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North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago May 9th 2015

Forget any stereotypes you have about crime ridden Chicago, at least if you avoid the notorious South Side. It’s a modern clean city with a lovely multicultural downtown and huge international park with all kinds of fascinating interactive sculptures that lend themselves to great people photos. We took the comfy train (only $8 dollars each for a weekend pass!) from the suburb of Arlington Heights, rolling past all the lovely suburbs in full Spring bloom. The first walk along State Street took us to the historic Chicago Theatre where multiple photo sessions were in progress in front of the iconic marquee. After attending a musical, we strolled around Millennium Park. We were experiencing a little bit of the lake effect and notorious Chicago wind which makes this time of year unpredictable. Children running in the water ... read more
Wedding Couple in front of Chicago theatre
Terry and Becky Chicago Theatre marquee
Sculptures by Jaume Plensa

North America » United States » Illinois » Springfield April 30th 2015

And so it begins.... 5am came around VERY early. Wicked early. Early enough that the super-annoying bird that lives outside my house hadn't even gotten started. For those that don't know, I have a bird living right outside Eileen's bedroom window that is the working definition of an over-achiever. Pretty much every day, long before even the merest hint of light has appeared on the horizon, this little bastard is CHIRP-DE-CHIRPY-CHIRP ad infinitum. I've been imagining many creative ways to off this bird for the last several weeks, though to date I've not done anything precipitous. I digress... So today I was up even before he got started, and after a quick goodbye with my lady love (who SWORE she was going to get up with me...O'o) I was on my way to Hull to pick ... read more
Photo Apr 29, 11 20 51
Photo Apr 29, 12 42 12
Photo Apr 29, 12 42 19

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago March 15th 2015

Here's a route of where we have been so far!... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago March 15th 2015

We are in Chicago! We have seen millenium park, eating some amazing pizza, and are headed to some good sights downtown! Weather is beautiful and should be a fun day! ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago February 20th 2015

I left work at noon on my way to Chicago. Made sure I had all my necessities clothes, medicine, passport. I try to pack lightly and I knew along the way I can replace most everything except for my passport. So I would passing through the Sarnia border crossing on my way to the USA. I usually use that crossing because it is not as busy so you get through faster. Travelling alone I usually get interrogated by border police. I was expecting it to be even harsher this time because it would be the farthest trip I have ever done driving. So I took a deep breath as I approached the border. The border official asked me where I was going and I informed all the way to California. He seemed skeptical that I was ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago February 6th 2015

Quelques heures dans la ville de Chicago n'était drôlement pas assez pour pouvoir apprécier toutes les subtilités de cette ville haute en couleurs. Le jeu de mots me paraissait facile, mais il m'a donc fallu y retourner une seconde fois pour vraiment en apprécier toutes les facettes et les détours. En arrivant à l'hôtel tout en hauteur surplombant la rivière Chicago, la vue du 20e étage est à couper le souffle de jour comme de nuit. Devant nos yeux et les pieds dans l'eau, se dresse l'élégante tour vitrée du Trump Building telle une fleur dans son soliflore; on commence déjà à sentir l'effervescence... Difficile d'imaginer la hauteur de ces édifices et de leurs complices à moins d'être à leur plus bas niveau. Le vertige n'est pas de mise et il faut savoir où mettre les ... read more
Blocs de couleurs
En noir et blanc
Les quais sans les bateaux...

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago February 2nd 2015

I'm at O'Hare airport, no thanks to my connecting flight from Des Moines. There was a heavy storm last night, and all flights out of Des Moines were cancelled. Nevertheless, my intrepid father drove me down to Chicago, so all is well. I've checked in for my flight to Vienna, and then on to Pristina! I've been up since 4 am, ever since I learned that my flight from Des Moines was cancelled, so I hope I can sleep on the plane.... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Morton January 30th 2015

So, this is the first test entry of what will become a travel history of our 2015 MG adventures. As I work my way thru this format I am going to experiment with options of adding photos, maps, videos, etc. and see how they'll fit into this format. This is being written on Thurs., Jan 29 at about 8:35 pm. The first entry will cover our upcoming trip to Key West, FL in April. As a bit of history, the Key West British Car Club is holding an event that is part of the annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration. There will be rallies, tours, a car show, socializing and generally enjoying all the activities that are part of the Independence Celebration. This is to be a 4 day event, starting on April 20 and finishing on ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago January 29th 2015

Some years ago, while on a visit to my old friend who lives in the city of Terre Haute in Indiana, USA we traveled to Chicago one time by car on a weekend. It was my first trip to this great American city, and I enjoyed it very much. We left my friend's house around 8 in the morning on a cool November morning. There were five of us, including myself in the large van; my friend, his wife, their eldest son John, and my friend's brother Winston who was also visiting from Australia. John did most of the driving. The distance from Terre Haute to Chicago is about 300 kilometers or about 185 miles, and John said the driving time would probably be a little over 3 hours. It actually took us three and a ... read more
Chicago, USA
Chicago, USA
Chicago, USA

North America » United States » Illinois January 17th 2015

Travelling the highways of the U.S.A. Day 1 – Jan. 10, 2015 This year’s travel adventure, to avoid the worst that winter can offer, has included a road trip across the United States to San Diego. We left Ontario a week ago on a day that started out clear and cold -16°C. The very first task before heading off was to clear the mound of snow blocking the end of the driveway as the plow had gone by at 6:00 am and left us a little present. After having breakfast and loading the car we hit the highway at 8:17 for the Blue Water Bridge as our entry point into the USA. The actual crossing of the bridge went smoothly until we came to the US Customs & Immigration Plaza. Here things slowed down considerably, 30-45 ... read more
Approaching St. Louis
Mississippi River Barges
St. Louis Arch in the rain

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