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North America » United States » Wisconsin » Appleton December 4th 2018

Heading out on our family trip to Italy! It is 25 degrees and partly sunny. The roads are cleared off from the snow over the weekend. We had a calf sneak out last night. A lady stopped at the house last night when I was packing. She said she saw it running down the side of the highway and came to the house to let us know. We chased it back. Hopefully all goes well while we are gone. We are very thankful for the help with all the chores while we are gone! Our first flight out of Appleton is delayed. We have been rebooked to go through Madrid, Spain now instead of Philadelphia. Let the adventure begin!... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Appleton January 13th 2014

Ready to go. Checked in at the airport and waiting for our flight. Sold a cow. Just one.... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Appleton January 1st 2014

Nine weeks since surgery! It's time for the last update. Chuck graduated from his twice-weekly physical therapy sessions on December 13th, achieving ranges of 3-129 (left) and 3-130 (right), exceeding Mark's (his P.T.) goals! X-rays followed graduation, and those knees are straight! And the pain is GONE! The work is not done. Chuck continues to exercise twice each day to maintain his great ranges and to improve balance, muscle strength and stamina. The photos tell the story, and with Packers' outside linebacker Clay Matthews out with his broken thumb, Chuck's working on his lateral moves. 2014 is filled with blessings! It's already a Happy New Year with new knees and a new outlook. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! (Five more photos appear below the video.) ... read more
More Lunges
Strengthening Extensions

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Appleton December 2nd 2013

Starting week #5, we continue to give thanks! Chuck's stitches are gone! The knee-high compression socks are tossed, and today is the first day he's fully off prescription pain medication. With just 3 daily servings of Advil, his pain level is down to a 3 or 4 out of a high of 10. Physical therapy session #9 this afternoon went very well. Flexion ranges fluctuate but still remain remarkable: Left knee, 3-129; right knee, 4-132! Ultimate goal is 0-135 degrees on each knee. The photos give you an idea of how Chuck is rehabbing for his new dance moves and scaffolding-climbing adventure next summer in Hungary on our Thrivent Builds Worldwide trip. His P.T. Mark doesn't slack off in the torture chamber, and Chuck continues to grit his teeth, fight back the tears and say, "More, ... read more
Lateral Lunge
Soaring Eagle
Straight-Leg Raise with Quad Set

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Appleton November 12th 2013

All the hard work is paying off, because Chuck found out this afternoon at physical therapy that his flexion ranges are improving. Joy, joy, joy! Here's a happy camper enjoying zurek and kielbasa for lunch. Last week, his left knee had a range of 10-111 degrees and today it is 9-114; the right knee was 8-109 and today it is 7-112. He's working his knees as frequently as possible while trying to manage the pain to a bearable level. Mark, his P.T., shared some encouraging news -- a patient of his who had replacements last April (now almost 8 months later) still does not have the ranges Chuck has already achieved only 12 days after surgery! Here's a close-up of his nicely-healing incisions. Sutures come out on Friday! And for some proof that his knees are ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Appleton November 3rd 2013

It's a beautiful Sunday, and the fall colors are toward the end of their peak. Families of geese are determined to head south, and we're jealous. So, this became "let's get mobile" day! And only 3 days after surgery, Chuck walks! And he goes up a step! What a difference a day makes! With this absolutely incredible progress, there's a real hope he will be released to go home tomorrow to begin the next leg of his journey! God's Healing Hands are certainly on Chuck. He is so good, always and in all ways! Thank you all for your continued prayers!... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Appleton November 2nd 2013

Transition Day started with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, whole wheat toast, orange juice and decaf coffee. Physical Therapist (PT) Erin arrived at 8:30. Occupational Therapist (OT) Carrie arrived at 11 o'clock. And PT Erin was back at 1 o'clock. Everyone put Chuck through his paces today! The quad pain block "balls" were removed, along with the full-leg Ace wraps and the bandages, and we got a good look at his new knees. They are straight! One major milestone was met today -- Chuck stood for a full 5 minutes, with help from three assistants here. He was shaky and wobbly, to be expected since his quads are still sleepy. At about 4 minutes, he was getting bold and let go of the walker. That didn't last long -- thank goodness! Chuck learned how to ... read more
Rising to New Heights
Erin Braces Chuck's Knees
Quads are Still Sleeping

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Appleton November 1st 2013

Day 2, and the road to recovery at the Recovery Inn begins. Chuck had a short night last night, but better than expected, still feeling no discomfort. He had a fever of 102, and staff watched him closely. By mid-morning, it was back to normal. The staff here are all angels! Breakfast at 8:30 featured scrambled eggs, sausage patties, whole wheat toast, cranberry juice and decaf coffee. At 9, the occupational therapist evaluated him, put him through some paces, and helped him get washed up and dressed in some lovely Velcro-tear-away pants and t-shirt. The surgery gown is off! The physical therapist arrived at 11 for a few more paces and moved Chuck using a straight board to sit upright in a recliner. Following a lunch of comfort food (grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup, chocolate ... read more
"Set It and Forget It"
50 Degrees
Well Wrapped

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Appleton October 31st 2013

Halloween started like any other day, but this day is a special treat for Chuck (no tricks)! The anesthesiologist, Dr. W., called last evening to talk about options, and they agreed spinal blocks are the best anesthesia for him. We were both impressed that he called during the World Series. Not sure many hospitals go to that extent nowadays. The "before" photos reveal a 2" decrease in height. Arriving at the OSI surgery center at 10 AM, he's prepped by nurse Ann, Dr. K. and Dr. W. talk with him, and OR nurse Tammy also introduces herself. He's wheeled out at 11:55 and ready for surgery to begin at 12 Noon. Free to good home: Overused and abused, well-worn, 67-year old knees. At 2:45pm, Dr. K. walked in with a HUGE SMILE on his face! He ... read more
2013-1031-Shoulder Width
Pre-Op Wolf River Room
Lovely Dress

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Appleton June 16th 2012

Final Day 514 Miles today 7 hours on the road Total Miles: 2300 round trip The Best Western hotel had a comfortable bed and pillows and the continental breakfast was ok. I would give the hotel 4 motorcyles. It had towels next to the desk for wiping down your bike because it is located right next to the Harley Davidson store so they think about bike convienence. However, Steve enquired about a railroad discount and the clerk/manager said no because UPRR does not stay there. What a bunch of crap. Low on vacation funds and tired of the road, we left Alberta Lea at 8:15 a.m. and at about 8:45 a.m. ran into rain. We did not have our rain suits on so we got pretty wet, Steve decided to pull over under a bridge so ... read more

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