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September 20th 2013
Published: September 20th 2013
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I went on the best walk yesterday; I walked all the way to the top of the hill on the peninsula called the Skillion it has the most spectacular views over the towns and the bays and is a really great place to do whale watching, sadly I didn't spot any whales.

Then I walked from there back into the town and right along the beach to the other end of the bay, it took me about an hour to walk right the way along but the beach is beautiful and I was leaving my footprints in the sand! I stopped to watch the the surfers and someone fishing for something very odd.. it was almost as if he was trying to catch something in these little bags in the dregs of the water leaving the beach after a wave, I was about to ask him what he was doing until I saw a giant metal hook in his hand and he looked very scary!

The weather was perfect there was not even a cloud in the sky it was a lovely bright blue and the water was also amazingly clear and blue, and every time a wave crashed it made the most amazing crystal light blue colour. I did end up burning my nose and my forehead I think I should have worn my hat but surprisingly nothing else got burnt!

On my walk I also got attacked by a few animals, I walked past some trees and these parrots flew out at me, one of them hitting me it really made me jump, I managed to get a picture of one of them in a tree they have the most beautiful colours.

Also I was walking down a path admiring the view when something moving by foot caught my eye, I screamed and stopped walking, and it was this giant lizard sat by my foot staring at me I wasn't sure how to get past him so I went to turn around and noticed I was surrounded by lizards and had no choice but to scuttle past. On the way back I chose a different route to avoid the lizards only to find there was one staring at me on that path too!

The weather started off just a nice this morning so I had planned to go on another adventure (hopefully with less animal attacks) although some clouds are starting to appear so I may have to see what it's like when I get out of the shower!

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20th September 2013

Great photos Denise .. I can imagine you not knowing what to do with those lizards! Keep posting lovely to read xxx

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