It's HOT out there

Published: July 20th 2010
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I have sequestered myself in a tiny 1960's room with a view of the main highway that travels threough Leavenworth. The town is famous as a community that fashioned itself after towns and architecture found in the Bavarian Alps. I have a tiny round 2 foot table that has been stratically placed directly under the wall mounted aircondition vent. It works but the sweat still cascades off my brow.

It wasn't all like that throughout the day. I colasted down the hill from our home in Nanaimo at 5:10 this morning. THere is no one up anywhere at that time of day. I encountered about 10 stop lights along the route to trhe Ferry however I chose to be colourblind and blew through them all. There was no one awke to see. I had wisely put my electric vest on under my leather jacket and at the lastr minute chose to take my gauntlets along wiyth my leather gloves. I guess the temperature was around 13 degrees and that helped wake me up on gthe way to the ferry. I arrived at the loading ramp in enough time to enjoy a chat with the car attendant and shortly was loaded on the boat. The sun showed itself as we left the dock and by the time we got to the Tswassen terminal it was a bright sunny morning.

I'm using a Garmin GPS to navigate andx I am as new to it as it is to me. When I chose my pre-built map to take me to the US Border there was a window that popped up asking me if I wanted start my trip from the begining or navigate from where I was. Confusing.. you bet.. I chose the begining.. it just made sense. About 3 miles down the road that kind lady talking to me over my headphones kept rying to get me to turn off the chosen route and take roads I had never heard of. I stuck with the route that I knew but discovered sometime later that, that chise, from the begining, continued to try and take me back to the begining of my trip. Guess I should more closely read the directions that came with my navigator.

The US border was an hour wait and by the time I got to the US custom agent I was falling asleet in my saddle. The agent was in his 20's and very very serious. He seemed to despartly want to know why I was going to the into the US. After my 3rd. explaination I was about to suggest he chose another line of work but common semnse and fear kept me in line.

I crossed into our southern neighbours countryside and into the greyest meanest looking skys I've seen for weeks. I was begining to think I would be in the rain before I got to Seattle. No wonder the Customs Agent wa so miserable. I stopped at the first rest stop and plugged in my electric vest.

The girl on my GPS didn't tell me it would get that cold. I loaded a whole mess of music onto my GPS to listen to along the way. I must have loaded way more that I rthought cause I was listening to music I never heard before. Kinda cool.. but.. 65 you know.

I didn't stopped again till I turned off the main highway ( in some places 6 lanes... and I was till in the wrong lane) onto highway #2 which leads east across Stevenstons pass.. Summit 4000 feet or so.. to Leavensworth. Hungger finally got the best of mre and I stopped in a liitle town, Snahomish.. I just know I spelled that wrong. I found a great little 50's stile,30 seat cafe dedicated to hot rods and to old guys passing their mornings away. The old guys grilled me while I enjoyed my poached eggs.

It was still cold as I continued east but the old timers told me that once I reached the summit I would warm up on the way down. Were they right!!! At the topped of the pass, at a rest stop, I stripped down to just ashirt storing away all my cold weather gear. I guess the next time I will need that will be when I'm heading west in late August.

Well, IT"S HOT!!! about 95 degrees out there, which is why I'm in here installed under an airconditioner, and whewre I will remain.

Gotta go now.. The laptop is heating up the room.


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