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October 4th 2013
Published: September 7th 2017
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We'll, I got up at 3:45 AM! We left the house about 4:40 ish, security wasn't too sure about my carry on so put it through the X-ray after opening it, still didn't like it so took most of the stuff out and put it through again, glad everything was in those packing cubes.... Anyway, we all got on the plane and sat for 45 minutes? Already forgetting... We deplaned because snow inDenver grounded all incoming and outgoing flights, got back into the airport and 15 minutes later were reboarding, they had to go through the whole spiel again, interesting. So many people missed their connections it was rather sad and very stressful for them. We landed and I had 15 minutes to literally sprint across the airport down the escalators, caught the train to the other terminal, and just made it to my gate, thankfully the flight had been pushed back 15 minutes, perfect! My heart got a workout since I haven't done any aerobic activity for almost a year...

2 things I'm glad I did, packing cubes, don't really like the idea of strangers touching my clothes... Just weird like that! And so glad I didn't check my bags as they wouldn't have made it, though it wasn't fun running through the airport with them...

Will be blogging again when I get to Rome, will probably have to get my gelato first though!


p.s. Not sure what is getting posted. As I'm not used to the TravelPod app, so if there are repeats or goof ups that may be one reason, user error may be playing into this...

Went up to the ticket counter and asked if they had any seats further up in the cabin and was upgraded for free to an aisle seat in the exit row... Woo hoo, more leg room!


5th October 2013

Sorry to hear it was a little bit of a stressful start (snow delay?!?), and hoping the rest of it went more smoothly (Yay for more leg room on a loonnnng flight!). Praying for you! (Guess you neglected to mention your Denver stop at the
right place in your blog, because the map has you going from Richland, across the continent :)
5th October 2013

Looking forward to following along with you on this exciting journey! Can't wait for the next post. Be sure to take lots of pictures, too!

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