Sitting out bad weather...again

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December 2nd 2009
Published: December 2nd 2009
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rafting at vero beachrafting at vero beachrafting at vero beach

rafting at Vero Beach
Vero Beach Florida 27.39.6N 80.22.26W
The trip from Fernandina Beach to Vero Beach is a study in juxtaposition, with mansions on one side and wild tangles on the other. There are also many bridges to transit along much of this route, some have scheduled opening many have been replaced by high bridges. Currents can run strongly around the bridges so careful attention to the helm is required.
There is always the hunt and plan for anchorages. At the end of the day, you plan the next days run, and its alternate. One day we made better time than expected, the next day less. That in the end was just as well, because the planned anchorage in a place called Mosquito Lagoon actually looked very iffy to us. The combination of Skipper Bob books and the Waterway Guide has proven their worth. Charts alone would not provide quite enough information for my taste. A couple of the anchorages suggested swimming and walking your dog may not be wise because of the alligators, ok no problem there. The dingy does not get launched most nights in any case since one is moving on the next morning in any case.

oddly angled boathouse
are planning to spend a few days in Vero Beach, ( sitting out more bad weather). We arrived Dec.,1,2009 with 80 degree F temperatures. This was very nice since it has been somewhat chilly especially at night. Sweatshirts are off, shorts are on! We love it! We also want to take advantage of the free bus service to do some serious provisioning.
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