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North America » United States » Washington » Curlew December 17th 2010

Last summer was so great! We have met such wonderful friends and great neighbors; attended our grandson’s 6th birthday party; sold a boat load of things out of our massive amounts of “stuff” in storage; got the property all set up for the trailer and shop; traded the Kia in on a mountain goat; explored parts of the mountains we could never have gotten to in the Kia; and saw a lot of wildlife. I know I haven’t kept up very well on our blog, but we have virtually no internet on the property. The only way we were able to get online was to go into Republic which is about 30 miles from the property. I was usually on long enough to check some mail, do our bills, catch up with the family on facebook ... read more
North After
Percy the Mountain goat
Such a view!

North America » United States » Washington » Curlew August 2nd 2010

HEY! Been a SOOPER long time and I really really really miss my connections to the outside world! I am sitting in Republic and writing to let you know that we are starting the planning for our next trip. We don't plan on leaving until November, but I have a trip coming up to Germany - yup, Germany - to see my son Aaron, his wife Sara and their daughter Alyson who will be a year old! I can't wait to get my hands on her! I'm not going until the end of September so it will be a while, so don't expect any more entries until then, just know that I think about all of you and pray for you every day. Everyone take care and talk to you real soon!... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Curlew May 6th 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo! We woke up this morning in Republic to SNOW. It lasted a good couple of hours and it got to the point where there was no grass showing before it slowed down, but it did, and turned to rain. It was definitley cold, but we headed up to the property around 11:30 hoping to get some planning done. We got word yesterday that a gravity fed drainfield has been approved! So we continue to clean up, cut down and buck-up trees, and burn in preparation for getting the trailer moved up there and for starting the storage building. Tomorrow we are going to make at least one trip to the dump. There is still a refrigerator left by the previous owners as well as a lot of tin roofing (unusable), chickenwire, old ... read more
I wonder

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