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May 6th 2010
Published: May 6th 2010
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Cinco de MayoCinco de MayoCinco de Mayo

Snow in May. Last time it snowed in May was when I went to the women's retreat up in Lynden a couple years ago.
Happy Cinco de Mayo! We woke up this morning in Republic to SNOW. It lasted a good couple of hours and it got to the point where there was no grass showing before it slowed down, but it did, and turned to rain. It was definitley cold, but we headed up to the property around 11:30 hoping to get some planning done. We got word yesterday that a gravity fed drainfield has been approved! So we continue to clean up, cut down and buck-up trees, and burn in preparation for getting the trailer moved up there and for starting the storage building. Tomorrow we are going to make at least one trip to the dump. There is still a refrigerator left by the previous owners as well as a lot of tin roofing (unusable), chickenwire, old planters, a sink... And today we rolled up the old barbed wire fencing along with the rotting posts. We will eventually do the same for the rest of it that lines the bottom of the other parcels next to us. It's a major hazard to man and animals so we want it gone. Right now we are concentrating on taking some more trees down and
I wonderI wonderI wonder

What it's doing in Arizona?????
getting them cleaned up. We are going to save some of the downed trees to use as posts for a barbeque shed or shelter of some kind. That should prove to be an interesting process to read about... bah ha ha! Bob is designing the building we will use for storage that will later serve as a little cabin. We will be able to add to it if the mood strikes us later on down the road, but the main thing we need is storage and a place for the freezers and the washer and dryer. A washer and dryer. You know, there are a lot of things that a person can live without, but I gotta say that a washer and dryer - indispensable! I am really looking forward to having that convenience once again. So, anyway, we are heading over west to get some things out of storage. Some things will come back over with Bob, but I will be staying for a couple of weeks to sell, give away, and include in my brothers garage sale as much as I can. We have 4 storage units full of stuff = most of which we have found we can live without. I am really looking forward to visiting with family and friends while I'm there. Really. I wish we could go right now. There are SO many people I want to throw my arms around and squeeze! We have had such wonderful adventures and have had a great time traveling and it's so exciting starting another new adventure over here in Curlew, but I really miss so many people. So be prepared people!


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