Wolves On First Day in Yellowstone National Park!

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June 22nd 2013
Published: June 24th 2017
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The package was finally at the post office when we checked and now had to find ourselves a notary to witness the signature. Were able to get it notarized at the bank inside the Albertson's, back to the post office and off the documents went!

With that done, we were ready to head to Yellowstone to see what we could see. It is a long ride but very beautiful and we finally arrived at the Grizzly Overlook in time to get a parking space. Cooked dinner and then went out to join the wolf watchers that were there. We did not know any of them. Had a nice little rain that cleared out the faint of heart and then we were back at it. Met a girl from England that had been to Yellowstone three times and hoped to finally get to see a wolf.

We were watching and suddenly Laura calls out, wolf by the first tree!" The wolf watchers were a little impressed because they did not know we were "wolf watchers of our own calling." This was the alpha female and she stayed there long enough for everyone to get a look then disappeared for awhile.

Kept on watching and were rewarded with the alpha male and female, three of the other sub-adults and one of the pups. This was a great sighting for our first evening in Yellowstone. We also visited with some of the wolf watchers and were entertained by Bob one of them.They then disappeared and someone spotted an otter down in the river. Then it turned out to be three otters.

We decided to head on out and were rewarded with the otters right by the road heading toward Canyon. Drove on and saw three large bull elk with beautiful antlers on the turnoff to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. We got some great pictures and there were people out of their cars with their children getting way to close to the elk. They were posing for pictures with the elk in the background and other such smart moves. We finally decided to drive on because we didn't want to see anything bad happen.

The drive to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone was one way so we drove on through the drive. Stopped and looked over the edge in a few places and WOW, what a view! We enjoyed the view for awhile and then the moon was up and what a awesome sight it was. Took a few pictures of that and then headed up to Canyon for a drink

Had a fun conversation with young man visiting his girlfriend, bartendress, a rugby player from England and a girl driving cross country. Finally called it an evening and headed for bed.

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29th July 2013

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