Oregon 2018 Maupin

North America
September 17th 2018
Published: September 18th 2018
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Oregon 2018. Maupin

68 miles to go today so early breakfast and away at 8am into sunshine, blue skies and 12 degrees of absolute heat. Much to our chagrin we retraced our steps of yesterday for 5 miles up some nasty hills before turning right and heading north. We passed a big solar farm on our left side which we thought was perhaps the best use for much if this scrubland. Down we went for two miles straight with a tail wind, which was giving us ideas of an easy day. Don’t be silly, it turned out to be the most climbing of any day yet, 1350 metres. I got dropped half way down the hill when I stopped to photograph a rusty old Model T Ford truck with a hand built cab and flatbed, which was an absolute beauty and would be at least 90 years old. After much puffing and grunting I caught up with the group in time to experience another hour or two of Canyon and river viewing in this wonderful landscape of Oregon. Pelton Dam was quite interesting and seeing the different stratas of sand and stone on the hills alongside. Warm Springs is in an Indian Reservation and we called at the Rainbow Store for a coffee and corn dogs, which are hot dog sausages in a corn batter. Beware of anything with name dog in it. Indian made products were on sale and Richard W bought himself a wool sleeveless jacket with Indian style pattern. Very fetching. We spoke to some local American Indians and they were pleased we stopped by to spend with them. We passed the Warm Springs Casino without being dragged in and headed up into the hills again before dropping down to a spectacular range of hills with cave holes in them. This was followed by a 6 mile ascent at about 7% which took a banana and half an energy bar to get up. Once on the top it was a good descent to where Andrew was repairing his puncture, caused by a thorn. This was on the three mile long straight road before another descent and climb to the junction where I saw an old Oliver 88 Rowcrop tractor of 1950’s vintage amongst a load of other abandoned machines. During the day we saw many derelict buildings, farm machines and houses as though families had just walked
away. The land was very poor and looked like it was not farmed at all and had been allowed to go back into scrubland. Again we had another quick 6 mile descent to the T junction where we got another long descent to Maupin and the Imperial River Company Hotel. The meal was in the hotel and I ordered Chicken Masala. A while later I received a salad. I ordered Masala, not Masalad. Fortunately the Chicken Masala arrived later and good it was too.
Somebody has to have it. Makes a change from fish and chips.

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Case 88 Rowcrop. 1950’s Case 88 Rowcrop. 1950’s
Case 88 Rowcrop. 1950’s

Can I take it home?

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