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May 14th 2010
Published: May 14th 2010
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Afternoon everyone,

Yet again this blog has taken a while coming to you as we have been busy busy! To everyone who is doing exams etc....keep going it will all be over soon! Maybe you won't want to read this blog though 😊

So our last blog was from the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. It was so pretty and we ate a lot of scones and went to the tea plantations and generally relaxed. Did A LOT of laundrey there and they shrank it all....annoying but an excuse to buy some more clothes.

We met up with the guys in Kuala Lumpar and were there until the 29th April. It was so good to be back in a big city (we are such city kids, get withdrawals if we are away from shops and bars for too long). We did all the usual sightseeing trips, went up the Petronas Towers and wandered around Merdeka Square and Chinatown. We were having huge cravings for Indian food so took the guys out to Little India to introduce them to proper Indian food.
We met up with some Swedish girls as well and we all went out to Sky Bar at the top of Traders Hotel to sip on some vino and admire the view of the Petronas Towers.
We had a trip to the cinema and went bowling in Kuala Lumpar, needs must and it was cheap entertainment. The shopping arcade underneath the Petronas Towers was insane, it had every shop you can imagine (our first trip to Topshop in 4 months) so we spent a few hours there stocking up on 'essentials'.

After Kuala Lumpar we headed to Singapore. We spent our first night wandering along Orchard Road, a huge road full of designer shops (not sure the guys enjoyed it as much as Lu and i did). You may notice from some of the photos we are going to add that we have had our hair done. (More noticable on Luce as she has gone dark). We managed to find the local Essentuals and popped in to ask about prices and came out 4 hours later with nicer hair and lower bank balances. Having our hair done took up literally all of our second day. We went to the local hawker centre that night for dinner which was cheap and nice.
The day after the lads were leaving and the parents were arriving so we decided to say an emotional farewell to the guys at the airport and surprise the parents when they arrived.
I think they were pleased to see us, mostly as we showed them how to get back into the centre and to their hotel on the MRT.
We all went for dinner that night and met up the next morning for some sightseeing. We went to the harbour and wandered around Raffles City and some of the markets.
We spent an evening getting dressed up and going to Raffles Hotel for some Singapore Slings, Dad nicely picked up the bill for that one.
We saw nearly all of Singapore in the few days we were there, which involved a lot of walking and sightseeing. It is a really nice place, especially good for shops 😊

We said a fond farewell to Asia on 4th May and had an overnight flight to Melbourne where we met the parents off their flight. Luce and I were very excited for our flight as Twilight and New Moon were on the movie channels. We also watched some other TV and didn't really sleep for the 8 hour journey....ooops! We got to ur hostel at about 10ish and went wandering around Melbourne and to the Supermarket to stock up on food as we are now self catering, eating out is far too expensive here. We ended up napping for about 5 hours on our first day and popped over to the parents hotel to have a cup of tea before bed- how wild!!

We had a more successful day the next day and saw a lot of Melbourne. We saw a lot of the CDB and then went for lunch on Brunswick Street and spent the afternoon wandering around St Kilda. After this we decided we were in love with Melbourne and could quite easily live there. Luce and I headed out for a few drinks on Brunswick Street that night and met some locals who told us that Melbourne was much better than Sydney....still to be decided.
We flew from Melbourne to Sydney on the 9th May and got here about 11ish. We headed to Manly on the bus to meet Fanners (mate we used to work with) who is living out there. Manly and the surrounding areas are really chilled out and it
Petronas Towers Kuala LumparPetronas Towers Kuala LumparPetronas Towers Kuala Lumpar

From Skybar....amazing
doesn't feel like you are close to the city at all.
We spent the day wandering around and had a bbq with Fanners and his mates on the beach followed by a few (quite a lot) of drinks!!
We met the parents in Manly the next day and went to Palm Beach aka Summer Bay where Home and Away is filmed. We didn't see them filming but we did see the Diner and CLub House....so exciting!!
We spent that night at one of Fanner's matee. We were meant to be sleeping in the cupboard under the stairs (very Harry Potter-esque) but his mate kindly lent us his bed and he stayed there instead.
We got the ferry back to the city the next morning and spent the day wandering around Sydney and seeing the Opera House and Harbour, as well as Darling Harbour.
We met up with some guys we made friends with in Vietnam that night and had a drunken night out in Kings Cross, the drinks were served in Teapots with little shot glasses.
Even after the late night we still managed to get up bright and breezy and accompany the parents to The Blue Mountains. They were amazing, very cold but worth bearing it for.
We spent the whole day doing the little treks around the Waterfalls and then went to see The Three Sisters.
Which brings us to where we are now. We are currently waiting for our laundrey to dry (we have had our first trip to a Laundromat today)!!

We are leaving the parents in the morning and we are heading up to Byron Bay!!

Better go and check our washing has not shrunk (again).

Lots of Love,
Miss you all,
Loving Oz,
Love Us xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Batu Caves

Kuala Lumpar

Just had our hair done...oooh

14th May 2010

Hi Claire, sounds lime your having a fantastic time. We have been to Byron Bay and it's gorgeous, if you get chance go to a place called Noosa it's like paradise HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! Take Care Tracey

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