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North America » United States » Washington » Leavenworth September 9th 2017

blog 9-09-17 Two days in Leavenworth We were very lazy Friday morning and just sat outside after walking the dogs and enjoyed the mountains. We are not high in altitude but up from the city of Leavenworth in peaky mountains covered with beautiful pine trees. I did take some pictures to try to show how it looks here but the smoke is bad in spots so it doesn't show up well. Leavenworth is a quaint little Bavarian town and the mountains make it look like we are in the alps. By afternoon we had a little energy so we headed to a small town about 40 min from here to visit a candy factory that was a favorite for Ginnie when she was a kid. We took a tour and after having a few samples we ... read more
the candy factory, still packed by hand
the packaging
boxes waiting for harvest

North America » United States » Washington » Leavenworth September 7th 2017

blog 09-07-17 Leavenworth, WA On the road by 9:30 heading west on I-90. Our night was surprisingly restful despite the traffic and sirens. There was traffic through Spokane but not bad and we saw 4 Walmarts which made Ginnie say "Here they all are, not where we want them". The road took us over the Columbia River, starting to look impressive but about half as large as it will be later. We exited onto Rt 2 which runs west but a little north of 90 and is a 2 lane 60 mph highway through wheat fields that would rival Kansas. Some of the wheat was still standing but much had been harvested and the fields resembled a little blond boy with his crew cut for school. It was over 60 miles of the same view, rolling ... read more
one of the barns along the way
a farm house
harvesting wheat, never ending job

North America » United States » Washington » Leavenworth October 28th 2016

This morning we got up late we slept in until about 0900, after doing the morning routines we got up and headed out to Leavenworth Washington. This is a Bavarian Village style tourist trap but has good food and a lot of niche stores. We saw a lot of beautiful scenery along the way. Lunch was had at King Ludwigs where we each sampled various dishes. After wandering through a lot of the stores we decided we wanted to try some pastries and off we went in search of these. We found a bakery that was just closing and made our purchases including some for breakfast tomorrow morning. We then went through Kris Kringl which is obviously a Christmas store. I found the village piece that my mother has searched far and wide for but I ... read more
Headed out in the morning
Along the way.
Cool Photo

North America » United States » Washington » Leavenworth August 31st 2016

And so we left the lovely Vancouver. Admittedly we only spent our time in the main downtown area but we really did give it a good look and experienced what we could by foot or cycling. It is such an easy place to get around and there is so much to experience. We caught a taxi out to the airport to get our rental car and that took half an hour to process. We then headed off south towards the border around midday and spent another hour getting through the car queue and then in at customs getting our passports, visas, photo and finger prints processed. If they had moved any slower they would have been in a coma. There's not a lot of chance of getting into the country easily so why there are 11million ... read more
Bavarian type houses in Leavenworth

North America » United States » Washington » Leavenworth August 16th 2015

Visit to Leavenworth No not the prison. The little town 17 miles down the windy mountain road that is a Bavarian replica. I left Oscar home in the air conditioned camper and headed straight for the office to see if the smoke I was seeing and smelling was something I should worry about. They assured me the fire was miles away, the wind was just blowing our way. Feeling better I headed for town to see what this wonderful place was all about. It must be good, there was no parking. I followed Lisa's philosophy and knew I'd find a spot. Sure enough someone pulled out and I pulled in, just like that. The whole town is made of Bavarian style homes and shops with German names and the most gorgeous flowers. See pictures. I had ... read more
Front Street
beautiful flowers
You could hear this horn all over

North America » United States » Washington » Leavenworth August 15th 2015

State Sticker Ceremony What a great sleep. There is nothing like the mountain air, with open windows and cool temperatures. It was well after 8 am by the time I rolled out of bed this morning, looked at the temp and it was 58. Hooray!! The camper was a mess so I was determined to get things in order today. I decided not to get in the car today so I had to amuse myself somehow. I have a speaker for my I pod and it's batteries were dead and I didn't know how to change them. As it turned out it's rechargeable so I found a cord that fit and got the charge going. Next was breakfast and I was sick of cereal so I made oatmeal pancakes and sausage. Great, breakfast and lunch combined. ... read more
Lots of color added
beautiful meadow right below my camper
some aspens

North America » United States » Washington » Leavenworth August 14th 2015

blog 08-14-15 Newport, WA to Leavenworth, WA I packed most things last night so I was up and out of there by 9 am. I headed west on highway 2 (which was actually south) to Spokane. I was hoping to avoid the city but that was not possible, so I ended up driving through the city sprawl and stopping at every traffic light. UGG. That lasted 8 miles then rt 2 became part of I-90 so for several miles we moved right along. Then came the turn for 2 to go directly west and the road was heavenly. It was a 2 lane 60 mph road, smooth and straight through fields of wheat, some newly harvested, some still to be cut. The color was beautiful and I felt we were in Kansas with the slight rolling ... read more
they keep going
and going
Grand Coolie Dam

Geo: 47.5964, -120.66 It was a wonderful day of extremes. We got on the road at 6:00 just after sunrise to a brisk 46 degrees or the trip north on 97, the "Oregon Scenic Byway." Along the way the snow-shrouded Cascade range showed off it's stately elegance: Bachelor, the Sisters, Jefferson, and Mt. Hood kept us company along the way. By the time we crossed the Columbia River into Washington it was a toasty 90 degrees. Mt. St. Helens was majestic as it jutted up behind the farmland and hills in the distance. The temps continued to climb as we reached Yakima, "the Palm Springs of Washington" where it hit 97. (The real Palm Springs hit 122.) We stopped to cool off at a Yakima Nation tribal fruit stand, and enjoyed fresh-picked apricots, peaches, cherries and ... read more
Local car enthusiast in Shaniko, OR
Columbia River, Washington State
Mt. St. Helens

North America » United States » Washington » Leavenworth October 22nd 2011

Leavenworth is a Bavarian town located a couple hours East of Seattle. It is a charming town where every shop in the town has a Bavarian facade. It is so cute. We had dinner at Café Christa. They had Sauerbraten, a favorite of mine, on the menu so we just had to eat there, and it was so good. We wish we had more time to spend in this town. If we ever go back to Washington state, it will definitely be a stop over for us. There was a Best Western hotel located right down the street which looked nice, so we will keep it on our list of places to go back to. The place was packed, maybe because the three weeks prior was the Oktoberfest celebration. It would be fun to visit all ... read more

I have sequestered myself in a tiny 1960's room with a view of the main highway that travels threough Leavenworth. The town is famous as a community that fashioned itself after towns and architecture found in the Bavarian Alps. I have a tiny round 2 foot table that has been stratically placed directly under the wall mounted aircondition vent. It works but the sweat still cascades off my brow. It wasn't all like that throughout the day. I colasted down the hill from our home in Nanaimo at 5:10 this morning. THere is no one up anywhere at that time of day. I encountered about 10 stop lights along the route to trhe Ferry however I chose to be colourblind and blew through them all. There was no one awke to see. I had wisely put ... read more

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