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Welcome to the wonderful blog by Clare and Lucy. We are going to use this to try to keep everyone upto date on what we are doing and where we are going.

The route we have planned is this;

December 29th- 15th February

Fly into Delhi-Rajasthan-Goa-Kerala-Varkala

15th February-4th May

Fly into Bangkok-North Thailand-Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia-Malaysia-Singapore

4th May-8th June

Fly into Melbourne make our way up the East Coast of Australia and fly out of Cairns

8th June-8th July

Fly into Christchurch make our way around the South and North Island and fly out of Auckland

8th July-22nd July

Fly into Nadi see a few of the islands and generally chill out in Fiji

22nd July-27th July

Fly to LA

27th July

LA-Heathrow (home sweet home)

Keep in touch xxxxxx

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Around the world in 210 days

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast » Mango Bay July 19th 2010

Hello lovely people, So we have left it a very long time since we wrote the blog, for that we are sorry. However we have been very busy, having far too much fun and running out of money for the internet. We are in Fiji now, it's lovely, however raining today so a perfect time to say hello. New Zealand was AWESOME/SWEET AS and all those other Kiwiana words. We last wrote to you from Queenstown. We got snowed in on the day we were meant to leave, annoying but made for some very pretty pictures. We will just give you a round up of the rest of our time in NZ, as the pictures will tell a better story, and show how amazing it is. Our last stop in the South Islands was Kaikora which ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown June 19th 2010

Hello Everyone, This is our second blog from New Zealand and we are loving it. The scenery is out of this world and you never go too long on the road before seeing something amazing. So we left Christchurch on the 13th June early in the morning to start out on The Kiwi Experience, a bus pass for a hop on hop off bus around the South and North Islands. We managed to capture the first half of the England match at Brenda and Bruce's...shocking really! We got a small minivan from Christchurch through the Lewis Pass to meet up with a bigger bus in Murchison. Along the way we stopped off to take in the jaw dropping scenery and really start to appreciate the beauty of this country. After joining the 50 other people on ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch June 12th 2010

**NEWS FLASH NEWS FLASH** During our time on Fraser Island someone stole our little home (aka the tent) out of the luggage store in the hostel. This left Clare and I distraught as we had become quite attached to our little Oztrail 3dome. We did however not make it onto the National news due to this incident as some people believe (mostly the families). After working out how much we had saved from camping before the tent was stolen (which ended with us breaking even) we decided to go back to the hostels for the remaining few nights. So the last time you heard from us we were in Airlie Beach waiting to sail the Whitsundays. We set aboard the Camirra early in the morning and were greeted by the crew and some tea and biscuits, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Whitsundays May 31st 2010

G'Day my lovely blog reader, We have had some fun times since Sydney...I shall fill you all in! After we wrote the last blog we went on a night out, it was our 'leaving do' according to our mates who are working in Sydney even though we had only been there for a week. We went out in King's Cross which is Sydney's Red Light District, quite funny wandering along the street next to some on the worst looking prostitutes EVER! Had a good night in a club (don't worry there are some really nice places there too)! Said farewell to the parents the next morning to get our flight to Byron Bay as it was the same price as flying and so much quicker. Was possibly the funniest flight ever, the plane was tiny and ... read more
The tiniest plane EVER
The stolen tent

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Surrey Hills May 14th 2010

Afternoon everyone, Yet again this blog has taken a while coming to you as we have been busy busy! To everyone who is doing exams etc....keep going it will all be over soon! Maybe you won't want to read this blog though :) So our last blog was from the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. It was so pretty and we ate a lot of scones and went to the tea plantations and generally relaxed. Did A LOT of laundrey there and they shrank it all....annoying but an excuse to buy some more clothes. We met up with the guys in Kuala Lumpar and were there until the 29th April. It was so good to be back in a big city (we are such city kids, get withdrawals if we are away from shops and bars for ... read more
Lonely Planet Love

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands April 22nd 2010

Helllllllo dear people, I am going to bring you all up to date on our antics in South East Asia you will be pleased to know. We are in a place called the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, I know that this will probably annoy all of you who are stuck in England with rain and cold weather but when we arrived today it was cold and raining and it was a welcome reminder of good old England, we even went to a cute little cafe and had Tea and good. As you may have guessed from the name the Cameron Highlands are in the mountains that is why it is colder and less humid, it is good to escape the bugs and constant heat of the previous places we have been. We left Phnom Penh ... read more
Reunion of the best of Tollerton

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh March 31st 2010

Hello Everyone, So the last time you heard from us we were in Vietnam eating dog, eewwwww. Since then we have traveled further down the coast in Vietnam, said goodbye to Greg and crossed the border into Cambodia. From Hoi an we got an overnight bus to Nha Trang which ended up being the worst sleeper bus experience yet. We were the last people to be picked up so we had to take the last seats available, naturally these were the worst ones! I got shoved between two couples on the top back beds whilst Clare and Greg got two beds below me with no AC and poor Greg had an unusually short bed. We arrived in Nha Trang relieved to get off the bus and headed for our hostel. The rest of the day was ... read more
Tipsy Greg

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An March 17th 2010

Afternoon everyone, It has been a wee while since our last blog, giving you all a break from hearing about our fun antics and the joys of travelling. Our last blog was from Vientiane....seems so long ago now. We left the quiet streets of Vientiane to head to Vang Vieng, which couldn't be more different. It is a really small place, full of bars showing Family Guy and Friends, but the main action in Vang Vieng was the tubing. We ended up bumping into a lot of people that we did our trek with in Chiang Mai in Vang Vieng on our first night out. This, coupled with the free buckets every bar gave out, made for a pretty messy night with many funny antics and a very poorly head the next morning. Nursing our hangovers ... read more
Vang Vieng
Vang Vieng

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane February 27th 2010

Hello dear Blog readers. Finally we have the time to write another blog- sorry it has been so long we have been travelling around a lot the last couple of weeks and it has gone by so quickly. We left Varkala on the 15th February to fly to Sri Lanka to get our flight to Bangkok, and what an experience that was. The flight from Trivandrum to Colombo was fine and took all of 45 minutes. However the 15 hour wait in Sri Lanka is another story. We arrived and were immediately told that we were not allowed to go and wait in departures but had to go to a hotel or wait in the Transit lounge (consisted of 4 plastic seats and was 1 square foot of floor space). We were then told by immigration ... read more

Asia February 14th 2010

Hey hi everyone, This is our last blog from India (sob sob). We depart this magical country tomorrow morning heading for the bright lights of Bangkok. Our last blog was from Kochin and since then we have has the most relaxing couple of weeks unwinding in Kerala. It really is a world away from the busy streets of Rajasthan, especially Delhi. Things down here seem a lot more touristy and the weather is MUCH warmer, just to our liking. We left Kochin on the 2nd February and took a short train journey (thank god) south along the coast to Alleppey. We arrived and headed to a hostel recommended in the Lonely Planet. It was HIDEOUS. There was a dirty shared bathroom and the room was akin to a jail cell, except a jail cell in England ... read more

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