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January 1st 2009
Published: January 1st 2009
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us with our cards and fairylights!!
Hello!! Seasons greetings and all that jazz!

After a gruelling 15.5 hr bus trip, we finally made it to Sydney for xmas eve. The hostel...The extra stuff that they do is really good but the basics are lacking a bit. The people in our room keep coming back pissed at 4am and turning all the lights on and shouting 'SSSHHHH! PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!" Helpful. Christmas Eve was the best, they didnt come back. But the extras at the hostel included a xmas dinner at a bar up the road for the price of a drink! It was yummy, but not as good as home - obviously. Then came Xmas day. I'd like to take a moment to thank Bessie for the chocolate cake (even though it was for Annie - she says thanks too) It was very nice and didnt get stolen! Woo! On Christmas day we went to Bondi beach. We were given the impression at the hostel that to get on the beach you needed a ticket, that there was a big music thing happening that you had to pay for. $55. The music thing was sectioned off from the beach and wasn't that good. We

Sarongs look out of place some how...
stayed maybe all of 2mins before deciding it was time to leave - dance and techno isnt really our thing. So came our first waste of money. It was a bit annoying and tainted the day a bit, but spending christmas on a beach in the sun was good! A bit wierd though, it didnt feel like christmas. We had fish and chips for christmas dinnner, yum.

Next couple of days we just chilled and did very little, except the obvious touristy things of visiting the Harbour and the opera house. It's not that impressive close up and you reailise its made out of concrete. It's probably the nicest building ever built out of concrete but its best viewed from afar. We went for a steak up the road that night, $4! And it wasn't a tiny bit of scrappy meat either, it was big and really nice. We Asked for two medium/well done steaks, but one was well and the other medium. It was a case of goldilocks and the two steaks. Annie had the medium, which was too bloody for her, I had the well done one that was too welldone for me, then we swapped and it was just right.

The next day we booked a tour to the Blue Mountains and a welcome reprieve from the city. It was beautiful. Difficult, i dont see why there had to be so many steps, but it was very nice. The tour itself wasnt as good as i was expecting, the guide just pointed us towards the path and said he'd meet us later and the one time he did guide us he wasnt sure of the way. We kinda tagged onto the end of another tour that was going round and listened to the stories of the area. We saw the three sisters and some gorgeous views over the valley. At the end of the day we went to see the Olympic stadium.

The hostel put on a free BBQ at Coogee beach so we went top that and filled up on free food. Actually it was more forced upon us as they tried to get rid of the last of the sausages instead of throwing them away. After the BBQ, we went on a much needed trek to walk off the sausages. We Walked along the coast from Coogee beach to Bondi. There were some really nice little beaches along the way. I prefer the little secluded beaches to the big ones, they're just prettier. Once we got to Bondi there was the almost impossible task of getting a bus back to the city centre. Four buses came and went, we queued for all of them but they were always full by the time we got to the front. It took over an hour just to get a bus! lol.

New years eve was great. We got some sandwiches, drinks and snackles sorted and headed out at about 9am, eventually getting into the park (i think it was called tarpeian) at about 10:30am. We found a spot with a good view and some shade and settled in for a nice long wait. The day was actually really good, it had a great atmosphere. The weather was great as well, sunhats and suncream weather, not a cloud in the sky. We lazed the day away, eating sandwiches and strawberries and icecream. There were some family fireworks on at 9pm, a taster of what we had to expect later. The NY fireworks were awesome! I filmed a bit of it which i may or maynot be able to put up, i'll try later. When it was finished, everyone desended onto the streets. Dont have a clue how many people there were. There were 6000people in the section we were in and It wasnt even one of the official spots, of which there were 14. So lots of people. It was great!

We've booked a bus out of sydney for the 2nd but we haven't been able to book a hostel, a lot of them are full. So we may be forced to stay in a hotel, with comfortable beds and uninterupted sleep... what a shame. I'll upload photos someother time. I really cant be bothered right now - sorry.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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1st January 2009

I'll have you know, that steak was not medium. It was still bleeding! I'm fairly sure the cow has to be dead for it to count as steak.
1st January 2009

Happy New Year to you too!!!! Love the blog.
2nd January 2009

It was Medium! It was juicy, not bloody. Just coz the juices were a little red...

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