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January 13th 2020
Published: January 13th 2020
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What a day!! We started off by accidentally sleeping in. Not surprising considering we got to bed so late after watching the golden globes. At about 9am I decided I had to get up otherwise I never would, so while Adam slept I figured out how to use the filtered coffee machine. Rather, I tried and failed to figure out how to use the coffee machine. I even looked up YouTube tutorials and everything, it’s now 12 hours later and I still don’t know how to do it. But no matter.

We finally headed out for the day around 10:30am and headed straight to a place called (ahem, excuse my language please grandparents) Biscuit Bitch. It is the coolest breakfast chain I have ever been to. There was a long line, but I had put this place on my list months before the start of the trip so there was no way we were leaving. The word “bitch” was said quite a lot while ordering our food, which I’ll now replay just for you. And, just because I feel awkward saying the *b-word* so much when I know I have a respectable audience, I will replace every *b-word* said with “gal”. But, you know exactly what was said instead of “gal”. Anyway, the interaction went as follows.

Guy at counter: hey gal how you going?
Me: great thanks how about you?
Guy at counter: gooood gal gooood, what can I get you gal?
Me: I’ll have a gal-wich with egg and cheddar please
Guy at counter: no worries gal, pay at the counter over there

Woman at the counter over there: hey gaaaal did you want any coffee with that?
Me: yes I’ll have a 16 ounce drip please (side note- look at me learning all the coffee lingo!)
Woman at the counter over there: no worries gal I’ll leave room in the cup for your cream and sugar... *looks me in the eyes* gal”

To my respectable audience, I hope that was a pleasant interaction for you to read. To my less respectable audience, I hope you got a giggle replacing each “gal” with what was really said. Hehe.

Anyway. The biscuit sandwich with egg and cheddar was overwhelmingly American and very delicious. Adam got something with grits, which he was very unimpressed with. After breakfast we headed to Pike Place market, which really reminds me of the Queen’s Victorian markets in Melbourne (apparently America is just Melbourne on a large scale). Unfortunately we didn’t see them throwing the fish. We watched and waited for ages but no fish throwing occurred. Disappointed, but day definitely not ruined.

We went for a little walk after that, down to the water and then up to Macy’s. Now, the good news is that Macy’s in Seattle actually happens to be closing down and therefore is having a massive final clearance sale. The bad news is that everything that’s on clearance is on clearance for a reason. It’s either something no one would ever wear, or it’s perfect and exactly what you want but not in your size. Suffice to say, we spent a lot of time searching for nice, warm, fitting clothes with no luck. So we headed to 5th Ave and found a GAP store (where I found a lovely coat, originally $130, marked down to $80, with an extra 60% off, so $32 usd- absolutely amazing) and Old Navy (where Adam found a really good snow coat that was 50% off!) so we ended up having a very successful shopping trip.

As it happens, across the road from GAP is a pink truck labelled Sugar+Spoon that served edible cookie dough. We couldn’t resist. We got a classic scoop and a scoop of party animal (pink coloured dough with animal crackers and sprinkles), and I’m embarrassed to say we barely ate half. We headed back to the apartment to drop off our purchases and have a little rest (and put the cookie dough in the fridge) before our evening activities.

The sun was estimated to set at 4:40pm, so at 3:30pm we set out for the 40 minute walk to Kerry Park, a park that sits on the top of a huge hill (the steepest hill I have ever walked up- it was 5 degrees Celsius but I couldn’t even stand having a jacket on it got so hot). Kerry Park has a stunning view not only of the city but of the water as well, and we made it just in time to watch the sun set. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- this city is so beautiful!

Afterwards we walked back down the hill (I really should say mountain, it was an excruciating walk uphill) and headed to the Space Needle. Once again, incredible views. I love that the city and the water work so well together (unlike in the Gold Coast- yes I said it).

It was about 6pm when we headed home from the space needle, and on the way I went to an Indian restaurant and Adam went to Target to get wine (ya, you can get wine in Target, weird). We had Indian takeaway and red wine back at the apartment for dinner instead of going out which, even though it’s only been two days of eating out at cafes and restaurants, was very refreshing.

Since then we’ve been watching TV, which I know sounds like that’s all we do at night, but it’s 1 degree outside people!!! That’s way too cold to go for a walk!! Hopefully we’ll get to bed at a reasonable time tonight- our early flight to Vancouver in the morning should prompt us to go to sleep a little earlier!


13th January 2020

I'm loving reading this blog. I'll have to try Biscuit Bitch next week! I wasn't aware it existed. Funnily enough, I had grits this morning for breakfast. The trick is lots of butter and salt and to mix fried egg into them. It's a shame about Macy's closing down. I got a great winter coat there last year for 1/2 price. Have fun and enjoy Vancouver!

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