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March 18th 2010
Published: June 27th 2012
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An always smiling crocodileAn always smiling crocodileAn always smiling crocodile

probably thinking how well you would fit within his skin.
Today was meant to be a trip to Bondi beach with the whole family, unfortunately (just for Ru - it says in my diary at this point I can't believe it took me all of 2 seconds to lose that pen!) due to a case of food poisoning the plans changed. Typical, you spend 2 months travelling around countries where there is a good chance you will end up with GI without getting it, only to come to Australia and then get sick. Well it wasn't me that was ill, it was Mr G. apparently the fancy restaurant they went to yesterday wasn't so good after all. As he wasn't well Mrs G didn't really want to travel that far, understandably, so another day of just the 3 of us. And I had just the perfect idea of what to do! Outside the hotel was the harbour, and right outside the restaurant was the dock to this magnificent pirate tall ship. That's what we would do, they even do a 2hour pirate cruise that left at 11. Speedily got ready, F painted HB's face to look like a pirate, goodbyes said and of we went for a morning of pirate-ness. Everyone was excited, HB looked like one, F was chattering, and even I couldn't contain the inner child. We got down to the dock with plenty of time to spare, so we waited, and waited, and waited. 20 mins later still no sign of this blasted pirate ship. I grab the children (not literally) and waltzed up to concierge desk to ask where this pirate ship had gone. Hmmm, maybe they had been captured by other pirates, mmmmmmm, okay maybe not. He looked over the leaflet, no it certainly said 11am on it. He checked online, still no clue to where the ship had gone. Maybe the Bermuda triangle has spread?! Really? Next step he phoned and all becomes crystal clear, they only do there pirate sailings on Sunday and today is Thursday. I was so glad that they decided to leave that small piece of information off the leaflet. Well now I had 2 disappointed children, who am I kidding I was disappointed as well.

What to do? Couldn't you have gone to Bondi like you were meant to? Short answer yes, yes we could have, but I wasn't about to volunteer to go to the beach for some very good reasons. 1. Have you ever seen Bondi Rescue? Well at this point neither had I, but I didn't fancy swimming in Australian waters. Did you see that Stonefish from the Aquarium blog? I rest that point. 2. I didn't really want to take 2 children to a busy beach by myself; busy theme park I will do, busy beach no thank you. 3. I don't like the beach- I don't like sand, sun or water! It is a good thing I currently work on a cruise ship in the Caribbean and have to spend one day a week on a beach then, good career choice there Anita.

I had it! We will go to the Zoo again. Back out to the harbour to get the boat across to Toronga, then the cable car up to the zoo. The lay out of this zoo was rather confusing, so we actually missed half the zoo, the half with all the Australian animals in. We had an enjoyable walk around the reptile world looking at the pretty lizards, and the not so pretty snakes. From there we followed the path down to free flight bird show which was very good. They had a Kite (the bird not a child's toy) demonstrate how it catches food the air with its talons and passes it straight to its beak without landing. Impressive. They also had a Barking Owl which had such big georgous black and yellow eyes. There were lots of other birds as you could imagine, it was a bird show after all.

After a spot to eat at another sub par tourist attraction fast food restaurant we went back to our animal spotting. F was very keen to see the Lion and Tigers in the Big Cats Keeper talk, we stuck around for a while, but HB wanted to carry on looking around so we left F there and carried on exploring. The highlight of the day was seeing the baby elephant. Let me give you a bit of a back story for this baby Nellie. He had been born about 10 days earlier and had a very traumatic birth, after 6 days of labour they lost all signs of life and when he eventually arrived they thought he was dead. But surprise he wasn't! Of course there was major media coverage which meant most of the people (including us) wanted to see the little guy. He was adorable, such big eyes, lots of dark grey hair, and he was tiny. HB was smitten with this little guy, but time was pressing on and we had to be making a move. We picked up F made our way to the exit via the penguins. Hehehe they are so cute.

Back on the boat to Sydney Harbour and to the hotel. Bed time was getting slightly ridiculous again with one winding the other up. This time Mrs G and I had a divide and conquer approach which ended with F being banished to his parents room while I finished getting HB ready for bed. Today was our last day in Sydney before moving onto Melbourne. I loved Sydney and hope that I will get back there some time in the future to see all the other things that the city has to other, and yes I may even take a trip to Bondi beach.

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