What a load of Kakadu

Published: May 26th 2010
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Im in Darwin for a few days, thats all i can bare, the humidity is at 90% and the mosquito's are out to get me!

Just spent a couple of days in Kakadu National park, swimming in waterfalls and cliff jumping into plunge pools. It is so beautiful, really tropical, rainforest's, eagles, weird bugs, the lot. We went on a crocodile spotting boat trip and tried not to squash any frogs as we walked, it is literally infested with them. Stayed in a slightly odd outback lodge where we were told not to go outside, a local had gone hunting in his helicopter after a few too many tinnies! Got to try buffalo sausage, it was ok as it goes.

Also had an Aborigine spit on my head, but apparently its a traditional welcome when you cross their land, i wasnt convinced.

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27th May 2010

Photo 6
Photo 6 - Dave Hart with a tan. Andy and I spent over a month in Darwin. It's very uncomfortable, I'd recomend spending the whole day asleep in an air conditioned room whenever possible.
28th May 2010

photo 6
I tried to do that but my room mate was a crazy russian guy who kept on falling asleep, naked in the bathroom. it was odd.
9th June 2010

Hi Alice - Photos are amazing. I am at Warrawong, will be leaving on the 18th June. Hoping to do a tour from Adelaide to Darwin after this. I am in Oz until 2nd August. Where are you and how long are you in Oz for?

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