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20th November 2014
Reserva Lachay Camp

I'm due to check out Peru shortly. Hope I see views like this!
19th May 2014

melacca to pekanbaru
Hi! Sounds like u had a great trip! :) I was wondering, we want to get to Pekanbaru this July, from Malacca, is this ferry still operating? where did u purchase ur tickets, and where did u find all the info? the reason we want to get to pekanbaru is because I used to live in Kerinci (an hr and a half from pekanbaru). I hate flying and do not want to fly, so I hope you can be of some help :) Take care! regards, Alexandra Hansen
24th May 2014

Melacca to Pekanbaru
Hi Alexandra. Its been a few years since I did this trip so I'm not sure if the ferry will be the same but it is one of the standard ways of crossing into Indonesia, so I would assume it still runs. We saw people buying tickets for the ferry when we got there, but we had ours organised for us by our local Indonesian guide who was waiting for us at the other end of the ferry ride. Sorry I can't be more help. Good luck.
21st March 2014

love your trivia
Hi AJ, Thanks for the info on brazil nuts . Would never have guessed they grew like that. Did you get a photo of the tree? Your travels sound amazing. Love you Babe. Mum & Dad xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
20th January 2014

nice shirt
Hi AJ. I love the colour of your Christmas shirt. I think it would look great on you. Xoxo
17th January 2014

Hi AJ. What an absolutely amazing way to spend the day before Christmas. Your photo's are incredible and it looks like you have managed to get a tan :-) :-) This certainly is a trip of a lifetime. Love you AJ. Mum & Dad xoxo
17th January 2014

Iguazu Falls
Looks like you are having a fantastic time. Amazing photos!
8th January 2014

Adorable friend
Friendly guy
27th December 2013

Awesome pics!
Just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say really great pics! Wish I made it down to Argentina when I was in S.A. Happy travels! -Greg
14th November 2013

On the road at last
Hi AJ, What a great start to your trip. I can understand the 04:30 wake up. The truck looks interesting. Nice bright colours. Good to see your getting to meet the locals (frog). Looking forward to your next update. Love you heaps. Mum & Dad xoxo
7th November 2013

Time to chill out.
Hi AJ, Wild dogs wouldn't have stopped me from seeing you off :-) Great to see you've got your blog started. Looking forward to all your adventure blogs over the coming months. Make the most of your few days before the tour starts to chill out and rearrange all your gear. Love ya heaps. Mum & Dad xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox
28th December 2010

Times Travel
Wow thats nice.. how many days did you spent over all in Pakistan that time?
15th November 2010

Multan to Lahore to Amritsar
Multan is one of the most historical city of Pakistan.It attracts many tourist toward it due to historical places.This is nice blog.Thanks for sharing.
13th October 2010

This is really awesome discovery for me. I never thought that Pakistan and Iran are so rich in culture and beautiful places. I wonder how such an amazing tour can be arranged between the two countries. Now whenever I shall compare hotel prices, I shall consider this awesome offer for sure.
7th October 2010

Campfire cooking
Hi AJ, There's nothing quite like a meal around the campfire with a nice piece of damper. It's good to hear you remember how to make one :-) Can't wait to hear more about the centre, I'd love to got there sometime. Don't forget Day 82. Love you AJ. Mum xoxoxoxoxoxo
13th September 2010

Poor Darling :-)
Hi AJ, We'll that sounds like quite an experience. You poor darling to have to endure such hadship. What's happened to that annoying traveller at the beginning of the trip? Watch out for the monkeys because they will pinch anything you don't keep real close to you. Keep appreciating the scenery. Love you heaps Babe. Mum xoxoxoxoxoxooxox
11th September 2010
Koh Samui 1

pretty!! ... and I'm not sure I've ever seen you wear flip flops? haha
10th September 2010

A REAL holiday
Hi AJ, Sounds like your time on Koh Samui was a well earnt rest and a good length of time for everyone to recharge their batteries, so to speak. It really does look like a paradise and a peaceful place to do nothing. Did anyone offer you a fishing line :-) ? Love ya heaps. Mum & Dad xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox
9th September 2010
Koh Samui 2

worth the wait,
hi AJ, your pic reminded me of my last trip to Thailand 5 years back, I had to wait 3 days to get the sea front grass hut, but it was sure worth it,,. if i'm a bit down i shut my eyes and go back. i hope you packed a snorkel n mask for your swims as the stripey fish like to swim in and out of your fingers. enjoy..................................dippy..x
8th September 2010

Hey Amanda, was great reading your latest blogs. You are so fortunate to have been able to had so many different experiences. I am still soooo jealous!. This time next week I will be in Bali, and so will you!. I do hope we can catch up. Hope you are enjoying Indonesia. I am looking forward to some warmer weather. Bye for now Auntie Leanne xxx
3rd September 2010

ohhhhhh, ooooh, eeeeh, ahhhhh
Hi AJ, Thanks for the update. What an amazing trip to finish in Nepal. The scenery is amazing. I gather from what you haven't said about the trip through India it would have been a good option to fly from Hetaudu to Kolkata. Hopefully the stay in Thailand will iron out any kinks. Just being in one place for a few days will help. Looking forward to your next blog. Love you heaps Babe. Mum xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo
31st August 2010

Hi Amanda Lovely to hear the updates of your trip. Good on you for having a go at bungy jumping. Uncle Colin tried it in Cairns quite a while ago, he loved it and had 2 jumps. Laurie and Ashleigh did it in Taupo in New Zealand. I wanted them to jump over water. I think Ashleigh liked it more than Laurie!. Bye for now Auntie Leanne
30th August 2010

such a delicious food love to have it now. Hey friend you love our national food. Enjoy it. sumek adhikari
such a delicious food love to have it now. Hey friend you love our national food. Enjoy it. sumek adhikari
19th August 2010

Home cooking
Hi AJ, Once again it's been great catching up on your adventures and yes you've definately got some home cooked meals owing. Love you heaps. Mum xoxoxoxo
19th August 2010

Hiya, Nepal is much more chilled than India! The company I am travelling with is OzBus - have a look at www.oz-bus.com

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