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September 23rd 2010
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Wonderful to be back in Oz
Day 80 Darwin (Tues 21st Sept)

So we reached the shores of our final country in the early hours of this morning, some time after 0230. At that time of morning, immigration and customs and I didn’t have to wait very long for everyone else to come through. We then got a shuttle bus from the airport to our hostel on Mitchell Street, arriving by 0400. Darwin was still dark, of course, but we could see it was a nice small city.

While checking in, Stephen realised that he had lost his wallet and so he ended up heading back to the airport. The rest of us lugged our stuff up to the third floor and settled in - all the girls in an 8-bed dorm. By the time I had my shower and got to bed, it was 0500. It’s the first time we have all shared a room since Turkey.

However, regardless of it being only a few hours since I went to bed, I was still up and wide awake at 0830. Everyone else was still fast asleep so I got dressed and went out for a walk around Darwin. I stopped at Coles (Coles!!)
The VicThe VicThe Vic

AJ and Norma - I did NOT choose the spot with balloons - it was the only seat left...
and found myself walking the aisles with a stupid grin on my face and reading all the brands. Then I realised I looked like an idiot and went on my way.

Down at the esplanade I could see the water and it was a beautiful day. I sent mum a message on my phone and she phoned me back. It’s been months since I spoke with anyone from home. I also managed to chat with Lisa for a bit. Guess I’ll be seeing everyone in just a few short weeks. So all in all, a very good morning.

By the time I got back at 1130, everyone was waking up and we all spent the day relaxing, shopping and walking around.

We all met up at the hostel bar at 1800 to discuss activities for the day we leave Darwin, mainly to decide between the wetlands cruise and the jumping crocs (wetlands cruise won). And turns out Stephen got his wallet back, it had been handed in at the airport.

After a few drinks (it is so nice to have beer on tap again), we headed down to the Vic, where they give you free food
Big CrocBig CrocBig Croc

AJ and Jo in the cage
when you buy any drinks. It was surprisingly good food. We weren’t expecting much but it was worth it. They even had an hour of free champagne for the ladies...

At one point Matt managed to share his pint with Lynn and I - the hard way. I ended up leaving the pub at 0015 with the intention of heading back to the hostel, but I managed to get sidetracked on the way. I walked past a busy bar on the main street and started chatting with a group of young Scottish travellers and had a drink with them. I did finally make it back to the hostel around 0200 though. In the end I just removed my shoes, belt and jewellery and jumped in the shower fully clothed since they needed washing to get the beer out anyway...

Day 81 Darwin (Wed 22nd Sept)

Well I slept in today, taking advantage of the opportunity. I barely even woke when the others came in around 0500. Went for another walk today, stocked up at Coles with snacks for the days ahead, and saved all my photos to my computer.

Jo wanted to do the “cage
The little CrocsThe little CrocsThe little Crocs

At feeding time
of death” at the crocodile place across the road, so I agreed to go with her. At 1630 we went across and Ali, Heather and Norma came over to watch as well.

We were placed in a large hexagonal glass chamber and lowered into the pens with the crocodiles. They raised and lowered the cage into three different pens. While the second and third didn’t move, the croc in the first swam all around us, intent on saying hello. Jo was a bit skittish but I found itg all rather fascinating. Those crocs were huge!

After we got out of the cage we took plenty of photos of all the reptiles. Heather, Jo and I went in with them to feed the young ones. They put chunks of meat on long lines (fishing rods) and you hold them out about one meter above the water so they jump for it. It’s quite a sight to see.

Then when we went to check out the photos they took of us in the cage, we got to hold a little croc. It was so soft!! I wish my skin was that soft!

Then back tot the hostel to wash up. We were planning on going out for a trivia evening but when Lynn and I went down to the pub we discovered that they no longer have them. Oh well. So we head back to the hostel, where the beers were cheaper anyway.


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