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August 22nd 2009
Published: August 22nd 2009
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This is the profile of the Silverado 2500HD.
After over a month of searching, we're ready to buy the truck. Grace has authorized me to pay up to $20,500 for a Chevy Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab. These Silverados with Duramax engines (6.6 liters of turbo diesel power) are set up to haul my big 5th wheeler - that we still have to buy.

We have had a difficult time finding a 2WD version of this truck. Most come in 4WD and they can't haul enough. The 2WD version can haul 15,300 lbs of fifth wheel while the 4X4 2500HD can only haul 13,900 lbs. It seems odd to me that the 2WD could haul more than the 4x4, but the added weight of the 4x4 must make it less capable of hauling big loads. Another weird aspect is that the long bed version of the 2WD can only haul 14,500 lbs as well. If I'd get the 3500HD SRW, it could only haul 15,000lbs as well since it has an 8' standard bed length. So the 2500HD SRW can haul more than the 3500HD SRW. Go figure.

We picked this chevy truck because it is a crew cab with under 80,000 miles and is the duramax edition.
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The pictures have really sucked because they took the photo into the sun.
We looked at a Ford, but they had some engine problems in the 2006 range and we wanted to avoid that. We looked at Dodge Rams as well, but SRW 3500s were hard to come by too. Either people with these trucks are holding on to them or not many of them were made.

We started searching on the local Craigslists, but couldn't find our model. We even looked at dealers, but they were having trouble finding what we needed and thought they would overprice it if they found it. Our options opened up when we started doing a nationwide search on, ebay, carfax, google searches and carmax. Grace finally found it on When you google the model that you want, google finds links to hundreds of websites, dealers and end users.

Woody's dealer has the truck we want and is based in Norco, CA - east LA. The guys are pretty nice, but they don't know about hauling fifth wheelers and are ready to move the truck since they are below blue book by $25,305 - $21,995 = $3, 310. The private party value according to is $21,805 in good condition, so I'm hoping
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This is the bet picture since he took it with his back to the sun. I've asked for many more photos.
to beat this price by quite a bit.

I'm not much of a negotiator, so wish me luck on my negotiations today. I'm trying to work the shipping cost of about $1,000 off the price of the vehicle and then some more.

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Truck InteriorTruck Interior
Truck Interior

This is a pretty simple interior, but it does have power windows, just not steering wheel controls.

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