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August 26th 2009
Published: August 26th 2009
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RV Search

My wife is flying to South Palm Beach Florida today to buy our RV if she likes it.

Our HomeOur HomeOur Home

Here's the outside of our new home - we should have different decals.
Yesterday, Grace found a Cedar Creek that is awesome and considerably less than others that don't have these options. The owner in West Palm Beach, FL is asking about $10,000 less than most people do for the 362BTS model. Grace is heading for her flight right now to confirm that it's a worthwhile investment at about $19,500 - most start at about $30,000. I needed to work, so she's on a special mission to buy our new home.

At first, I was skeptical that the seller was legit because he posted the Craigslist article in Atlanta and didn't do it in his home state. When I asked if it had a clean title, he sounded rather offended and said why would you ask that? I said because there are many scams on Craigslist. After a few minutes of conversation, I grew more comfortable with him and fell in love with the RV with 2 Bd/1.5ba and a washer/dryer combo - a nice feature for full timers - we hope...

The 362BTS stands for 36' long interior with 2 Bedrooms and Three Slides. What we like about this RV is that it has:
2 bedrooms and I'll convert one into
A few PixA few PixA few Pix

Here's the floorplan of the RV as well as the master bath and bedroom. The bunkhouse in back will be used for my office.
my office
1.5 bath - so guests can have privacy and don't have to use our bathroom
2 doors - the guests have a private exit too
washer and dryer - no trips to the laundrette
booth - hopefully great for games as well as eating
sleeps 7 - one of the bunkbeds doesn't have the matress and will be used for storage
Lots of storage - this has a huge basement and lots of extra spaces inside the cabin

This model might have the deficiency of:
no pantry because the 2nd bedroom eats into the kitchen space
39' length - this is going to be very long with the big truck

To see some pictures of this model of RV, just type 362BTS into google and you'll see many links to these RVs for sale that are changing all of the time. Forest River, the manufacturer of Cedar Creek, doesn't have this model on their website anymore, but a similar model can be found here:

I bought the ticket from KC to West Palm Beach on Southwest for $7.50 and frequent flyer points for next day travel. Southwest rocks by letting me buy a ticket
Grace's PlaceGrace's PlaceGrace's Place

Here's where Grace will do her magic. The table in the back will be a booth.
for same day travel while United Airlines requires 2 weeks in advance and offers very few seats. Southwest offers such a different experience than other airlines - it's ridiculous. Instead of holding my miles hostage, they open their hands and give my hard earned travel miles quickly for minimal fees. I wish United would try that.

So we've bought our truck in LA and our RV in southern Florida. The truck should be on it's way tomorrow for a 3-4 day delivery. We went with Nationwide transport and they were cheaper at $995 and over a week faster than the competition at delivering the RV. We'll drive the truck down to pick up the RV in mid October - nearly 6 week away still. This will change our travel plans quite a bit at the start, but our main goal of starting in the south to sync up with my meetings is in tact.


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