The adventures of Allie and the Cat


The adventures of Allie and the Cat!

This is our second year of living in our fifth wheel. We have really enjoyed all of our adventures so far and hope that you have enjoyed them too! We are back in Arizona and are making our way back to WA slowly. We are hoping to get some more hiking and exploring in before we get back. We'll be putting up a shop this year to get everything out of storage. That should be an adventure in itself! Thanks for being a part of our lives!

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona April 17th 2011

So, remember my legs and the wonderful ugly bright red "hickey" I had? Well it cleared up really fast and there is no more swelling or anything but I was still a little apprehensive about going on any more hikes for at least a few days. Uh, but, yeah... so much for that. So this morning we left at 10:00 for a slow and short walk down the road: regular tennis shoes; 3 bottles of water (one for each of us); no hiking boots; no walking sticks; no food; no overnight gear (okay so the last couple things are a bit of a stretch). In other words we were not prepared for the "road ahead". The first obstacle we had to face were the guardians in the lower camping area. A camper there has two gi-hugic ... read more
The trip up
Another view
We made it

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona April 16th 2011

We went for a drive out past Sedona and explored some parks on the north east side. We found some wonderful places there where we could pull the trailer in and do some boondocking another time. The elevation is a couple thousand feet higher so it's much cooler - still had snow on the ground! We also found a little community out there at Mormon Lake. We went into a little "saloon" and had an appetizer before heading out again. I got some pictures along the road side on our way back down to Sedona. I'm loving my new little camera! ... read more
Majestic Landscape
Everywhere you look!
Our parking spot

North America » United States » Arizona » Cottonwood April 15th 2011

It is a day like this one that inspires me to think about this life of mine. I'm 50 years old and I'm retired. I love my husband with a love I never dreamed could have existed before I met him. We live in a 36' RV and have started living a life that a lot of people have dreamed of but may never be able to experience! This is a life that is blessed beyond measure. We have entered a new phase of our trip now. We have really enjoyed our previous stops and the people we have met on this years trip to Arizona, but now we are alone. We have graduated to the "us" zone. Boondocking where no one else is or will be, surrounded by mountains, valleys, rivers, calm and quiet, and ... read more
from the front of the RV
The view
Close up

North America » United States » Arizona » Apache Junction April 12th 2011

Hello all! Boy, am I happy to be here today! I think Bob and Allie are pretty happy too... We left yesterday morning to do a hike that we had just heard about the other day. There were several hikes that started out of Usary State park that looked like really good ones to take. We heard of a place to park away from the park, so we found that and headed out at 9:00 for parts unknown having forgotten to take the park hiking map (yikes!). It was a fairly cool day and a pretty easy hike, so we started out strong and got some great pictures. We didn't have any idea what we had gotten ourselves into until about 3 hours into it. We found out from some hikers coming from the other direction ... read more
Our goal
What a view
Cactus flowers

North America » United States » Arizona » Apache Junction April 10th 2011

We had a great dinner and visit with Sara's mom, Christina and her boyfriend, Bill. We were supposed to barbeque, but it was so windy and nasty out that we decided to go the the Miner's Camp restaurant a couple miles away. It was a pretty good dinner, but what made the night was the company! We really enjoyed our time with them and wish we had been able to spend more time together. Maybe next time! We will probably spend more time in Apache Junction next time we come to AZ because there is way more to do here than there is in Parker. Don't know how the weather will compare though, so we'll have to keep our eye on it. We have done our first hike this year and have realized how much we ... read more
Across the valley
Cutie Petutie!
Flatiron ridge

North America » United States » Arizona » Florence March 29th 2011

We have done some exploring now. We went up to Superior, which we find is a small town at the base of some mountains a little Northeast of where we are staying in Florence. It was a mining town that was once bustling and thriving on the mines there but is now very sadly run down. The good news is that we could buy a house right near the high school for $19,000 cash or $25,000 with terms - such a buy! We visited nearby Picket Post (I have a very hard time NOT say Pickle Post) and decided that we will be hiking that before we leave here on Wednesday. Uhhh, which of course means that we are doing it Tuesday because today is Tuesday and we leave Wednesday and we just went hiking today... ... read more
Butterfly 2
Furry cactus

North America » United States » Arizona » Florence March 25th 2011

We had such a wonderful time with our friends Dan, Linda and their son, Brian. It was a short but very fun visit. We learned a new card game and met some new friends who were also staying with them, Gary and Martha. I learned that Gary is responsible for teaching Linda how to fish. Now she can't get enough of the pike up in Montana. Bob and I plan to take full advantage of that experience and elleviate Seely Montana of some Pike ourselves this Summer! So, anyway, after a couple practice runs and playing as individuals we played Hand and Foot two nights in a row girls vs. guys. We wiped the floor with the boys! I seem to remember that last year we managed to do the same thing at sequence... Bob and ... read more
Don, Darlene, Me, Bob
This was near Pickle Post
Our spot

North America » United States » Arizona » Yuma March 14th 2011

Well, we just left Parker, AZ after being there for 4 months. It was a wonderful visit, although frought with wind, low temps and only a few days of shorts for Bob. We both got pretty sick for a while - first time in years for me! We both started running temps on the same day and were down for a couple of weeks. Luckily (?!) it was not shorts weather, so being stuck inside wasn't such a bad thing. Little miss popular was devistated, however. She missed her neighborhood "subjects" and all her buds down at the dog park. The park sponsered a "puppy parade" on January 1st and on Feb 14th, both of which Allie won first place. She came away with a rubber duck in a bikini at the first on and a ... read more
Valentines day parade
New Years parade
Diane and Roy

North America » United States » Washington » Curlew December 17th 2010

Last summer was so great! We have met such wonderful friends and great neighbors; attended our grandson’s 6th birthday party; sold a boat load of things out of our massive amounts of “stuff” in storage; got the property all set up for the trailer and shop; traded the Kia in on a mountain goat; explored parts of the mountains we could never have gotten to in the Kia; and saw a lot of wildlife. I know I haven’t kept up very well on our blog, but we have virtually no internet on the property. The only way we were able to get online was to go into Republic which is about 30 miles from the property. I was usually on long enough to check some mail, do our bills, catch up with the family on facebook ... read more
North After
Percy the Mountain goat
Such a view!

North America » United States » Washington » Curlew August 2nd 2010

HEY! Been a SOOPER long time and I really really really miss my connections to the outside world! I am sitting in Republic and writing to let you know that we are starting the planning for our next trip. We don't plan on leaving until November, but I have a trip coming up to Germany - yup, Germany - to see my son Aaron, his wife Sara and their daughter Alyson who will be a year old! I can't wait to get my hands on her! I'm not going until the end of September so it will be a while, so don't expect any more entries until then, just know that I think about all of you and pray for you every day. Everyone take care and talk to you real soon!... read more

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