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November 1st 2009
Published: November 2nd 2009
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getting ready for halloween or preparing for an adventure?
I'd like to welcome my new subscribers who are receiving their first "travelblog". I promise in the future to have fewer words and a lot more photos.

To all my friends in Latin America, feliz dia del muerto. Yesterday was Halloween which meant only one thing - Big bob’s annual Halloween party which is always a good time. Terry always does a great job of decorating the house and puts out a delicious spread. Speaking of a good time, today was Mark T’s annual Minnesota Vikings vs. Greenbay Packers party - (American Football). We’ll keep last names out of the blogs incase our employers are searching the net. There were so many people there that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Can it really be 17 years since I left the big A? It was truly a great time to see everyone and Nanette (sp) did a great job on the food!

Well I have been back in the states for over 3 months and as Yogi Berra is quoted as saying, “It’s deja-vu all over again.” What now? So take a look at the first picture - is it a picture of me getting ready for the Halloween party or am I preparing for the next big adventure? All right, I’ll spill the beans.

So, I’m on a bus which was pulling into Minneapolis, Minnesota and I look up in the sky and I see a big plane and thought, “I wonder where it’s going?”. Actually I thought, why am I on this bus and not on the plane going somewhere? Oh ya, I was heading back North to visit with friends for a short time before driving out West with my Buddy Dave. I was planning on working the “ski resorts" once more. After seeing the plane I pulled out my passport to see when my Chinese visa expires - the end of November. I didn’t make it to China this summer as planned; I was going to check out the teaching opportunities there.

Anyway, the day after I arrive up North I get an email from another buddy Dave who is traveling in China. He said that I should head on over and teach English, funny, because I was just thinking that same thing. Then a day later I get an email from Dave in Bangkok asking how things were and that I should come back to Asia. I have to admit, I’ve had my camera out only once since I’ve been back and that was at a Pop Warner football game. To continue on with the Dave theme I get an email from another Dave who is opening up a photo gallery in Sapa, Vietnam soon (which I know will be a great success!). Speaking of Sapa, Dave T from down under was just there and we chatted briefly about Sapa - Dave I’m sure you had a great time there!

To round out the Dave theme, I got a phone number today for a lost buddy (we were in each others wedding way back when) named - any guesses? You’re right - Dave. I better not forget Dave from “Iquitos” who I spoke with a few weeks back regarding what to do. There are many more Dave’s who will be receiving this blog - I haven’t forgotten you. Cousin Dave you probably already heard from your mom that I’m taking off so please let Dave in NY know will ya. Oh, and today I saw at Mark’s party a friend from Jr. high, guess what his name is? No, it’s Don.

As Yogi Berra said “if you come to a fork in the road, take it”, so to make a long story short, my plans are to head back to Asia in less than two weeks to teach English somewhere and take a few more photos.

As always, I hope you are yours are doing well

Yogi (see I’m off the Dave theme)

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2nd November 2009

Add me to your list please
Yogi ........ I really am happy that you are going to follow your dreams again. I know that while you were here in the states it really wasn't you at all. Home for you is the open road so continue on my cuz, continue on. Where evey you go will be an adventure of a lifetime! Joni
2nd November 2009

Dave, We are currently in the Land of Mananas, Mexico and your headed to the Land of Smiles, Thailand. Our plans are to do more traveling this year and early next including the beautiful Mexican Pacific coast beaches, Guatemala, Belize and the Yucatan. Hopefully next spring we will return to Thailand. Keep on traveling and following your dreams. Billy and Akaisha
4th November 2009

it is going to snow
Dear Dave, It had to be the lovely weather and lack of sunshine in three weeks that helped make your decision. Have a great time in your travels and bone up on your english grammar. I just picked up my tele skiis and I'm sure I will be skiing by next week ha ha.
5th November 2009

good for you..get your ass back on the road..nice halloween look the same...should have seen mine..i had an emergency space blanket as a dress and a very cool pink wig...back at the freaking park in bolivia!! can´t stay away from my animals...when you get back to south america, let me know!! kp
8th November 2009

the road ahead
It sounds like a door opened again and you are off. Your photos are great. Don't forget to wander to the Pacific NW one year. Be well!
16th June 2010

Looks like you'll be getting a lot of attention now that you've been nominated to be the blogger of the week. I'm not sure how you've been missed all this time. Can't wait to continue to read your stories.

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