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North America » United States » Virginia » Richmond January 30th 2016

Geo: 37.5605, -77.4792We flew out of Richmond early, and had an 8 hour layover in Miami. So, we grabbed a cab to South Beach, had lunch and a couple of drinks, and crashed on the beach.... read more
South Beach
The Clevelander

North America » United States » Virginia » Warrenton January 22nd 2016

After visiting far and near and finding back our way to home, I thought now is the time to pay attention to our local places and that meant going on a camping trip anywhere within Virginia and exploring all the amazing places we have seen and heard about nearby and mark our presence there. So, we decided to start from far corner of the map and the first destination was designated to be Evangola State park towards east of Lake Erie. While travelling there, we called onsite camping office to make a reservation and were told that they don't take same day reserve for same days but our calculation were quite helpful along with tids and bits of information we have heard over that we will find some grounds to stay over night so making our ... read more
Price Gallitzin State Park
Burke lake

North America » United States » Virginia » Williamsburg November 16th 2015

After a quick drive through the rest of Maryland and then Delaware we finally made it to Williamsburg, Virginia. We had decided we would explore Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown and Virginia Beach. We visited Colonel Williamsburg which is a replica of things from the past. In Jamestown there is the archaeological site where they are digging up artifacts. It was interesting to see the real spot where things were. Then there is Jamestown Settlement which is like Colonial Williamsburg. Fun things to see and do there. We did the driving tour of Yorktown so I really didn't get any good pictures from there. The day we went to Virginia beach is was sunny and warm. The boardwalk and beaches are gorgeous. I can see why people go there in the summertime. I hope you enjoy the pictures. ... read more
Wonderful brick bridges
Capitol Bldg
Church steeple

North America » United States » Virginia November 10th 2015

Hi Everyone Hope you not getting to bored with our travel updates! Only another 23 months to go!! We have just had a very interesting few days and experienced completely different sides of american life. We left Boston on the train and seven hours later got to Washington. We had an airbnb apartment booked for 4 nights and when we got there we were not disappointed, lovely place with lots of space and a ping pong table of all things there for us to use at our leisure. Trouble was we were so bushed by the end of the day we could only look at it! Washington does not disappoint with its amazing sights, there are just so many. Did you know the National Mall is 1.9 miles long! For those of you who haven't been ... read more
00 Lincoln Memorial
00 White House & the First Lady
00 MLK Memorial

North America » United States » Virginia » Reston October 31st 2015

As Aussies, we have heard so much about the preparations and celebrations for Halloween, but actually being a part of it all was incredible. It all started well in advance, with our visit to Hollins Farm two weeks before the big day, to gather and pay for a selection of pumpkins for display at home. The children gathered their wagon and with Poppy's help pulling the wagon uphill, they began choosing which pumpkins would be best. When this task was complete, we also picked fresh apples from the Farm's orchard, filling several bags. The children ran throughout the many rows of trees gathering their apples delightedly, before moving down hill to dig for potatoes and peanuts. On Wednesday, prior to Halloween, Denise and I attended Charlie's preschool Halloween morning, sharing in the activities and chidren's costume ... read more
At Charlie's Preschool - Halloween Fun
Halloween morning tea treats!

North America » United States » Virginia » Reston October 30th 2015

Our last family dinner together, was at Trent and Denise's local golf club, the Trump Club. Not just any club, but magnificent in every way! The scenery from the club overlooking the golf course and surrounding grounds, as well as the club facilities are amazing. We had a wonderful time together, but also were feeling quite sad at the thought of our visit coming to a close so soon.... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Reston October 30th 2015

A collection of snaps from our time with the family, Trent, Denise, Eva, Matilda, Charlie and Max. Though we are very sad to say farewell, we take with us unforgetable memories. Thank you for such a memorable time together. xxxxx... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Reston October 29th 2015

Denise and Charlie decided Les and I should visit the Great Falls and Mather Gorge, only 15 minutes from their home. It is here, so near the Nation's Capital, the Potomac River builds up speed and force as it falls over a series steep, jagged rocks and flows through a narrow gorge, the Mather Gorge. The river here was a trading place for American Indians and early colonists, and it is still a gathering place. The atowmack Company was organised in 1784 to construct a series of five canals to make the river navigable with George Washington presiding over the effort, a dream of his since his youth When he surveyed the river and its tributaries. He was convinced that such canals would stimulate trade between the East and the Ohio Valley. During the 26 years ... read more

Trent and Denise planned an overnight stay for us all in the Shanendoah Valley at the National Historic Village, Harpers Ferry, where the majestic Potomac River cuts through the Blue Ridge. In the force of these rushing waters George Washington envisioned military strength and chose this site for a U.S. Armory. Factories from the early 1800s witnessed innovations that fueled the Industrial Revolution. It was here abolitionist Johm Brown struck a blow against slavery and soon the Civil War trapped the town between North and South. With a beautiful balmy day on our arrival on Friday, the marked change in temperature on Saturday was a bit of a shock. Beanies, warm coats, scarves and boots saved us as we walked around the village taking in the history of this significant site. After our climb up the ... read more
Original Rail Tunnel
The Point overlooking the Potomac River Junctions

North America » United States » Virginia » Reston October 8th 2015

DC Visit: Eventually, nearly two weeks after leaving home, we reach our gorgeous family in Reston, Virginia just outside Washington DC. The overwhelmingly warm welcome extended to us by Denise, Eva, Tilly, Charlie and Max the dog, was truly wonderful. In no time at all, the long months since we last saw them all, seemed a distant memory. As very tired senior travellers, we thought we'd never keep up with the energy of these beautiful young children, but, it's amazing just what such happiness and excitement can do to keep you going! Trent was still overseas for business and we knew we'd have to wait another three days to see him, when we would re-unite in Boston. We arrived on the Thursday afternoon, with Friday a designated public holiday. Our day ended after a lovely leisurely ... read more
Filling the tolley
Pushing uphill is not easy!
Charlie picks apples

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