BHB. Bumble Bee Shrimp playing with octo

North America
May 3rd 2013
Published: June 25th 2013
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Octo with Bumble BeeOcto with Bumble BeeOcto with Bumble Bee

Lighter version. I wasn't sure which version I liked better but I am leaning towards the lighter one..Don't you agree?
05 04 2013 Octo with Bumble bee.

Watching this behavior is what actually made me start thinking about video. One of the last dives before our quick departure to Indo, I dove the left over 2500 psi from the day before and I was diving in a different way checking for something unusual on common subjects diving slow and carefully. I saw a playful octo that grabbed my tickle stick and I noticed clear shrimp around it. There were a bunch of these clear shrimp jumping off and on the octo. When I was trying to take some pics of the clear shrimp I noticed onebumblebee shrimp and then another one and another one jumping on the octo and picking on its sucklers… so cool. The octo was completely surrounded by bumblebee shrimp that would pick on its suction cups and play with them, and the octo in return would spuke them out. They looked like they where having so much fun like little brats ringing bells on an apartment building and running after. And every now and then the octo will get a bit over it and swing an arm and knock them all off at once. I watched them for a while trying to catch them close to the suclkers and shoot when the shrimp would jump around the octo but it was really a video subject. I really wished I had spent more time getting familiar with the video capabilities of my camera. I called Diane as soon as I got out of the water hoping that she could go and catch this behavior the next day because It didn't look that the octo was going to go anywhere….I also saw tons of nudis: Flabellinas, dotos and such. I only shot a different coloration of some sort of dondice. I will upload the rest of the photos from this dive when I get to them. Obviously everything looks boring compared to the oct with the bumble bee shrimp…

Log. 546. About 2hrs. Back with my custome made 3mm +7mm combo. 100cc. 79oF Low viz but doable.

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25th June 2013

Thanks for sharing that bit of marine life fun...
most divers don't provide that level of insightfulness in their blogs.
25th June 2013

How come *I* never get to see anything like that??!! Very cool!

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