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June 19th 2013
Published: June 24th 2017
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Since we were going to have to wait for mail to arrive, we decided to make the most of our time and go hang out in the Gros Ventre campground and see if the moose were there as they have been in past years.

The weather was beautiful as we drove there and the view of the Tetons was pristine as it had been most other years we have been here. We did not see any moose as we drove down toward the campground but were hoping to find some in camp.

Got the same campsite we had last year in hopes seeing the badger come through like it had the year before. Got set up and had dinner out on the picnic table. Had palak paneer we had brought from Santa Fe with rice and a nice glass of wine.

Decided to go on walk and see what we could see and get a little exercise. A lady walking past us told us there was a mother moose with twins just around the corner with twins! Back to the camper to get the camera and refill our wineglasses.

Just as promised, around the corner from our campsite and on the outer fringes of a campsite was the mother moose feeding along with her twins. We visited with a couple from Pennsylvania and another from Amsterdam as we were watching the moose. The couple from Amsterdam had been in Yellowstone and had been very lucky in getting to view the wolves. Hope our luck is as well.
The babies were so very cute. At one point they began to nurse and you would see one set of ears bob up and then the other bob up. Very cute! Followed them from a distance visiting along the way. One gentleman was going to tell his wife that it is possible to drink wine and view wildlife at the same time!

The moose finally bedded down for the evening and so we decided it would be OK to head on back to the campsite for the evening.

Spending our time productively
We were waiting for a document that needed to be signed and returned to Susan so we unfortunately had a few days to kill before we could head up to Yellowstone to check out the wolves. To add to the situation, the document got routed to the wrong post office and so was delayed.

We decided to use the time to get some of our stories published and went to the Boheme Cafe to do our work. This place has good feng shui for us and we can get a lot done there, enjoy the coffee, food and people that run the place.

Both morning we got up and headed out to see if any of the large bull moose were down on the river but no luck. We did have some great views of the Tetons, wildflowers and nice clouds.
The second evening we stayed there we went out for another walk. This time the mother moose had moved to another location so we followed the power lines that pretty much followed the river looking to see what we could see. As you walk along, you are following trails made by animals or people heading down to the river so it is fairly easy walking.

We came across two young moose bedded down for the evening. One of them had small horns with knobs at the end. We watched them for awhile but they seemed content to just lay there and enjoy the evening. Left them to their own devices and continued our walk. We walked out to the river edge a couple of times and it appeared that the river was higher than when we had been there the previous year but this is earlier in the season.

Finished the walk and headed back to the campsite. Was a much needed walk after not getting much exercise the past couple of days.

Night on the Town
After a day of working on travel stories, it was time for a night of fun. We got ourselves cleaned up and headed over to the Silver Dollar saloon. We were in luck and found places at the bar right off the bat!

We had decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner and that is exactly what we did. Robert had the best trout he has had in a long time and my steak was also quite good. Not quite on the vegan plan but good nonetheless.

The band for the evening was The Bus Drivers. The good news was they began playing promptly at 7:30; the not as good news was they were not quite the music we were hoping for. Listened to them for awhile, visiting with our neighbors at the bar and just enjoying watching the dancers and others.

Decided to go walk around the town for awhile and then decided to go check out a new place we had not seen before.......Local. they are part of the trend toward using local grown products in their menu. They do this even to the point that the steak knives are crafted right there in the area!

While we were there we visited with a local lady who works in another bar and she told us about what the local music scene was all about. We decided that we might check out some of them at a later date. Back to the camper for the evening.

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