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10th March 2009

HELLO! HOW ARE YOU?? CAN YOU HEAR ME?? :) this looks amaaaaazzing! i'm sorry its nearly over, I bet you wish it would never end... we will be glad to have you back though! xxxxxxxxxxxx
20th February 2009

Cambodias Kids
In reply to a particularly pointless comment, which i havent put up, i can assure you that saying no once does not work. In one case a girl followed us round a temple, despite the fact that both of us had already said 'No, thank you' several times. Giving them money is not going to help them survive, it's going to keep them on the streets begging for money, instead of school and work because they (and their parents) know they can get it if they're persistant enough.
18th February 2009

Are you better now? x
16th February 2009

You are brill
Your blog is brill - well done. You can come and cook for us when you get back, just to prove you can remember everything... x x
From Blog: Heaven and Hell
8th February 2009

again... wow! this all looks completely amazing, looks like you having a great time :D have fun (im sure you will :P) love immi xxxxxxxxxxxx
23rd January 2009

busy, busy
how could you fit all that in since your last blog????
9th January 2009

You do realise this is the sort of character-building experience you went for?? No, seriously, there are other sorts of mishap that would be much more worthy of long tales when you get home, and this sort of boredom you could well do without...sorry to hear it. x
9th January 2009

Chinese Officialdom
Ahh Welcome to what typifies Chinese officaldom. Yor experience puts me in mind of my two and a half years in China and why I used to send Chinese negotiators to renew my visas. Once though in Hong Kong I had a similarly unhelpful administrator who became the direct opposite when Ioffered to pay him for his advise. Who said Chinese were anti capitalists.
9th January 2009

Ok, so we didn't get food poisoning but we could have...
9th January 2009

the title
Ok, so we didnt get food poisoning, but we could have...
8th January 2009

I can see the sea!!! Bring me a koala and all is forgiven. x
2nd January 2009

It was Medium! It was juicy, not bloody. Just coz the juices were a little red...
1st January 2009

Happy New Year to you too!!!! Love the blog.
1st January 2009

I'll have you know, that steak was not medium. It was still bleeding! I'm fairly sure the cow has to be dead for it to count as steak.
24th December 2008

When I was looking at Annie's pics on Facebook, I was REALLY ENVYING this part of your trip more than any other - the desert looks so beautiful - but thank you for your blog putting things into perspective!!!!!! I now know I'm better off at home with a warm fire and a pair of slippers. (NOT!! Still really jealous!!!!)
12th December 2008

Still appreciating the blog, despite not commenting very often!! xxx
26th November 2008

hi ho! you finally managed the skydive then!? can't wait to see the pictures. :D it looks absolutely amazing! i'm still very jealous. thanks for the blog roseanna -- very entertaining.. :D keep us posted.. love immi xxxxx
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22nd November 2008

I didn't really have a choice once she'd picked it up...
From Blog: 7 metres of rain
20th November 2008

an axe??!!
You didn't let Annie loose with an axe??
From Blog: 7 metres of rain
9th November 2008

Singapore awaits you, take care
7th November 2008

These pics are AMAZING.....dont reli know what to say other than, I AM SO JEALOUS!!! x x x x x x x x
3rd November 2008

hello you crazy people :D it sounds amazing! i can't believe your on the other side of the world doing all these random things! keep us posted... i'm so jealous! hope your ok, Immi xxxxxx p.s. annie -- john has put a little sink in the kitchen next to the desserts freezer! yay! :D I'm revising a lot ... :( and yesterday it was really cold! it was colder outside... than the fridge! (2'C outside, 5'C in the fridge.) yeah.... so! bye!
30th October 2008

Hey Girlies! Sounds like you're having an amazing time. I am soooo very very jealous, but love reading your blogs. They make me chuckle. Looking forward to more entries : D xxxxxxxxxx
20th October 2008

I'll write a comment to stop you bullying me into doing it...just so you look popular! lol! ermm..... have fun.... lol.....and is THAT your bag! You have to live out of that for five months! - there! now everyone things i'm mean but at least you understand! :)
From Blog: T- minus 5 days!

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