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28th February 2012

What a trip!!!!!
I know this must have been a dream come true! Beautiful pictures, wonderful place to be. I have a friend from Queensland and she says that she loves it there, now I can see why!
4th April 2011

This is how the moon appears in Australia. At least that's what we have seen. As opposed to our North American Moon, of course.
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6th February 2011
Upside down Moon

I've never seen an up side down moon before tonight. How often does this occur?
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15th December 2008

I must apologize to the McKee family. I gave them a call on Skype today not realizing that it was still very early in the morning. So sorry folks, it won't happen again. I will call from time to time though. Wouldn't mind a call back. ThePass
12th December 2008

McKee Family
Hey there McKee family. If you are still checking things out, please send an email or reply to this comment. We are back home and expecting -25 degrees tomorrow. So how hot is it where you are?
2nd December 2008

That was so awesome you two, it was like being there, and I learned a lot about OZ. Thanks for including me.
26th November 2008

Thanks for a great time!
Gary and Linda - thanks so much for taking us on tour with you! You guys should have your own show - you do such a great job presenting OZ in such a great light. And hey, any couple who can run three months in a campervan... you may have found your niche! Were you able to assist OT in defecting to Canada? Does he have family here as well? Can't wait to meet him! Welcome home.
15th November 2008

Always great to see people enjoying Echuca. There is plenty to do and it is one of our favorite Murray River towns
14th November 2008

Hi John & Vicki, et al
Hi guys. Tried to call, but no one home. Are you ever slow!!!. Kidding of course. We have 10 days left and are in Burleigh Heads QLD. 18,000+km on the van. No issues at all. 0458 136 164 is our mobile. Will give you a call tomorrow. We are visiting my neice-in-law and 2 grand nephews
14th November 2008

We are in Burleigh Heads
Hi guys, how are things??
14th November 2008

Hope OT likes the Ozzie beer
14th November 2008

Trying to catch up
Hi Guys We have been trying to catch up but no success Please give us a call if you get this message Vicki John danielle Jaimie
7th November 2008

great blog
Blimey Gary, look like you're having a bonza trip. I just read all you postings and can't help feel jealous. You and Linda have been places I always figured were just impossible to get to. I'm guessing you've already developed a good "strine" accent too. /paul
19th October 2008

Sheep, Sheep!!!!!!!
The sheep look so cuddly. I can't wait till you bring mine home. It will live in the yard and I promise to look after it. Grandma, I'll even give you the wool. Love Eryka
15th October 2008

What's the story behind linda's breathalizer???
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14th October 2008

Great trip reporting
The pictures and narratives are outstanding. We really do enjoy seeing and reading all about your adventures. By your appearances, you're both relaxing and enjoying the trip. Keep up the great work on the blog, looking forward to the next update. Have you found any relatives yet? Take care and continue to enjoy. Talk to you soon.
From Blog: To Freemantle
3rd October 2008

Sorry to put you all through the brain teaser. OZZIE TURTLE of course.
29th September 2008

Certainly hope you're feeling better than OT - looks like rigor mortis has set in (must be lack of water) - OT - Our Taxidermy.
28th September 2008

Hi, Nice pictures, I think OT stands for our turtle.....Anyway, keep up the good work,
27th September 2008

Outback Tortoise? OT seems so shy, it will tough to get him out of his shell. He's not overly photogenic, try to make him smile, it might help. Maybe hanging around with you two might help relax a bit, he's so stiff in the pictures. We hope you folks continue to be healthy, happy and safe on your travels. Update the blog with your stories and pictures as often as possible, they are GREAT! We look forward to seeing when you return home. Mike, Laura and kids!
27th September 2008

Jennifer says "You better be bringing him home. He's so cute" Jeff says "O.T. stands for old travellers, old timers, or old turtle" Eryka says "Miss you Grandma and Grandpa, better bring O.T. back so I can chew on him"
21st September 2008

your trip
I keep checking in with your trip info. Looks like your seeing alot! Hope you have lots of sunblock! looks very hot! Stay Safe! love kim
16th September 2008

Brings back memories
Hey Gary - Your Coober Pedy and Ayers rock pictures bring back memories from when I was there in 89. I bought Opal but couldn't find any, and we did climb Ayers rock which was awesome. Have some genuine Fosters for me.
16th September 2008

Gary's Directions
So let me see if I have it right. Leaving Kings Canyon, Linda was driving and you were navigator. Then the "Navigator" fesses up that they are 130kms from where they need to be. That sure sounds like Gary's navigating. We are glad to hear that you are having a great time everywhere. I hope you didn't try any of the Dutch I taught you with the people from the Netherlands. It might make them hug you or get your face-slapped.... hmmm, actually try some and let me know how it goes. Keep on rollin and bring us back lot of presents! Looking forward to your next update. Michael, Laura and Kiddles
10th September 2008

Thanks for watching
Thanks to all who are taking a look at my attempt at keeping you all aware of where we are and what's happening. Jan, have added you to the 'informed' list. Michael. Same old, same old. Life wouldn't be the same without your 'attitude'. Nancy. All is well. See you in November. And of course we will keep in touch. Julie. Ditto above. Really looking forward to seeing you, the grand-nephews and you new family.

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