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North America » United States » Wisconsin » Peshtigo June 15th 2009

As June approached, it was already coming up on an entire year since I had been home! I couldn’t stay away from my best friends and family any longer, and I was really looking forward to a trip back. My ticket was to return to Las Vegas, and this was just the relaxation I needed after the last two weeks of May in Placencia! With my roommates gone, our house turned into the teenage day camp for boys! Brad, Tyler, Eric, Ant, and Dave would wander in and out all day to play video games, drink beers, and use the internet. Dave was actually staying with me, along with his new dog, Dash, and so with A&Z’s dog Max, we were a full house. Therefore, it was worked out quite well in Vegas that I had ... read more
Blue eyed Beauties!
the Mark Taper Forum
I still love that desert sky!

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Peshtigo August 29th 2007

Greetings robot lovers!!! What a fitting place to begin my adventure around the world, here on the banks of the Peshtigo River!! It has been a wonderment to behold all of the birds, trees, and peoples of Wisconsin! I've been to a Green Bay Packers game (SUPERBOWL BOUND 08), the Shack (Stinky Weekend 07), a tour of the Mushroom Farm (who knew fungi needed so much attention!?!), and believe it or not, Back-to-School shopping!! Yes, I survived an entire day at the of a sister will get you through anything! Its been awesome to spend time with all of my friends and family, and I'm ready to hit the road! See you on the other side of the world!!!... read more

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