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March 27th 2015
Published: March 29th 2015
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Welcome HomeWelcome HomeWelcome Home

The familiar view from the veranda at Woodstock
We had worked all day and as usual I collected Caroline from the train station at 5.00pm and drove back to the house. We were nearly packed having spent yesterday evening sorting everything out and just had bits and pieces to put in to complete the task, just stuff like the charging of I-pads and I-pods, and all other things I-Whatever.

With the final bits done, Olivia, our friends daughter, came to collect us as she was kindly taking us to the airport, it was raining outside, and we hadn’t seen any reasonable in for since well before Christmas and it would be welcome for the garden and hopefully the water tank.

The drive to the airport was nearly an hour and fortunately uneventful we arrived at bout 9.00, it was raining quite hard, so after passing on our thanks to Liv, we hurried out, opened the boot grabbed our luggage and did our best to stay dry.

I love the hubbub of airports, seeing the rhythm of different types of travellers and the choreography of the movements of the planes on the ground.

We had already checked in,
Welcome HomeWelcome HomeWelcome Home

Wagga Wagga So good they named it twice
so all we had to do was the baggage drop, print off our boarding passes, went through security then we are into the flow with all the other travellers who have been herded to this place, a quieter place where everyone just wants a coffee or something to eat before they board that big silver sausage.

We grabbed something to eat and sat by the window looking out on a rainy airport, watching toing and froing of the aeroplanes from various airlines.

It was only nine fifteen, we were not flying until twenty two fifty five (22.55pm) so we had plenty of time, Caroline was not relaxed as like I said we had both been at work and we were both tired, work and social life had been hectic lately, but goodness me, I was so looking forwards to being back on the farm, my spiritual home.

Our flights tonight would be Perth to Sydney which was a 4 ½ hour leg, then an hour to waste in Sydney for our short 55 minute flight to Wagga Wagga on the City Link, which was the leg I was most looking forward
Welcome HomeWelcome HomeWelcome Home

Kimba on the lawn with her Pigs Ear
too as (a) it was a Turbo Propped Dash 8 and (b) It would be flying over the Riverina, this is the area that Woodstock is in and it is so beautiful.

We boarded the flight at around 10.30, took our seats, (Mine by the window) and settled in and by the time this marvellous form of transport was hurtling along the run way I was drifting off to sleep as I do not remember the aircraft climbing to cruising altitude.

I think I woke an hour later then spent the next hour and a half in and out of sleep, with my head firstly against the window, then against Caroline, then against the window and so on, and as the same ritual was happening to Caroline by the time we descending in to Sydney we both felt like Zombies and with the added pleasure of our sleep being interrupted by a baby crying for most of the flight, when we disembarked the plane we felt completely disorientated.

When we did manage to sit down I said to Caroline that a few years ago we did this aircraft hopping for a
Welcome HomeWelcome HomeWelcome Home

Just another stunning view of Woodstock, where all things are so familiar
living as virtually every week we would always be on air air craft going somewhere in Australia and we loved it, but now we were completely out of rhythm with this type of travel.

We landed at 9.30 but don’t forget New South Wales is three hours in front of Perth time so technically it was only 6.30 in the morning as our body clocks were telling us, but we were still shattered, the great thing about flying internally in Australia is there is no immigration, (Provided you start your journey in Australia) so you just grabs your bags and go.

We hired a car at the airport, the terminal is about as big as Helen and Robert’s Machinery shed and the Hertz counter was about as big as a phone box, but all that said, the lady was very helpful and our car was there and ready to go.

Our journey to the farm was amazing, we were back on familiar roads that we knew well and we were only 60 Kilometres away, the amazing thing was lots of people had sent us messages saying “Welcome Home” which was nice.
Welcome HomeWelcome HomeWelcome Home

Kimba again, locked in mortal combat with her Pigs Ear

Helen sent us a text and said that she was attending the wedding rehearsal today and Robert was out at a farm sale so nobody was home, except for the dogs, so make yourself at home and help yourself to anything you want.

As we neared the farm we were full of excitement, pointing out the things that we knew and when we turned at the Woodstock post box we knew we were home.

Driving down the lane to the homestead was just glorious, sheep were in the paddocks, the farm was quiet, we pulled up outside the front door and were greeted by Kimba, (my favourite dawg) but don’t tell the others, she recognised us instantly and expected a fuss as soon as we got out of the car.

We settled ourselves into the house, put the kettle on made a cup of tea and sat outside on the veranda absorbing the amazing scenery of the farm.

Once our tea was finished we both were exhausted and got into bed and slept until about 4.30 just as Helen was getting back from a very busy day, and after hugs and kisses soon caught up on news in each others lives and we settled in for the evening, Robert came in from his busy day, Helen had cooked my favourite dinner of honey soy chicken and rice. All too soon it was time for bed, we needed to adjust our body clocks, we felt exhausted it was great to be back.


29th March 2015

Not much I can say, other than what others have said. Welcome Home. How wonderful for you both to have such great friends and such an awesome place to be able to visit.
30th March 2015

Welcome Home
Hi Gary, it is great to be back in the Eastern State, I know this is where my heart lies, also great to be bck on "The Fram" after nearly 2 years away. We hope you guys are both well and we send our best regards Andy

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