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January 12th 2020
Published: January 12th 2020
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This morning we aimed to wake up at 7am, buuut we may have accidentally fallen back asleep until about 8am when we heard a knock at the door with our breakfast! We had filled out an order form the night before, and the basket outside was full of bagels, fruit, condiments, coffee for me, and hot chocolate for Adam. We had breakfast in bed and then slowwwwwly got ready to leave. We only booked the one night in San Francisco due to the price, so today we travelled all the way back to the airport, and hopped on yet another flight, this time to Seattle.

Don’t get me wrong, I did like San Fran. It had a strong Melbourne vibe except more snazzy, and it’s one of the least cold places we’ll go. But I can’t say that I wish we stayed for two nights. We saw a lot of homelessness, too much, and every third restaurant we walked past looked like it had never passed a health and safety inspection yet was still full of people. Adam, apparently a much more positive person than me, pointed out a lot of the amazing stuff that San Francisco does have to offer (like the huge cement skyscrapers, the artworks, and the street musicians), which made me think I was being too harsh on our first city. Until... we saw Seattle.

I am absolutely in love with this city. As soon as we left the airport I felt that the air was fresher and cleaner (this hypothesis was supported by the millions of pictures and posters around Seattle thanking its citizens for being so environmentally friendly). We caught two trains (which had heated seats- desperately needed!) to our Airbnb and as soon as we stepped out of the station, Adam just said, “Oh yeah. This is way better than San Francisco”. So it wasn’t just me! SEATTLE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

They have pretty lights wrapped around their millions of trees, the streets are so clean and trash-free, and the people just look happier. Except for one guy we witnessed almost get run over who yelled some (admittedly hilarious) obscenities at the driver, but other than that!

Since it was now 3:30pm and we hadn’t eaten since our breakfast, we were pretty hungry. We couldn’t check into the Airbnb until 5pm so we headed straight to Veggie Grill, a 100% plant based restaurant, where Adam got a Nashville chicken burger and I got a Philly cheesesteak. We left at 4:30pm, and the sun had already completely gone down. We weren’t mad, the lights on the trees looked even prettier. We battled the wind and the cold up to our airbnb, which is a full apartment on the 8th floor of a 24-storey building, fitted with a bedroom, a bathroom with a fully opening door and plenty of leg room, a living room and a kitchen. Amazing.

We stayed at the apartment for most of the night- our late lunch, tired eyes, outside being so dark already, and me not being able to legally go out to a bar persuaded us that it was okay to stay in for a bit instead of rushing back out for experiences.

At about 8pm I suddenly realised we hadn’t even gone to a Starbucks yet! There’s been one on literally every corner in San Fran and Seattle and we haven’t even stepped inside. It’s mostly because the lines are always so long, so we thought that since it was 8pm there’d probably be quite a lot less people. The only one open was just a few blocks away so we put on our warmest gear and headed out. As it turns out, this particular Starbucks happens to be the Original, as in, the very first Starbucks ever. So that was cool!

We then went to Target (just because it was still open) and then to Walgreens because we’ve heard of it but didn’t fully know what it is. We still don’t know what it is? It’s... a pharmacy... but it sells beer... and children’s toys...amongst many other things that look quite weird placed together. So we ended up buying A&W root beer and Dr Pepper, purely because we don’t have it back home and I wanted to see what the hype was about. Gotta say, not a huge fan.

We walked around town for a bit then headed home and somehow ended up watching the 2020 Golden Globe Awards. We still are actually, it’s past midnight but the jet lag has hit and we suddenly can’t sleep. If you’ll forgive me... we’re literally sleepless in Seattle. BA DUM TSSSSS. Ok that’s enough from me, goodnight!


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