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June 16th 2012
Published: June 17th 2012
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Final Day

514 Miles today

7 hours on the road

Total Miles: 2300 round trip

The Best Western hotel had a comfortable bed and pillows and the continental breakfast was ok. I would give the hotel 4 motorcyles. It had towels next to the desk for wiping down your bike because it is located right next to the Harley Davidson store so they think about bike convienence. However, Steve enquired about a railroad discount and the clerk/manager said no because UPRR does not stay there. What a bunch of crap.

Low on vacation funds and tired of the road, we left Alberta Lea at 8:15 a.m. and at about 8:45 a.m. ran into rain. We did not have our rain suits on so we got pretty wet, Steve decided to pull over under a bridge so we could get the suits on to help with the rain situation. Unfortunately, the rain continued all the way to Wisconsin and I feared it would never go away. At times we would get a short reprieve but then it would start again. Steve says this is all part of the journey and it is what makes it an adventure. I say that mother nature is a bitch sometimes. The rain finally stopped mostly after we got to a small town called Necedah. We still had some rain showers but only for a couple minutes at a time.

We stopped for lunch in Necedah, we went to Subway. When we are on the road the rule about eating at places that we can't eat at home goes out the window. Subway is always the same so I am not going to rate it. Now I don't know if it was the rain or being back in Wisconsin but Steve and I were definitely bickering at each other. Now for those of you who don't know Steve he is a large guy, 315 pounds and 6'2", the reason I am telling you this is because he was constantly in my way today and then would act surprised that I was getting frustrated by this. Maybe we had too much time together but I am looking forward to having Steve back at work and the house to myself at times.

We pulled up to our driveway at 2:30 pm and immediately went to see our fur babies. They were so happy to see us that the pit bull knocked me off my feet and the doxies jumped on top of me, I suspect they planned this so they all could get to me😊 Steve unloaded the bikes while I checked out the house. It is great to be home!

I promised lessons learned on this trip and here they are. First, whatever you are taking for spending money, double it. Things always cost more than you expect and there were so many things to do that more money would have been nice. Some of you don't know this but I took my bike to get a tune up for $200 before our trip and ended up spending $1100 to fix the front end, had to be done but ouch. This impacted our vacation money greatly causing us to cut back but we still had fun.

The second lesson, plan more time. I felt like we were rushed to see everything and if we had more time this would not have been necessary. We also had to ride harder than I would have liked, again if there had been more time we could broken the ride up more.

Thirdly, when riding a motorcycle for a long time my music becomes very important to me, we purchased a cheap sound system that broke within hours of using it. I then tried my MP3 player but it kept having problems with the Bluetooth technology. When buying a sound system don't go cheap. I was stuck without music most of this trip and that is not fun.

Finally, the last lesson I learned is that my fur babies are important to me. I am buying a trailer that we will have custom made for the dogs to go with us (I don't think the cat would like it) because I missed them way too much and if we are going to gone such a long time I need them with us. Anyone that knows of a company or person who does this let me know.

Thanks for reading our blog and stayed tune for the next Anderson Adventures. Until then be happy, take care and keep the wheels on the pavement.


17th June 2012

We're taking our doxies with us.
We are renting an rv for our 3 wk trek across country, I have never left them behind. We know that it does mean not being able to do some things because we can't leave them alone for too long, unless we leave the rv in the park plugged in with AC, but that's the compromise we make. I will let you know how it worked out when we get back, or you can follow along on our trip as I did on yours. Glad you had a good time.
17th June 2012

I will definiteely read your blog. I hope you have as much fun as we did.

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