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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Nangus September 6th 2015

Easy Like a Sunday Morning.(NOT) We were pretty late to bed last night with the wedding which was sensational, and today (Sunday) it was time to recoup. The night had been cold, we put an extra doona on the bed, someone forgot to put the electric blanket on (low) before we went out, Helen reminded us at the wedding as she had done hers,so when we got home late the bed was cold. As there is no external light pollution the milky waycompletely filled the night sky as far as the eye could see just envelopedthe black night andwas just truly amazing, as we put the car in the garage and pulled the door shut the night creatures were making a bit of a din, frogs and toads in the creek were calling out, the odd ... read more
Easy like a Sunday morning.
Easy like a Sunday Morning
Easy like a Sunday morning

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Nangus September 4th 2015

Last night when I left off we spoke about role reversal and I promised to go into that a little bit more today. I didn't get to sleep straight away last night, my cold was starting to take hold of me and I had really hoped to walk up Mount Taylor with Susan this morning, this is one of my favourite treats of coming back to Canberra. An invigorating way to start the day and any long weekend here (unless Mount Ainslie is closer). Unfortunately that was not going to happen today my cold was getting its hooks in to me and I thought about sweating it out and then thought better of it, I didn't want to risk the weekend festivities. Susan was dressed in her gym kit and folding washing, she was keen to ... read more
Who Looks Content?
Kimba Relaxing on the Veranda
Caroline Sizing up the Tractor

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Nangus April 8th 2015

Woodstock and back to Perth, The last few days had been very wet, Susan said that the sun would come out just as we were leaving Canberra and she was absolutely spot on! Heading toward the North of Canberra we could see the Telstra Tower clearly on the black mountain, the roads were still looking shiny from the last rainfall, the roads were fairly busy with people heading off to work and probably home from work too! Although excited to be heading back to Woodstock, it was also the start of our journey back to Perth. I guess with some mixed feelings about leaving Canberra, we have really enjoyed catching up with so many of our friends, sadly not all of them and being back here does make us miss Canberra, however the cooler weather had ... read more
Dashing Around!!
Dashing Around!!
Dashing Around!!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Nangus March 28th 2015

9am and I peeled my eyes back, we overslept! But despite having gone to bed early the night before my head is still screaming the words "early" at me. It feels like 6am which of course it is in Perth. We both venture out of bed and into the kitchen for a cup of tea, Helen, of course, is there and as usual been up for hours and no doubt probably done half a days work before we even opened our eyes. Today is Josh and Erica's wedding, we have been looking forward to this, especially knowing that the wedding is on their property and will be our first proper country wedding, whilst we have been in Australia. But first, I need to go for a jog down the lane, I have not been doing too ... read more
A nice day for a White Wedding
A nice day for a White Wedding
A nice day for a White Wedding

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Nangus March 27th 2015

We had worked all day and as usual I collected Caroline from the train station at 5.00pm and drove back to the house. We were nearly packed having spent yesterday evening sorting everything out and just had bits and pieces to put in to complete the task, just stuff like the charging of I-pads and I-pods, and all other things I-Whatever. With the final bits done, Olivia, our friends daughter, came to collect us as she was kindly taking us to the airport, it was raining outside, and we hadn’t seen any reasonable in for since well before Christmas and it would be welcome for the garden and hopefully the water tank. The drive to the airport was nearly an hour and fortunately uneventful we arrived at bout 9.00, it was raining quite hard, so after ... read more
Welcome Home
Welcome Home
Welcome Home

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Nangus April 18th 2013

Day 1619 It was Friday 11 April and we had left Walla Walla enroute for Wagga Wagga via a coffee break in Culcairn, yes that’s what I said, Walla Walla to Wagga Wagga, both in New South Wales. Our final destination on this short trip/excursion was our favourite farm, Woodstock, Caroline and Helen, had done “face plant” and Helen had said “We are lamb marking on Friday so avoid the sheep yards”, which I took as they were indeed “marking lambs” which I thought would be giving them some form of “Woodstock” registration number so if they became lost or stolen then the police would know where they originated from. I also considered when Helen said avoid the sheep yards, was code for “have an easy day, go sit in the farm house, drink tea, eat ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Nangus April 15th 2013

Our apologies but as this blog was so big we thought we would split it in to two we thought you may get bored, and loose interest in reading 12 pages. Then the inevitable happened and the keyboard on our laptop became faulty so we have had to wait until we could get it repaired. Anyway the blog continues- From Prairie Oysters (Lambs Balls) Helen and Robert must have looked at me squirming and thought I was just being a big sook, but this is all new to us, we have done our best to grab hold of our new surroundings as best as possible. We had a great dinner with Robert and Helen and they retired for bed as their days are so ridiculously busy and Caroline and I stayed up to watch a murder ... read more
Loose Lambs
Caroline lighting the Camp fire
Strange Sight

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Nangus October 21st 2012

As many of Kangaroojack’s followers know, we love the farm at Woodstock and all things to do with it. I have been working away for the last month, (no names no pack drill), but I had a call from Caroline to tell me Wally (one of the working dogs) had had an accident and he was hurt. Even though Wally, to Caroline and myself, is a lovely tempered, hardworking, very social collie dog, who always loves his fuss, as a member of the Woodstock team, he is a tool to do a job, as are the tractors, the bailers and other equipment, please don’t get me wrong, he is treated with utmost respect, fed and looked after by Robert and Helen, who love all their dogs, but they are not pets, not really. Caroline told me ... read more
Poor Old Wally
Wally's Scar
Wally is a sook

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Nangus February 1st 2012

This is my View Thanks everyone for your kind messages following our last blog. We will keep you posted as to our progress. We have had a lovely relaxing time on the farm, we did a lot of reading, relaxing, sleeping and of course sitting on the veranda looking at the fabulous view, drinking copious amounts of tea. Did I mention how hot it has been? No? Well yesterday it was 37.2 on the veranda and last night at 20 past midnight when we went to bed the temperature was reading a cool 27c. It was intended that we were going to try to leave the office at a sensible time around 4.30, but the best laid plans always fail and we did not pull out of the car park just after 6.00pm with ... read more
The Verandah
My Verandah Chair
Where sleeping dogs lie

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Nangus January 27th 2012

Today is 26 January 2012 (Australia Day) and we are on the farm, sitting outside its 4.13 pm and is 31 degrees sitting on the veranda, with Caroline in one chair, on her I Pad, Helen in the cool of the house also on her I Pad, Kimba,one of the dogs is sitting mesmerised by something in the bushes and me typing this blog, this is my view: I cannot see another house for as far as I look, only tree’s, paddocks of varying green and beige, hills, water holes, sheep, clouds and sky. We had a private e-mail that sort of hit home this morning, from a Kangaroojack “fan”, dare I be so bold! and someone who has interacted with us for our whole trip virtually, someone we have never met but who has appreciated ... read more
Parliment House
With a smile like this
Us Two

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