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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Manly February 23rd 2021 23rd February- 12 hours in Manly! My first visit to Manly was back in 2013, when we took a cruise holiday that commenced in Sydney. We were there several days so took the opportunity to take the ferry to Manly . This morning I joined virtual tour guide Elizabeth, who when asked about her accent described herself as ‘Born in America, Australian by choice’. Manly was named by Captain Arthur Phillips by for the Indigenous people living there, stating that "their confidence and manly behaviour made me give the name of Manly Cove to this place" These men were of the Kay-ye-my clan. We walked from the harbour to the beach, stopping at the cenotaph. The memorial is a polished granite column sitting on a large rectangular base with six buttresses. The top the column ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Manly January 5th 2019

(Cj writes): I’ve wanted to “get away” for Christmas for years - and it’s finally happened! The weather, which had been unseasonably cool at low to mid 20s or thereabouts, suddenly came right and warmed up to very high 20s or low 30s: definitely beach weather (and there was usually a breeze to be had down there too, which was a bonus). So off we went on Christmas Eve for a spot of bodysurfing and games of ‘lets get Bonma under the waves’. The oceanside beach at Manly has great surfing waves (as opposed to the very calm waters on the wharf side beach on the other side of the peninsula, which is where the Sydney/Manly ferry comes in), and there were plenty of surfers and swimmers out there. And the water, whilst fresh to wade ... read more
Surf & Turf for Christmas dinner
Two oldies on Christmas day
Boxing day at the beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Manly December 24th 2018

Cj writes: Steve came home from his big train trip happy enough - but it quickly became clear that he’d brought a bug home too. He was poorly on 22nd, and felt dreadful on the 23rd - which was unfortunate because we had planned a restaurant dinner out at nearby Collaroy Beach, followed by a trip to see the illuminations, all of which he missed. But he kindly insisted that I ought not to miss out ... The dinner was at a beach club type place - 1st floor, huge open windows overlooking the beach, good wine and cocktails, and a menu based around easy stalwarts like burgers and fish and chips (but served with lemon instead of malt vinegar, and not a mushy pea in sight!). The illuminations ... well, where to start?! Unlike Blackpool, ... read more
They call this "local outreach"
Christmas lights at Davidson ...
Christmas lights at Davidson ... All privately funded

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Manly December 21st 2018

SC writes: Some sort of normality has returned now I'm back in Manly Vale at Nik's. Final preparations are now underway for Christmas and the last few presents have been bought. No cards this year for obvious reasons so this the best way we have to wish everyone a very good Christmas and Happy New Year. We will see the new year in ahead of you of course! The weather here around Sydney has been cool and wet. We even had a monster hail storm the other day - so unusual that the news made the Lonon Times. see photo. However, the forecast for the next few days is great: Sunny but not too hot. Cj writes: Solli, of course, is wildly excited about Christmas. She has finished her first (kindergarten) year of school, ready for ... read more
The artist at work
Christmas greetings from Cathy & Steve
Solli and Bonma get in the mood

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Manly December 5th 2018

SC writes: Our last day in Christchurch was, unsurprisingly, damp. We went back to the museum to finish it of and toured the samll trams network, riding the vintage trams. All good fun. The last tram we rode was originally from Sydney, and somewhet ironically it contained two nice vintage adverts for the delights of Manly - our next destination of course. (See pix) Our Emirates flight to Sydney was fine. An A380 full of Chinease and Korean tourists, but lots of leg room and enough time to watch one movie on the gigantic seatback screens. We arrrived early, wizzed through immigration and customs in record time (depite having to declare various bit of wood - souvenirs) and therefore had time to make our way over to the express pick up area where Nik duly collected ... read more
The trip to Many never loses its charm
Manly ferry advert
Steve wrangling Xmas tree

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Manly December 20th 2017

The question now is – Where Next ? Well, I have been back from my travels in Cambodia for a while now. It took a while to catch up on my ordinary life. I spent some time with the people important to me that I’d missed while I was travelling. I also did some of the things I missed while I was away – like a bit of sailing. How did the money work out Over all, I probably broke even on the trip. The money I earned from the short term ‘gig’ work (on the website beginning with an F and ending in filled in some gaps when I needed it. I do keep a website which I run myself at home, called whatphone which provides a baseline income. Working was an important part ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Manly November 25th 2017

Day trip to Manly beach to meet Lauren’s 2 other sons, Cameron and Sam. We walked along the long beach and watched ladies beach volleyball. Over to the small beach via the precinct to get Alex a dress for the party then off for a swim. Still too cold for me so just a little swim. Alex and Lauren managed a minute or two. Back to the car via the volleyball then back home. Bethany arrived at Lauren’s to make pre party pina coladas. Then on the bus to go to Linda’s party. I borrowed Jordan’s Aussie shirt. Everybody was so friendly. Great people! Great band! Great time was had by all. Thank you Linda Lorimer for letting us go to your party.... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Manly June 28th 2015

We finished packing up and Lauren, Andrew and John headed to breakfast, leaving Sonia one final attempt to get a great photo of the cockatoos. Before coming to join us at breakfast, Sonia was informed that the weather was too rough for the seaplane to fly and we would need to get back to Hamilton Island by boat. While not a big disappointment, the boat was leaving sooner than we had planned for, so it set us into a bit of a scramble to finish breakfast and snatch a few pastries for Sonia. The boat ride was luxurious but quite bumpy due to the stormy weather and we were quite happy when the one-hour trip to the airport was over. We arrived at the airport with just enough time not to be rushed. We arrived in ... read more
Cockatoo Playground
Cockatoo Watching People
Ready to Pounce

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Manly November 14th 2014

For some reason I had a day trip to Manly. Jen was not well enough and stayed home with Dad and Geoff. Was a sunny day and some beach volley ball championships were being held, seemed like the early rounds, representatives from various Pacific Islands, NZ and the Aussies were in action. First time I have seen this live and the action and skills of players is amazing. No photos as there seemed to be some prohibition. One aspect which probably doesn't show on television is the height and lack of weight of several players. Walked the beach from one end to the other and around to Fairy Bower and engaged with Ben and Jerry. A few locals were sunning themselves on the rocks, their claws were quite long. Boats on the Harbour as usual. A ... read more
Manly Trip
Manly Trip
Manly Trip

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Manly November 2nd 2013

So it's the end of our 'breakfast included option' for a while. Benefit is a leisurely start as Ian is not nagging about getting down to breakfast. Today we are visiting Manly beach so breakfast involved a Croissant and coffee while waiting for the ferry. Ian had promised that this was the cheapest and easiest way to see the opera house from the water. Like the Staten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. Which is probably true during the week but on a sunny Saturday???? So at the back of the queue, it meant an inside seat with no view at all. However by now there seemed to be a very heavy mist so couldn't even see the opera house or bridge from even 50 metres away. We found out on the news later ... read more
Can you see it through the mist?
Manly beach
Water dragon

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