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November 5th 2010
Published: November 16th 2010
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Gday to all of you.
It is supposed to be hot and sunny for me - and it was but today down came the rain in torrents just after I had hung out the washing - had to put itback in the spinner.
But enough of domestic chores... last time I blogged I was in Sydney and after a lovely Sunday ferry ride from Double Bay via Watsons Bay ( famous for Doyles fish n chips resto) Angela and I strolled along the Quay in the Harbour, past the Opera House and through the Botanic Gdns. As my Suzanne will remember there are lots of bats hanging in the trees by the coffee shop ( she hates bats!!) and there are also pesky white ibis pecking around everywhere like bloody seagulls at home trying to eat your food. The gardens are lovely and lead you past the Governor Generals House and the Art Gallery and then it was time to hop on a bus and go home.... managed to get senior rates on the ferry and bus... but many places in Oz will only give a concession if you are an Australian senior... but I always try.
And so it was time to be on my way again and on Monday I got a bus up the NSW coast to Forster to stay a couple of days with Michael's cousin Jenny. Bus ride was 6 hours so a bit tedious but some nice countyside on the way and I am quite resigned when travelling - just look out the window, read a book listen to music and the time passes.
So it was lovely to be with Jenny and we had lots to chat about...especially her road trip she took around Australia for 4 months... with a little A=frame camper trailer there's a thought!!!!
Walks on the beach and by the inlet we saw dolphins and some whales at sea. And on Wednesday Jenny droveme up here to Port Macquarie - my home exchange with Susan and Geoff - who are in my house right now. It felt very exciting to be in their home at last - we have emailed for such along time and then met up in the summer . And what a lovely modern house it is and so near the beaches and the town . I am sure I am going to love being here - the weather was lovely the last 2 days and I have already met some of Susan's friends for coffee by the beach so no chance of being lonely. Today as it rained I had to cancel a lunch date with the friends and so I had time to look through all the tourist info I had piced up and in no time I have a list as long as your arm of things to do and see in the area... there is history, museums, beaches , walks, National parks, river cruises, theatre, art, food , heated swimming pooland - a FUDGE factory...need i say more. There are lots of people I have met who would love to do house swapping so get yourselves over to NSW and enjoy this beautiful coastline.
Susan and Geoff are very well organised for the house swap and I can pick up a few tips to improve my organisation. So I am looking forward to my next few weeks here and I must say it feels good to be able to unpack and know I am staying put for a while.
I do plan to take a trip to Brisbane while I am here - thats about 400miles north - but it will be an adventure in itself to explore onthe way there and back.
Thanks again to everyone sending me messages and comments- yes, Jill, I can read the comments, lovely to get a messages from Hils and will expect more comments from you Tracie now that you have found out you can send me a comment...hope the move into the new house goes well. Colleen and Peter- good to hear you got rid of those sheep lawn mowers no bother and is the newy telly to try and lure me back !!! And I wont be doing aquarobics here as the class is at 7.30am!!! Julie, how was your Melbourne cup do - did your hat win the prize?Geraldine - Ihave emaled Martin's sister- ta for that. Alison, so pleased angiogram went quite well. You are all so lovely for sending me the messages , comments and emails ...I cant tell you how much it means to me.
Love to you all. Lynne xx
Oh and HAPPY BONFIRE NIGHT. Stay safe if you are doing fireworks.

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What a view!What a view!
What a view!

The coastline not me!!
Town Beach at PortTown Beach at Port
Town Beach at Port

Only one of the beaches in walking distance of home.
Cheers evryoneCheers evryone
Cheers evryone

I could get used to Aussie life

5th November 2010

Hi Lynne, Just about to replace the taps in the kitchen. Wish me luck. Looks good in Aus. Can't wait. Bob and Prill
5th November 2010

Bob - Good luck with taps but where is John George? Why are you doing taps? Have the Duffs surfaced or docked ? Lv L xx
6th November 2010

What an amazing trip you are having ...Michael would be so proud of you as am I ! Keep living and experiencing all life has to offer ! Penelope
6th November 2010

Getting really rather chilly over here now, although have had the odd few warmer days, so seeing you sitting out in short sleeves and shades in the pics makes me quite envious, still only 3 and a half weeks to our holiday so counting down to that now!! Ross is currently in Italy on his olive picking jaunt and is apparently getting good weather there, lots of wine, beer, pizza and pasta too. Will be in touch again soon, much love and safe travels xxx

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