couldn't find any, and we did climb Ayers rock which was awesome. Have some genuine Fosters for me.

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