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April 26th 2006
Published: April 29th 2006
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After reaching Manly via the very scenic route of Sydney Harbour I felt a bit more at home being on the water for a start was good and I stepped off the ferry and instantly felt a cool calm feel to Manly and the entire goings on there.
Walking in the direction that I knew the beach was in I clapped eyes on why so many people out here surf the waves were constant and looked from my very limited knowledge of surfing fairly big and challenging for some others were easily taking them in there stride.
I decided to come here to find work and see what the Diving scene would be like in Sydney and the surrounding areas. I walked back up the Corso as it is called and found the Board Riders and Backpackers hostel; this was my start of having some faith restored in meeting nice people that were chilled. After checking in and meeting Kat we went out and had some lunch and sat at the beach getting to know a little about each other.

I had a walk about the few dive shops in Manly and decided that Sydney was not really going to be the place to find work it seemed quiet and different shops were telling me lots of conflicting information on what I would need to work. Do I have to be a DAN certified O2 provider, do I need an AS2299 medical, etc. I gave my resume out anyway, you never know.

After returning to the hostel I was lying on my bed twiddling my thumbs when two lovely ladies from Wales walked in and we were doing the usual getting to know bits, where you been etc, how long all the intro traveller stuff I guess. Rhian and Hannah were a very welcome breath of fresh air restoring my faith in travelling by myself and anyway we ended up all going out to dinner which was very nice.

Next day I took a walk along to Shelly Cove which was is gorgeous as you are I think at one of the highest points in Manly once you climb the stairs and around the cliffs and rocks.

Now I had some time to think I started thinking what should I do with the all the diving kit and all the rest of it. Many ideas went through my head as I wanted to travel up the coast but as some of you will know doing all that with the kit is not possible. So I was no closer after mulling all possible ideas through my head.

Bouncing ideas off people is always good and I proceeded to bore Rhian and Hannah with my constant worrying and planning of this trip.

Well after my two nights were up it was time to think about my next plan Manly was nice but I had nothing to do there so filling the day was going to start costing me money.

So I decided to head off when the girls did back to Sydney and catch the ferry with them not really having a plan they asked me to join them in Sydney for a few days which was cool, then it hit me what I was going to do: Book in at the Hostel leave my stuff there and go back to Castle Hill and get my dive kit from Gee and Terry’s, Book a flight to Cairns for Monday and look for work. Hey Presto sorted so a few more days in Sydney!!!!

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29th April 2006

Your Killing Me
I want to see pictures of the birds. I know there's more to that story than just dinner and some quiet conversation but keep the good B charade going. Give me details. Hope your having a good time and check out Port Douglas when your up North.
29th April 2006

lovely pics
Hi Bruce having a great time as i can see from pics . Take care and lots and hugs and kisses and love you lots
29th April 2006

Sounds like you are have fun mate! Just Go with the flow mother fucker! Stay away from those Welsh girls! I'm Having a ball out here mate! LOL!! See you soon, O

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