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April 23rd 2006
Published: April 27th 2006
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Hello everybody well after arriving safely and spending a few days with Terry, Gee, Ben and Adam in Castle Hill which is about 30k outside Sydney I decided I should head down to the main town and see the sights.

Off to Kings Cross I went which remineded me very much of London as a street with all the homeless people, drug issues and seedy strip clubs!!.

I was a little bit shocked to be honest I didn't expect this here in Sydney but nevertheless I looked for a hostel and ended up in the Globe which was cheap at $15 AUD a night so that was cool. After checking ina finding my dorm I met one of the guys who was in my room a lad from Leeds who had been living there for 3 months working in a paint factory, he proceeded to tell me that it was ok for me to smoke drugs in the hostel etc etc. "ok then cheers for that mate" I must have a really dodgy look about me that says DRUG USER.

So off I went after that about 3pm to look at the Opera House and the Botanical Gardens they are fantastic and provide a great escape for many a city dweller living in Sydney. I looked around the Opera House outside only as I did not want to spend more money as Australia seems to eat it up like nothing else.

So after looking around and being pretty impressed to be honest I started to walk back through the Gardens along to Mrs Macquaries Point and Chair. The gardens really are nice and I decided I should sit here for a while reading my book.

After heading back to the hostel and dumping my bag for a few drinks out I went into the Vegad Bar which served $2 Scooners which are good value trust me, I had previously bought a bottle of Stella for $9 so there you go.

I was happy minding my own business when a old english chap started to talk to me and soon I was joined by a few of his mates and his cronies. When they heard I had just arrived in town they proceeded to throw drinks down my neck for nothing and refused to let me "shout" them any. Fair one so it was a pretty
Opera HouseOpera HouseOpera House

Getting Arty
cheap night.

After moving from here I went to the Sports Bar where I met some guys from another hostel who invited me out the following day for ANZAC celebrations which included a game called "Two Up". This game is basically Heads or Tails and the Aussies can only play and bet legally on this game on this day.

After sitting in the pub with all these backpackers who all seemed to be working and enjoying there day off work which was similar to a bank holiday I was starting to feel pretty pissed off already with city life.

Everyone just seemed to be on a extended piss up but just happened to be in Australia doing it and for some reason this was so much better than home beats me but I needed to get out of there. It really made me think about Mermaids and what we did there it was nice having a structure to my travels.

Well I am off to Manly Beach to check out the dive shops and see what the coming winter season brings here if it is quiet I may travel up north.

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27th April 2006

$9 for a beer!!
$9 for beer, you'd better start work soon!! 50 Baht must look pretty cheap. Laters you DRUG USER!!
27th April 2006

Yeah Bruce
Keep it real bruce lol
27th April 2006

Sounds interesting mate!! will b fun 4 u to find out what the piss ups r like over there!!! spek soon mate
27th April 2006

livin the dream, jezzzz man, ur getting around more than a prague hooker! hope all is god! x
27th April 2006

G'die matey.
how are you mate....guess we missed the chance to meet up in Thailand, but maybe we can come visit you down under one day...with some bah kut teh... will call you soon..take care
27th April 2006

keep up the good work
Good story so far mate. Reminds me of my time in Oz..
27th April 2006

nice one son
im really pleased for you bud i knew you were the one to escape the joys of pompy,i only found out about your blog from bearman a couple of days ago so if you have an email address let me know and i will drop you a line. keep up the good work,peace
28th April 2006

starting my internship again
decided today after my idc/ie gonna repay and start my intern ship again the real world outside mm,s doesn,t sound a fun place. So see everyone in 6 month again when i quilify as a instucter again let the good times role ;)

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