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August 5th 2009
Published: August 5th 2009
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taking goods from Thailand to Burma
Well, I thought I should get a blog out to let those of you who don't know - I'm back in the states 😞

I think I "left" too soon but I was a bit concerned that I was going to lose my return flight. I went to Asia on a frequent flier ticket and my return ticket was from Sydney. I tried to change my ticket to Asia and for weeks I was told that no seats were available. I had a month before I would lose the ticket but decided to go to Bangkok. When I arrived in Bangkok I called the airline and they told me there were no seats (this after they checked for 30 minutes). Once, while I was still in Chiang Mai, Thailand, there was a flight the next day - via Canada and NYC but I wasn't able to get to Bangkok in time. Anyway, I called the airline later the day that I arrived in Bangkok and they told me they had a seat on a flight that was leaving in 5 hours. I took it and now I'm back "home" (actually I don't have a home, but I'm back). Now what?
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DDS office - no joke - see the dental chair on the right? The Dentist is the man sleeping
Good question - I think for the time being I will be winging it. One thing for sure is that I need a "paycheck". So, do I settle down? If so that will probably be the end of my traveling. Do I try to find seasonal work so I can travel when the season is over? Or do I do something radical (for me) and try to get a job (teaching English?) overseas. As they use to say, "only the shadow knows". For now it is great to see family and friends. Thanks go out to Robbie, Pam and Leslie for organizing the old gang get together as well as thanks go out to Robbie for picking me up at the airport. Big Bob, it is alway good having lunch with you - San louis, man it had been a long time. Karate man, always good to get together. Dex, sorry we weren't able to see each other before you moved. Tomorrow I will be having brunch with some Uncles.

One big draw back about being in the states is transportation, ie getting around. For now I am lucky that my mom lets me borrow her car (maybe it's because i watch America's got talent with her - I know). One good thing is the thrift stores so I can buy some clothes (after two years of the same t-shirts it was time to shop) To bring you up to speed since my last blog, I went back to Burma for a week and had a great time. I then headed through Laos on my way to China. Well I didn't make it, I started to worry too much about the flight and I thought it would be easier to hang in Bangkok trying to get a flight then it would be to hang out in Beijing. So I left Laos (an hour shy of China) and went back to Thailand where i decided to pop back into Burma for a week. I am way behind on my fotos, but I will try to post a few in this blog.

For you locals (I.e. Waukeagnites), I am thinking of leaving Waukegan in a week or two and head to Minnesota (for you Minnesotans be aware - 5cinco6 are you reading this?). Oh before I forget, here is a link to an Army families commercial, my Cousin Lt.Col. Dr. Mike Henry can bee seen at the 53 second mark with his 4 children - way to go cuz.

I hope all is well and hopefully our paths will cross again.

Dave - Yogi

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asia 090709 2470

"school bus"

5th August 2009

welcome back
welcome back love the pictures as always they are great, thanks for all your help
5th August 2009

Welcome Home
Dave, Wow must be quite a culture shock after all that. Hang in there my man! Ron Noecker
6th August 2009

Way to Stay True to yourself Yog!
Hey cuz .......... I know that I am just down the road but I wanted to make sure after reading this blog that I told you how proud I am of you. I feel for you because I can hear how torn you are. Just proves to me that you are going to decide the best path for you in time! Don't force anything, just let it happen as you have for the past 17 years! Holy Crap Yog .... that's a very long time ...... must be what your soul needs! Anyway we need to make plans to get together before you take off again. Somehow Ya Hey Der land just does not seem to fit into the picture! Love You Yogi ! Joni
30th August 2010
kwyiange tong 090710 2647

Look at their eyes...You've taken a really good picture, I like it!

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