2012 Yellowstone Trip - Day 7

Published: September 23rd 2012
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Day 7 - Friday, Aug 24th , 2012

We were scheduled to take a boat cruise of Lake Yellowstone this morning, so we got up and left the lodge early. When I started the car, it showed the temperature outside was 48. We headed to Bridge Bay Marina which is located on the bottom part of the lower loop on the east side of the park. On the drive over from the lodge to the marina we saw 3 elk grazing beside the road. There was a good place to pull over so we did and watched them for a little while before heading on to the marina.

When we arrived at the marina, we found where we needed to meet the cruise boat, then left and went to Fishing Bridge just up the road to eat breakfast. We had left the lodge before the grill at the lodge opened for breakfast. The café was inside the general store and had 3 counters with barstools like you use to see back in the 50’s.

As we were driving to Fishing Bridge for breakfast, we saw a buffalo, then a coyote, then we had to stop for a herd of buffalo to crossed the road in front of us. There were several baby buffalo in the herd.

After we finished breakfast, we drove back to the marina, paid for the cruise tickets, then boarded for the cruise. The cruise was an hour long and there was a ranger on-board giving a talk and presentation about the lake. It was a very interesting cruise. The wind was very high so it made the boat ride a little rough.

After the cruise we drove along Gulf Point Drive then drove back to the Fishing Bridge to get something to drink. We then headed north on the east side of the bottom loop. We saw a lot of buffalo on this side of the loop in the Hayden Valley. I was wishing we had more time to spend to just sit and watch them. We continued on up the road to the mud volcanoes and sulphur caldron. We stopped and had a picnic then continued on up the road to the upper and lower falls and the Yellowstone Canyon. When we reached Canyon Village it was time to head back to the lodge so we drove back on the road which was at the top of the lower loop. On the way back we started seeing smoke. There was a fire not too far away. We didn’t see the flames but by the amount of smoke the fire seemed to be growing. At the ranger program last night, the ranger said they had 7 active fires in the park. She said they were not large fires. I don’t know if we saw one of them or if this was a new fire.

When we arrived back at the Old Faithful lodge, we walked over to the visitor center to hear the ranger program scheduled at 7 that evening. It was about the wolves and ravens in the park.

While we were in Yellowstone mama wanted to go outside after dark to see the stars. Since this was our last night in Yellowstone, we went out about 9:30. The stars seemed brighter since we were away from all the city lights.

I tried to get reservation for another night at Yellowstone but they were all booked up. Guess we will head to Jackson Hole tomorrow.

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Yellowstone National Park 525Yellowstone National Park 525
Yellowstone National Park 525

Ranger on Lake Yellowstone cruise
Yellowstone National Park 526Yellowstone National Park 526
Yellowstone National Park 526

Lake Yellowstone Cruise
Yellowstone National Park 528Yellowstone National Park 528
Yellowstone National Park 528

Lake Yellowstone Cruise
Yellowstone National Park 538Yellowstone National Park 538
Yellowstone National Park 538

Lake Yellowstone Cruise
Yellowstone National Park 540Yellowstone National Park 540
Yellowstone National Park 540

Lake Yellowstone Cruise
Yellowstone National Park 543Yellowstone National Park 543
Yellowstone National Park 543

Rapids on Yellowstone River
Yellowstone National Park 108Yellowstone National Park 108
Yellowstone National Park 108

Picnic grounds. Elk had rubbed against the trees removing the bark.
Yellowstone National Park 546Yellowstone National Park 546
Yellowstone National Park 546

More buffalo near the mud volcano area
Yellowstone National Park 550Yellowstone National Park 550
Yellowstone National Park 550

More buffalo near the Mud Volcano area
Yellowstone National Park 553Yellowstone National Park 553
Yellowstone National Park 553

Near the Mud Volcano area

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