2012 Yellowstone Trip - Day 6

Published: September 23rd 2012
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Yellowstone National Park 002Yellowstone National Park 002Yellowstone National Park 002

Black Sand Basin Area
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Day 6 - Thursday, Aug 23rd , 2012

The only bad thing about the Snow Lodge is it does not have air conditioning. We had to sleep with the window open. It was still warm in the room though. During the night I thought I heard a buffalo outside making a noise. I got up to looked out the window expecting to see one. When I didn’t see one I was disappointed. I went back to bed and after I laid down I realized what I heard was mama snoring hahahaha.

We got up early, took some things down to the car, and then ate breakfast at the grill in the Lodge. They didn’t open until 8 so we had to kill some time while we waited on them to open. Once we left the lodge, we headed north on the west side of the lower loop. I wanted to see everything possible. The area has changed since the last time I was there. They have more boardwalks for you to walk out on to see the geysers. I walked them all !! Mama was tired and didn’t want to
Yellowstone National Park 003Yellowstone National Park 003Yellowstone National Park 003

Black Sand Basin area
get out at all of them so sometimes she would stay in the car and sleep while I walked out to see the geysers. For lunch we had brought stuff for a picnic. Normally I don’t like picnics because of the wind blowing everything and the flies. I enjoyed this one so much. The weather was perfect, there were no flies and I was in Yellowstone. (Get the idea I like Yellowstone 😊 ) We only made it a far as Norris, which at the top of the bottom loop. It took us 6 ½ hours to do the 30 miles.

We did see two buffalo and one elk. I was disappointed we didn’t see more. I remember there being a lot of buffalo in the park.

We got back to the lodge about 5, cleaned up, and then went down to eat supper at the restaurant in the lodge. I had wanted to eat buffalo while in Wyoming. We had the buffalo ribs. They were good however mine were a little tough. Mama said hers were real tender. We were talking to a man at the table next to us and he said he was on the
Yellowstone National Park 004Yellowstone National Park 004Yellowstone National Park 004

Black Sand Basin area
east side of the bottom loop that day and saw a lot of animals. We are going to that side tomorrow so hoping we will see lots of them.

After we finished eating, we walked over to the Old Faithful Inn. I wanted to see the inside of it since I have seen it so many times on TV travel shows. It was impressive. The man we had talked to earlier at supper had told us he had been staying at the Inn however he asked to be moved to the lodge where we were staying because the rooms at the Inn were old and outdated. He did not like staying there.

We left the Inn and headed to the visitor center. When we arrived a ranger program had just started in their auditorium. We went it and listened. It was about the fires in Yellowstone and all the changes to the park in the past several years. We found out they have a ranger program in the visitors center on a different subject every night. After the program we headed back to our room for an early night. We have to get up early in the morning
Yellowstone National Park 005Yellowstone National Park 005Yellowstone National Park 005

Black Sand Basin area
because we are taking a boat tour of Lake Yellowstone.

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Yellowstone National Park 006Yellowstone National Park 006
Yellowstone National Park 006

Black Sand Basin area
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Yellowstone National Park 007

Black Sand Basin area
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Yellowstone National Park 008

Black Sand Basin area
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Yellowstone National Park 009

Black Sand Basin area
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Yellowstone National Park 011

Black Sand Basin area
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Yellowstone National Park 012

Black Sand Basin area
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Yellowstone National Park 016

Black Sand Basin area
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Yellowstone National Park 076

Black Sand Basin Area
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Yellowstone National Park 019

Biscuit Basin area - The water was so clear.

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